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"Minor" IS attacks in Europe

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They apparently thwarted a possible attack in Metz, France (Moselle region - where some vineyards are). 

Two radicalized Moroccans were planning to do an attack similar as to the one in Paris (with guns) and the one in Nice (the truck). Luckily the Moroccan police find this out, informed the French police and the two guys were extradited to Morocco. 


Wednesday evening some Bosnian drug dealer shot two police officer and one civilian. He had apparently some connections to a jihadist group and IS claimed the attack, but he was a criminal so it is impossible to say he had really any religious motives. 


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Some more news. Last sunday they found an abandoned car with gas cylinders next to the Notre Dame of Paris. Apparently three women attempted an attack. Again those women are connected to other terrorists. One of them was engaged to the man who killed two police officers in June. Another one was engaged to one of the murderers of the elderly priest who lived in a town near Rouen


In Antwerp two guys were arrested because they tried to be funny by provoking some soldiers who were guarding the central station. When the police wanted to search them, one of them showed something which looked like a granate and yelled "boom; boom". 

And now they are locked up for some days and charged with a crime which can be punished with a prison sentence from three months to two years. Don't be funny. Not very smart (and also very dangerous because those police officers might have shot them). 


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