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Tweaking Famous, Infamous, Defects

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As part of the CG tweaks we're looking at, we're considering tweaking the lists of choices for Famous, Infamous and Defects. We'll consider removals, replacements and additions. Removals may hinge on there not being any PCs with those particular terms currently. Replacements, especially for better terms, can be handled on PCs. The current lists are:


Artisan, Beauty, Benefactor, Captain, Champion, Commander, Courtier, Crowd-Pleaser, Devotee, Healer, Knight, Lady, Lord, Maester, Scholar, Singer, Warrior, Wit.


Brute, Coward, Gloryhound, Glutton, Kinslayer, Kingslayer, Lady, Lord, Lecher, Niggard, Oathbreaker, Outlaw, Pervert, Pirate, Reaver, Sadist, Schemer, Shrew, Spendthrift, Zealot, Wastrel, Wanton.


Aloof, Ambitious, Amoral, Anxious, Busybody, Churlish, Compulsive, Cruel, Dishonest, Dolorous, Dutybound, Envious, Fanatical, Fastidious, Foolhardy, Frigid, Greedy, Gullible, Hardhearted, Hateful, Haughty, Headstrong, Indiscreet, Insecure, Jealous, Lazy, Miserly, Naive, Obsessive, Pacifistic, Paranoid, Selfdestructive, Softhearted, Superstitious, Temperamental, Vain, Vainglorious, Weakwilled, Vindictive.

Famous and Infamous need to be terms usable in a sentence saying "he/she is a famous/infamous ...." and Defects are just "he/she is ...."

We're pretty particular about what we'll change, but if you feel like tossing out some suggestions for ones to remove, replace (with better terms) or add, feel free, we might find some we can use. :)

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