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A Question?

Ser Barristan BadAss

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I've just found this forum a few days ago, so, I'm sorry for barraging you with posts, but I have a query.

In the books the bastards from the north are called 'Snow.' Bastards from Dorne or 'Sand,' bastards from the Vale are called 'Stone' and those from Storm's End etc are 'Storm.'

That is all really clever isn't it? So what are bastards from Casterly Rock and Highgarden regions called?


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Highgarden is Flowers, and Casterly Rock is Hill. And to round it off-- Rivers is Riverrun area.

Hill and Flowers.

EDIT: And just to add something useful - the KL area and surrounding isles is Waters.

Ahh, interesting, though I liked the way the other 4 all began with S, thanks a lot!

I see we share a love for Ser Barristan, hes an epic old man isnt he?

Indeed! When Cersei and Joffrey had him removed as the commander of the Kingsguard, well his reply to that made him immortal in my eyes!

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