[Sorry, no TL;DR summary here...have read everything]   Hi everyone, so I mentioned in my previous post about how the Meereenese Knot happened at the Tower of Joy in 2005 because of....R+L=J&M   I won't get into details about the knot, but I was hoping to get everyone to think about R+L=J&M via a traditional analysis. Now I want to prove that R+L=J&M was in GRRM's head at least in 1996...and may be possibly as far as 1991. But it involves a very very unconventional analysis that probably 99% forum readers never considered. You need to be very open minded to this....and you will either love it or hate it. So let's begin:   In a 2012 interview with GRRM, one of the first things he started for ASOIAF in 1991 were: a few chapters (that would end up in 1996 AGOT)......and a map. Given a blank piece of paper to draw a map, would GRRM really randomize all his lines, points and names? Or is it another opportunity to hide secret messages in his work? I believe GRRM drew a treasure map in 1991, and he hid decipherable clues for the locations of Rhaegar's metaphorical rubies via the Trident. At first, the map may be hard to decipher, but after you fully comprehend the hidden tricks of the treasure map, you will noticed it every time you see the map of Westeros.   This theory consist of three parts...1st part is a coincidence for R+L=J&M, 2nd part is a coincidence another popular ASOIAF theory, 3rd part means all this is not a damn coincidence anymore. Rhaegar Targaryen was killed at the Trident. Robert Baratheon smashed him so badly, his rubies scattered into the river. The ruby is the metaphor for Targaryen blood and Targaryen legacy. These metaphorical rubies are the last Targaryens, known or secret, at the beginning of AGOT 1996.   On the original 1996 map, https://atlasoficeandfireblog.files.wordpress.com/2016/02/agot-original-north-map.png, find the Trident River.   Now before we begin, the secret trick is "pointing" to decipher all this, with the exception of one city. Don't ask me why, it just is.   1st Part: - Follow the Trident river North, Green Fork:   - The North twin fork "separates" at "The Twins"       - One part ends up at Greywater Watch = Meera       - The other part points to Winterfell = Jon       - "The Twins" "separate"...very clever GRRM   Coincidence? Let's move on.     2nd Part: - Follow the Trident river West, Red Fork:       - The West twin fork separates at Riverrun (I'll explain the word-play later)       - One part points to Casterly Rock = Jaime       - The other part also points to Casterly Rock = Cersei       - This means these secret Targaryen twins never separated   Coincidence again? Let's move on.   3rd Part: The only way to confirm that all this in intentional is linking the known Targaryens, Dany and Viserys, to all of this. But the remaining Blue Fork of the Trident doesn't point anywhere North-West.....or does it?   - Follow the Blue Fork - Trident South-East with the same pointing idea:   - There is no twin fork here because Dany & Viserys are not twins, and were never separated       - The river ends at a bay...BUT its where the RIVER points, not the bay       - And the river points to Dragonstone = Dany's birthplace & the Targaryen ancestral home       GRRM wouldn't make it that easy for us to find. He wants you to picture a "Trident" in your head to mislead you from the pointing of Dragonstone.   These are the locations of Rhaegar's metaphorical rubies if you follow the Trident on the map...one ruby in Winterfell, one in Greywater Watch, two in Casterly Rock, and one/two in Dragonstone.     Hopefully this will add to the R+L=J&M twins theory, until Meereenese Knot of 2005.   Criticism: What about "Riverrun"? It doesn't have a clever name like "The Twins"     Answer: Riverrun has a clever word play, but it is much harder to decipher than these rubies. You need to at least accept the fact the GRRM fools around with his maps. See if you can decipher it on your own, I'll reveal it later. It's a good one.    Criticism: Some of the "pointings" are a little off     Answer: GRRM did hand draw the maps, probably as early as 1991, but he gave them to James Sinclair to be redrawn with CAD to be published in 1996.       How would you imagine the conversation would go if GRRM is trying to keep a secret?     GRRM: "Thank you James Sinclair for re-drawing my maps for publishing, but can you correct the spelling of Riverrrun...and move this river 2 degrees to the right?"     Sinclair: "I understand the Riverrrun typo...but why move this river a little bit?"     GRRM: "You know what, everything is good enough, leave it the way it is...nevermind I said that"   Fun fact: If you whip out the TLOIAF, the map book...you can connect Daenerys' Blue Fork of the Trident to Dragonstone to......Pentos (Dany's & Viserys' start location in AGOT).....AND......Meereen...all on the same line (plus or minus a few degrees). This is probably the bigger coincidence.   I want to thank imotu from Reddit for pointing this a few years ago. He found Part 1, but I was able to find Part 2 & 3 to confirm this treasure map.