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Khal's Pono and Zekko: The Fate of Volantis and Qohor


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So as of ADWD, Khal Pono has thousand's of Dothraki just outside Volantis. The customs officer in Selhorys says they give them gifts and they leave, but they don't seem to be going anywhere. Tyrion thinks they could feign an attack on Selhory's and ride hard to take out Volantis itself. Meanwhile, Khal Zekko is making for Qohor. Everyone thinks Qohor will just give him a gift and he'll leave, like he's always done. What if he doesn't though. Anyone think he'll sack Qohor and why. If so, does the Dothrai want a place with so much magical influence gone or could he be in league with a force that wants a place associated with magic gone? (the Oldtown Maesters or maybe Euron has been to Qohor and wants his tracks covered)

Then with Volantis, what reasons are there that Pono would want it destroyed. An order from the Dosh Kalasheen or does he think it's easy pickings with so many fighting men going to Slavers Bay. Anyone think he'll strike Volantis. Perfect timing to take advantage of a potential slave uprising. What consequences could this have on other characters if this were to happen, and how could it affect the story for the Merennese crew of viewpoint characters?  

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