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Two Australian researchers have just completed a study on Game of Thones

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The Wall has been breached and the Army of the Dead are marching on The North. How will the cards fall? Which characters will survive the final season of Game of Thrones?

We are two scientists that just couldn't wait until the release of the final 8th season for our next dose of Game of Thrones. So we came up with an idea... (Some might call it an excuse to re-watch the first 7 seasons.)

Each year several scientific journals release a 'Christmas edition'. These particular journal issues are filled with real scientific articles, but with a twist. The data and scientific methods in these articles are genuine, but the topic of study can be quirky, comical, or absurd. So you can probably guess where this is going…

If you’re a fan of the Game of Thrones television series, you would have learnt not to get too attached to any of the characters, because sooner or later, they are probably going to be killed off. It would seem that no one is safe, no matter how popular or integral to the story line that a character may be.

We designed a study to investigate mortality and survival in Seasons 1-7 of Game of Thrones. We set out to determine exactly how long a character survived in the show and which attributes were crucial for longevity using real scientific methods. We crunched the numbers and wrote it up into manuscript form, submitted it to peer review, and it has been accepted for publication in the Christmas edition of the journal Injury Epidemiology. We are proud of our article, which received excellent feedback from reviewers: "What a fun read!" and "I enjoyed reading it!".

Scientific publishing can be expensive and we had no research grant to carry out this work. We therefore kindly ask the fans of Game of Thrones to help us raise funds to cover the publication fee for our article. This will allow it to be published "open access", thereby allowing all fans to freely access and read the article without being blocked by paywalls. We promise to let you know as soon as the article is published online, so you can read it, share a giggle with us, and discuss our findings.

We appreciate your help in making science fun and building the buzz for the much anticipated final season.

The link to our crowd funding page is listed below:



Dr Reidar Lystad and Dr Benjamin Brown

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