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House Targaryen

Mafia 72.5 - Down In The Projects

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Hello everybody, and welcome to the latest edition of Westeros Baltimore mafia. This game will be based on Season 1 of The Wire which will hopefully limit spoilers for those who haven't yet seen it, but even if you haven't, you can still play. There'll be time to watch the season before this game begins. ;)

This game will be alted, and this game will have a CF. Days will last 30 hours, and nights will last 8. If the game crosses a weekend, there will be a weekend time freeze from 6pm BST (British Summer Time) on Friday until 8am BST on Monday. If you were 23 hours into your 24 hour modkill at 6pm on Friday, that means you have until 9am on Monday to make your post. This rule has been slightly modified, see Post 3.

This is an SK game.

The alts will be based on the characters of the show, as will the roles. You may have an alt called "Detective McNulty" but receive the role of "Avon Barksdale", which is something you need to pay attention to.

So if you want in, PM me. I look forward to getting this started as soon as possible. I'm looking for 13 as a minimum.

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Standard Rules and Game Mechanics


All players must ..

A1) Have an account on the mafia discussion board, with the same account name as on this board.

A2) Log in and view the thread and the discussion board anonymously at all times, unless they have informed the mods that this is not possible for technical reasons

A3) Post at least once every 24 hours. Any player who has not posted within the last 24 hours will be automatically modkilled, whether or not the mods announce this on the thread.

The mods may grant extensions to this limit in some cases (if so, they will give details in a later post). However, if they have not posted on the thread to announce an extension before the 24 hour limit is reached, no extension will be granted, whatever may have been said elsewhere. Please contact the mods as early as possible if you wish to request an extension.

A4) Send in role prescribed night actions (including the desire to take no action) within the time limit

A5) Treat everybody else playing with courtesy and respect

A6) Make any edits the mods request of them as soon as possible, whether or not they believe that the posts need to be edited.

A7) Contact the game mods as soon as possible if they feel you are at risk of breaking a rule or fear they or another person may have already done so.

Players must not ...

B1) Act in any way intended to reduce the chance of their faction achieving its win conditions. (However, should all surviving members of a faction agree that they wish to resign and end the game early, they may do so by PMing the mods privately, without stating their intentions on-thread until the mods post to announce that the game is over.)

B2) Discuss the game with any other living players outside this game thread except when told they may do so in their role PMs.

B3) Reveal any information about the game at all in any other thread than this one, or in any other forum (including message boards and chat rooms) where it may be seen by a living player.

B4) Give anybody access to any of their accounts (including game alts, if the game is using them), either here or on the mafia discussion board.

B5) Attempt to obtain advice about the game from anybody not currently playing.

B6) Post information on the thread relating to another player's past or current activity on (or absence from) the board that would not otherwise be available to anybody reading the thread.

B7) Quote, in whole or part, PMs from (or other private conversations with) the mods on the thread, or discuss the timing of any PMs sent to the mods.

B8) Post on the thread at any time after they are dead until the mods themselves post on the thread to announce that the game is over. Any posts accidently made after death should be immediately edited blank.

B9) Make any bets about the game.

B10) Offer to break any of these rules or any other rules the mods have set in place for the game, encourage others to do so or help to conceal the fact that rules have been broken.


C1) Failure to comply with the rules may result in any punishment the mods deem appropriate, including, but not limited to: a request to edit posts; formal warnings on thread; "modkilling", and ending the game prematurely in favor of one faction or none. The mods will also report rule infractions to the metamods after the game. Except where clearly stated in the rules, the mods are free to respond to any rules violation in whatever manner they wish. In all cases the mods' decision on these matters is final.

C2) Feel free to PM or IM your thoughts (or questions) to the mods. We love to hear them!

C3) The mods reserve the right to amend the rules during the game if we realize we've forgotten to cover something.


As well as running the game on this thread, the mods are also responsible for administering the spoiler thread on the discussion board. Anybody not actively involved in the game (whether spectators or dead players) can request access to this thread by PMing the mods. Please not that while in general the mods will be happy to let anybody have access to this thread, they do reserve the right to refuse access to anybody for any reason. Accordingly, please do not ask anybody other than the mods for access to the spoiler thread or give yourself access to it, even if you have the power to do so.

Once given access to the thread, spoiled spectators should also take note of the following rules, and must not ...

D1) Share any information from the spoiler thread with living players, or post such in a forum where it may be seen by living players.

D2) Offer any advice, hints or strategy to living players.

D3) Make personal attacks on players in the game or on posters in the spoiler thread itself

D4) Post on the game thread before the mods announce that the game is over.

Spectators (of any sort) who ignore these rules are likely to have their access to the spoiler thread revoked and/or to be reported to the metamods.


Game Mechanics

1 - General Structure

Players may begin posting as soon as the mods announce that the game has started on the thread. The game begins during the day. The day ends when when the King has made a decision who to lynch. Many games also have time limits on the days, and if no consensus is reached when the time expires, the day ends with no lynch. When the day phase has ended, night begins. The mods will then post a scene reporting the outcome of the day. Night ends when the mods post the morning scene reporting the outcome of the night actions. Day and night phases continue to alternate until the game ends.

2 - Day Phase

During the day, players may post in the thread. Some roles may have special powers which can be used during the day. See later posts for a list of roles.

2.1 - Voting Mechanics

In a Kingmaker game there are no votes. Well, you may of course vote for someone who is looking really evil, but it won't have any (but dramatic) effect.

2.5 - Ending the Day

The day ends as soon as the King has announced his decision (or once the time limit has elapsed). Anyone lynched is no longer an active player and must not post in the thread.

2.6 - Evening Scene

The mods will post a scene shortly after the day ends to report the results of the day actions. If the day ended with a player's lynch, the mods might also reveal information about the lynched player, such as the player's alt or alignment. This is the mods' choice, and they'll explain what, if any, information will be revealed in the game rules. There are no hidden clues in the evening scenes.

3 - Night Phase

During the night, players may post in the thread. Some players will have the ability to perform special actions. Once again, the mods decide which roles will be included for their game, so be sure to fully read the game rules and any role descriptions which may be included.

3.1 - Performing a Night Action

If your role includes the ability to perform a special action at night, you need to PM the mods to indicate the action you wish to take. Most, if not all, roles have the ability to "withhold" their powers (i.e. take no action). This will be made clear to the roled players, and, usually, to all other players as well. If you chose to not perform your allowed action, you must PM "no action" to the mods. Most games have a time limit on nights. All players must PM their night actions to the mods within this timeframe. Players are strongly encouraged to send their night actions as soon as possible. You may also send in a PM for your special action during the day phase.

3.2 - Contingent PM

If you send in a PM during the day phase, you may choose to list alternative actions contingent on the manner in which the day ended. If none of the contingencies you list actually occur, your PM will be disregarded, and you must send a new PM to the mods.

3.3 - Provisional PM

You may choose to send a provisional PM if you want to further consider your night action but do not want to extend the night if all other roled players have decided upon their actions. Provisional PMs must be clearly marked as such. A provisional PM will not be acted upon by the mods until it becomes a 'definite PM.' A provisional PM becomes definite as soon as ( a ) you confirm your choice with another PM, ( b ) all other roled players that need to send night actions have done so, or ( c ) the time limit for the night has expired.

As a courtesy to other players we ask that you confirm your provisional PM as soon as you are able.

3.4 - Last Resort PM

In extraordinary circumstances you may be allowed to send in a last resort PM. A last resort PM will not be acted upon by the mods until ( a ) you confirm your choice with another PM or ( b ) the time limit for the night has expired. Should you need to send a last resort PM, you must first seek the mods approval by explaining the circumstances that necessitate such a PM. Last resort PMs are accepted only at the discretion of the mods.

3.5 - Failure to PM

If not all PMs are received within the time limit, everyone who has failed to send in a PM will be considered to have taken no action. In addition, those who failed to send in a PM will be warned by the mods or may risk further penalties.

3.6 - Changing a Night Action

PMs to the mod can be changed at any point before the new day is announced. A PM is considered to be changed only after the mod receives and has read the PM. The player bears the risk that the mod will post the morning scene after the player has sent in a new PM but before the mod has actually read it.

3.7 - Abusing the Time Limit

If the mods have included a night time limit, it begins as soon as the previous day ended, regardless of when the mods posted the evening scene. However, this time limit is a maximum limit, and all players should send in PMs as soon as they feel comfortable doing so. Players (and mods) prefer shorter nights, as people are anxious to see who may have died and to begin voting again. If the mods feel that a player is abusing the time limit by unreasonably stalling, they may force the player to take no night action or take other appropriate action.

3.8 Preventing Night Actions

Except where expressly noted, no night actions prevent any other night actions sent in from taking effect.

3.9 - Morning Scene

The night phase ends when the mods post the morning scene. The mods will post the scene shortly after all night action PMs have been received. The scene will report any player deaths that occurred during the night, and might also reveal information about the lynched player, such as the player’s alt or alignment. There are no hidden clues in the morning scenes. As soon as the scene is posted any players who have been killed at night will no longer be active players and can no longer post in the thread. The time limit for the new day will begin with the morning scene.

Section 4 - Endgame

The game will continue to alternate between day and night phases until the game ends. The game can end after either a day or night phase.

4.1 - Winning Conditions

The game ends once one faction has reached its winning conditions, which the mods will state in a later post.

Mafia is a team game. Once one faction achieves its winning conditions, all members of that faction have won whether or not they are active players when the winning conditions are achieved.

4.2 - Ending Scene

The mods will post an ending scene and declare the game over shortly after one faction achieves its winning conditions. If for any reason it becomes impossible for either faction to achieve its winning conditions, the mods will declare the game a draw.

The game is only over when a mod posts the ending scene. Even if you know (or believe you know) the result of the game before then, you may not post in the thread unless you are an active player.

4.3 - Calling the Game Early

The mods reserve the right to end the game at any time before a faction achieves its winning conditions provided there are compelling reasons to do so. In general, the mods will end the game early as soon as one faction's victory becomes inevitable.

4.4 - Spoilers

When the game is over, the mods will reveal the alts and roles of everybody who played and also give everyone access to the spoiled spectator threads on the discussion board

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Special rules

1. The game

This is a Serial Killer game.

2. The Serial Killer

The Serial Killer (SK) is a player who works independently of either the Mafia or the Innocents. He is able to kill on each ODD night. He wins when all other players are dead. In a final two against a Mafia player, he wins, due to his Bulletproof role.

3. Other Important Rules

1) There will be a Coroner Finder (CF) that reveals innocence or guilt and player alt.

2) The day timelimit will be 30 hours, the night timelimit will be 8 hours.

3) The modkill timelimit will be 24 hours.

4) There will be a weekend extension for those of you who are busy at that time. I have changed this from my original PM given further consideration. The game will be frozen from 0800 on Saturday (British Summer Time) until Sunday at 2200 (BST). A lynch can still be completed in this frozen time, but then the night will not end until 2200 on Sunday.

5) If you should discover any mistakes inside the rules, if you think something is mising or if you just plainly disagree with them, you can PM the mods before the game starts. The rules are open for any changes.

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This rule deserves its own post.

I will not be posting role PM's here as I normally would. This means there will be a ZERO tolerance on commenting what is in your role PM (unless you are an evil evil and doing it off thread).

If I find you making reference to your role PM in this here game, I will automatically modkill you - without hesitation.

Role characters MAY or MAY NOT match those used for log in and flavour purposes.

The role PMs I sent out can be found in Spoiler Heaven when you are dead or the game is finished.

But I will tell you that there will be no "unconventional" use of roles. Any role can be aligned with either the evil or good side (exempting FM and RI's, of course).

To reiterate. If you mention ANYTHING relating to flavour sent within those role PMs on this thread, you WILL be modkilled.

Anything generic is up for a crapshoot as normal.

If you have any further questions regarding this post, please contact me ASAP in order to make this rule as clear as possible.

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PLAYER LIST IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER (except the one it took me to think of characters)

Detective McNulty

Lieutenant Daniels

Detective Greggs

Detective Carver

Detective Hauk

Avon Barksdale

D'Angelo Barksdale

Stringer Bell

Omar Little

Detective Freamon

Detective Moreland

Major Rawls


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"What the f*ck did I do?" asks McNulty, with a quizzical look on his face.

"You just pulled me onto a detail that nobody wants to know about, and everybody wants to clear out quickly." replied Lietutenant Daniels.

There were murmurs from the other detectives in the room.

"This guy has the West Projects down and nobody even knows his name. He owns all the towers, and the low rises. He's dropping bodies all over Baltimore and you don't even want to take this guy on? This guy is the biggest player in Baltimore at the moment. Avon Barksdale is our man!"

"One month, McNulty. You have one month to get dirt on this guy before you're sent back to homicide or wherever the hell Major Rawls wants to post your sorry ass for starting this thing off in the first place."

----- Meanwhile, down in the Projects... -----

"Man, that Omar motherf*cker needs to pay! He thinks he can come up in our yard and start taking our stuff? We look weak, man. We look weak. We need to post his ass all over Baltimore. I'll offer anybody 4 g's to bring him to me. Six to bring him talking."

"Avon, you need to think about this" reasoned Stringer Bell, "If we keep dropping bodies like this the narcos are gunna be all over us. They don't care about the drugs, man, it's the violence that brings them down on us."

"Man, f*ck that. Get the word out. I want Omar."

----- Narration -----

West Baltimore lies in the iron grip of a new gang leader who has shed blood on his way to the top. He's running drugs out of several locations and clearing millions per year. He is careful to the point of paranoia, but it's not paranoia if they're really out for you, right? And the cops are out for Avon Barksdale now, thanks to Detective McNulty, willing to double cross anybody to get this case going.

And to throw a spanner into the works, a lone ranger by the name of Omar Little is on the prowl, hitting Barksdale stash houses. He's leaving bodies in his wake as well, but the cops are secretly hoping he can get to Avon before they do and watch the whole empire crumble.

The fight for the streets is on. Are you up to the challenge?

THE GAME HAS BEGUN! You have 30 hours to lynch someone's ass. GO!

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Hello! Haven't played for a while, but looking forward to it :) I haven't seen this television programme unfortunately though, so I shan't be able to RP terribly much.

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So, um ... yeah. I didn't have time to read the script so I'm not sure how to play Rawls. I'm gonna try a few things out, let me know what you like. I was thinking it might be interesting to have his sexuality in question - nothing overt you understand, maybe just ... hinted at. Good? Bad? What do you think?

(and this is the extent of my knowledge of the character based on a quick wiki skim, so don't expect any more)

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So, um ... yeah. I didn't have time to read the script so I'm not sure how to play Rawls. I'm gonna try a few things out, let me know what you like. I was thinking it might be interesting to have his sexuality in question - nothing overt you understand, maybe just ... hinted at. Good? Bad? What do you think?

(and this is the extent of my knowledge of the character based on a quick wiki skim, so don't expect any more)

Seek therapy.

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Off to a rip roaring start here.


...and I'm off for several hours. Hope some people arrive and help get this game off its feet in the meantime.

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"Avon Barksdale is our man!"

Fuck this shit, man. While I may be what you call an authority figure round here, you bitches ain't got shit on me and you know it. :box:

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Fuck this shit, man. While I may be what you call an authority figure round here, you bitches ain't got shit on me and you know it. :box:

We may not have any shit on you yet, but detective Lester Freamon is on the case. Yeah, that's me. I'm the clever policeman. I build furniture for doll houses that I sell on e-bay and I set up wires to hear all the underhanded stuff going on in that sneaky FM thread of yours which you thought was private:

- 'Oh dear, Lester Freamon's right on our asses, man! What we gonna do! He got all the brains, bro, and we can't even speak English properly!'

- 'We got to nail his nigga ass dude! We gotta kill him!'

- 'But then every cop in the city will know it was us. Our safehouse's gonna look like Major Rawls' retirement party!'

- 'Well if we can't kill him, and we sure can't outsmart him, then what the fuck are we gonna do, man!'

- 'Might as well 'fess up while we still can, bro'

But you don't, because you're dumb, so you get busted. And since that jackass mob lawyer character isn't playing, that means we get to put you in jail and throw away the key.

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Fuck this shit, man. While I may be what you call an authority figure round here, you bitches ain't got shit on me and you know it. :box:

I burned the money cause it ain't about that paper. Its about me hurting your people and messing with your world. You ain't man enough to come down to the street with Omar. :smoking:

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So Omar isn't the real Omar, but.... :unsure:

How bizzare!

Hmmh, I look like the typical lazy officer who spends his time arresting donuts. But then I bet that's just a cover and I'm in truth awesome and clever. Let's see what Lt. Wiki is going to tell me about me. :read:

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