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Help with imagens of the houses of westeros

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Hi, i've been trying to find images, in order to make a banner of the Houses Stark and Targaryen.

Unfortunately the ones that i found are of very poor quality when enlarged a lot.

Can someone help me get images of just the simbols (the wolf and the dragon) of the Houses Stark and Targaryen? Please? I can't find anything with quality.

The banner is supposed to be 60X250 cm. The images are going to be approximately 50X50 cm, and are going to be printed in the banner. There's just going to be 1 exemplary of each banner, and they are the Christmas present for a friend of mine.

I would like the images to be like this ones:



But i'm open to other suggestions.

My problem is the quality of the images.

Please help, it's almost Chistmas.



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Dammit, it was not supposed to be in the subforum. I'm sorry my mistake! Please delete this. I will post in the right place.

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