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You are transported into book 1/S01E01,What do you do? 2,Electric Boogaloo.

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Hey guys!

It's me again,with another YATIB.

Before we begin,just a little stuff before we begin.

You're laying in bed,rewatching GOT or reading the ASOIAF books. A portal appears under you,and you fall through it,it transporting you to the game of thrones universe. Time is paused in the real world until you either choose to leave or die in this new alternate game of thrones universe. When you return,it will be as if everything you did in game of thrones was just a very lucid dream.


Now,for some stuff.

1: You wake up in kings landing,in some middle-class westerosi clothing,with a long dagger sheathed at your side,a purse with 25 golden dragons,and a magical,100% accurate map of planetos that can tell you wherever you are at any time.

2: It is around the time of the prologue of book 1.

3: You are yourself,and have all of your knowledge and skills. Also,you are slightly more fit,and somehow know all of the planetosi languages fluently,including reading and writing them.

4: Good luck!


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