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Starfall and the Heart of the Fallen Star

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Hey all!  


This afternoon I was listening to Radio Westeros, in particular the second episode on the Daynes with Azizal and LmL.  Early on these fine gentlemen were discussing Starfall itself and the fact that it was on an island at the mouth of the Torrentine.  The idea was put forth that this wouldn't really make sense to be the place where the moon/comet meteor would have landed.  These gentlemen went on to postulate that the Dawn meteor was found elsewhere and was brought with them to this strategically placed island.


Well, I would respectfully disagree.   It is important to note that the ideas presented here are dependant upon some sort of LmL's impact winter theory proving to be true.


This sounds like the EXACT kind of place that a meteor would have landed.  This sounds like the type of impact structure that our world's iteration of maesters with a bronze link would call a peak ring crater.  A falling meteor would land in the shallow seas  (or even on the land near the sea if the Citadel's theory of sea level change is correct) and would have created a crater.  


Now of course there are a lot of different factors that go into the creation and final morphology of a crater, and I don't pretend to be an expert on these factors, but it is entirely plausible that the mountain in which Starfall is built is in fact the central peak of an impact crater.  Over the 12 millennia some this supposedly happened, the exterior walls of the crater could have been worn down by the raging waters of the Torrentine or simply inundated by the rising Summer Sea, if the maesters can be believed.


While we're at it, one can't help but notice the general similarity in structure expressed by the God's Eye, which also appears to be a peak ring crater.  Whether or not the God's Eye is related to the Long Night as Starfall appears to be is dubious at best, but is worth noting.  I doubt that the God's Eye, if it is a crater indeed, was related due to the fact that the Pact with the CoTF took place on the Isle of Faces long before the long night.


Anyway, that's my humble little observation.  I hope the community finds it agreeable. :)

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