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Lockjaw of House Boltagon

Olenna and the Sand Snakes

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On 30/06/2016 at 10:41 PM, Lautrec said:

I wonder why they went with Ellaria and the Sand Snakes over Doran, Trystane and Hotah. They can't like Indira Varma that much? I mean she had two scenes this season. If the whole purpose of Dorne is to just declare for Daenerys via Varys, they could've just as easily had Doran execute Ellaria and the Snakes in S06E01 for Myrcella's murder. Hell, they could've even kept Trystane's death, giving Doran addition motivation to execute them (though I'd rather he was sent back to Dorne by Jaime or got executed or killed in an "accident" by Cersei as revenge). Then just keep the same thing as happened later. Varys arrives, Doran invites Olenna, he gets to keep his book line and problem solved. It would remove the huge leap in logic and suspension of disbelief of how exactly Ellaria's coup worked.

And we would have been spared some really bad dialogue and poor acting.  Dorne's been so weird I half expected them to murder Olenna so they could say something stupid about being badass killers and smirk.  

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