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Do you agree that Ser Pounce is Pure Good?

Alester Florent

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8 minutes ago, Takiedevushkikakzvezdy said:

Melisandre claims that she can see Azar Ahai in her flames, but she hasn't seen Ser Pounce. :(

Melisandre may be highly skilled at reading the flames, but even she is not infallible; and we already know that her interpretation of what she reads can be very far off the mark.

"Fire is a living thing," the red woman told him, when he asked her to teach him how to see the future in the flames. "It is always moving, always changing . . . like a book whose letters dance and shift even as you try to read them. It takes years of training to see the shapes beyond the flames, and more years still to learn to tell the shapes of what will be from what may be or what was. Even then it comes hard, hard. You do not understand that, you men of the sunset lands." Davos asked her then how it was that Ser Axell had learned the trick of it so quickly, but to that she only smiled enigmatically and said, "Any cat may stare into a fire and see red mice at play."

Davos VI, A Storm of Swords

Have hope! Ser Pounce will rise again. :smoking:

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