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Holy Sock

[Book Spoilers] Hoster Tully's funeral

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So, as we know, Hoster Tully's funeral is a lot less comical in the book and there's a very sweet moment between the Blackfish and Edmure.

It would have been nice to see this moment play out but it's clear why they went with the more comical road. I think this moment between the Blackfish and Edmure would only really have worked if we'd been introduced to the two characters earlier. Because we weren't this scene has to establish their characters immediately, which it does very well.

We clearly see Edmure's incompetence and his brash actions in war. And the show firmly establishes the Blackfish's abilities, and his gruff yet wise demeanour. It would also have been a strange transition from a sombre scene with Edmure & Brynden to an antagonistic one with Robb.

It works very well with the small council chair scene. Establishing characters in a completely silent, yet comical, way.

I do hope, however, that before the Red Wedding we get to see a bit more of Edmure's sympathetic side. It would be a shame to simply have the character be the un-likeable black mark of the "heroes".

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