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Duelin' Jon

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Thinking back to when this character actually did stuff, Jon Snow-Stark-Targaryen used to have at least one single combat per season.* It was a thing he did. They pressed pause on that when he became king, which might be considered only natural. Except he's been in three major battles since then, and the show keeps teasing us. The biggest tease being the Night King. 

I want to expect Jon will duel Greyworm before killing his aunt, but this show is in subversion mode so no expectations allowed. Maybe Tyrion will be accused by Danny and dramatically chooses Bronn as his champion to combat Danny's champion Jon, promising double Highgarden, which would be...the North? (Dead Jon wouldn't need it, and Bronn finds Sansa attractive, as I recall.) Or Tyrion chooses Jon and Danny's champion is fire (callback). Only we know Jon can't be harmed by fire because he totally should've been roasted by that dragon he yelled at. 


*Season One, a wight

Season Two, the Halfhand (mock duel with real outcome)

Season Three, his Romantic Rival Wildling Warg

Season Four, Gin Alley Karl and Eric Bana Thenn

Season Five, a White Walker 

Season Six, Ramsay Bolton

Season Seven, no one, unless you count a White Walker he kills immediately

Season Eight, no one so far

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