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  1. While it is true that lords have the power to name their heir or desinherit. We are ignoring birthright. The eldest son has birthright to his father's lands, titles and holdings. And the first time a king tried to ignore birthright a civil war sparked. The concept of birthright is respected in Westeros, i could get some quotes but through my phone is hard.
  2. @Lord Varys You need to read the books again if you think that Florent did not deserve to be execute for treason. His terms were "That Lord Stannis give up his claim to the Iron Throne and retract all he said of Joffrey's bastardy, on the condition that he be accepted back into the king's peace and confirmed as Lord of Dragonstone and Storm's End" Stannis does not want to yield. Davos knows that, Florent knows that. HIS OWN Brother imprisoned him for treason because he knows Stannis won't yield. Negotiating peace in the name of your king when YOUR king does not want peace? Nonsense.
  3. Robert Baratheon in his prime would destroy anyone. Arthur Dayne, Barristan Selmy, Jaime Lannister, The hound and the mountain, you name it and Robert would destroy them.
  4. He is the protagonist of the first book and an important character overall. 4 books after his dead he is still mentioned and there are still people willing to fight for his legacy,
  5. Do personal sigils count? Because Stannis' isn't the best but it cracks me up
  6. I agree with this, one of the man at the ToJ was Ethan Glover, Brandon's squire.
  7. Definitely not Tywin, i'd say Randyll Tarly is. All his glory comes from winning a battle against Robert. Had Robert not been victorious at the trident Tarly's victory would be forgotten.
  8. By the westerosi standards Ned is probably one of the greatest lords ever. As far as everyone knows Ned slew Arthur Dayne, was a key player in ending the biggest dynasty Westeros had ever seen, served as hand of the king and was known as a man of honor (and being executed for treason didn't change that). He is respected by pretty much everyone loved by his bannermen and smallfolk and even makes men like Jaime Lannister bitter with his judgement. Fathered the young wolf who is regarded as a hero by pretty much all northmen who are also willing to give their lives for his legacy. And about Robb... judging him is unfair, you have to consider that he's 15 when he becomes lord of winterfell, he is forced to march to war and is crowned king by his own bannermen and the riverlords who had never been ruled by the Starks all at the age of 15. Name another lord that had to deal with all that pressure? On top of all that he has to face Tywin Lannister of all people.
  9. Robert had the whole package, the mountain was stronger but Robert wasn't far behind and he also had skill and speed to back it up.
  10. makes sense, why else would he try to put his son on the throne?
  11. Probably a self fashioned title, we know Cersei is prideful and vain.
  12. The proud of lords of the north would take it as a slight if Ned(no matter how much they love him, it is not in Ned's nature to take advantage of it) asked them to foster his bastard instead of any of his trueborn children specially when Ned has 5 healthy children, same with the tullys. Sending the bastard that stains Catelyn's honor to Riverrun instead of one of Hoster's own grandchildren? Ned explained King's Landing situation, he would be shunned and find no place at court.
  13. Ned wasn't planning to send Jon to the wall btw, he was meant to stay in winterfell with Robb. Jon asked for it and he also had no other place to go.
  14. I get the chills when i read it.
  15. It kinda feels like the ToJ was an unknown event for everyone in Westeros. Ned supposedly slays Ser Arthur Dayne the Sword Of the Morning in single combat. The LC of the kingsguard dies there. Ned marched there after lifting the siege of Storm's End. Yet nobody ever mentions what happened with Ser Arthur Dayne's body and his fellow brothers, not even Jaime who in some chapters seems to be obsessed with the memory of Ned Stark reflects on Stark's battle with Dayne and he admires Ser Arthur. Barristan also never reflects on what happened to his fellow brothers, he thinks of the kings he failed but never reflects on how his brothers died for the king while he did not. The only person who actually cares about the event is Lady Dustin and that's only because Ned didn't bring her husband's bones north.