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Lady M0rm0nt

I need a name for Ice Dragon

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Hello Lords and Ladies :)


I had an idea about an ice dragon. I hope that one exists north of the wall, so I came up with his backstory which I think it fits really good in the GoT universe.


The theory goes like this: In the Ancient time, before the white walkers, there were two types of dragons, ice dragons and fire dragons. Ice dragons roamed in the north, while fire dragons lived in Essos in Old Valyria.

We know from the show that when the First men raged war against Children of the Forest, that Children used Dragonglass to create White Walkers. But the question is where did the dragonglass came from? I believe that Children used Ice from the Ice Dragon as a Dragonglass. We know that dragons are magical beings, and that fire from them is much stronger than regular fire (Balerion melted through Harrenhall) so it is quite likely that their ice is also embedded with magic, Children know how to use that magic properly and thus were able to create White Walkers with it.
That is why Dragonglass is essentially frozen fire which could only come from an Ice dragon.


Currently we don't see any Ice dragons probably because they (he) are asleep and it is possible they will awake when The Wall comes in danger of being destroyed by White Walkers.

Also in a song of ice and fire we always see symmetry between ice and fire, day and night, summer and winter. So it is more than likely that we will have that same symmetry drawn between dragons.


What do you think about this theory and what could be the name of the Ice Dragon?

I'm going to need a name for my artwork project and I would appreciate any help :) 

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