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  1. It's important to remember that conversation was remembered in a milk-of-the-poppy induced fever dream Ned was having. It may not have happened exactly as Ned dreams in that moment and the dream could be combining multiple events into a single showdown.
  2. It's said that "ice preserves and fire consumes", I'm not sure exactly where, but I remember reading that. So, it's likely that living at the Wall helped prolong Maester Aemon's life and that when he travelled into warmer climates, the increase in heat sped up his demise. It may be possible, if Jon is dead and not just very near death, for his body to be preserved in an ice cell or in one of the food storage areas under the wall. If Jon is very near death, but his spirit/mind is warged into Ghost, that being placed into an ice cell could slow the process of death long enough for his body to be healed. That's all assuming that the Wall isn't in complete chaos after the mutiny and people can collect Jon's body quickly enough and get him into an ice cell.
  3. The Blackfish was loyal to Robb Stark before disappearing from Riverrun, still flying the banner of House Stark during the Seige of Riverrun.
  4. Dany also says that after Darry dies the servants stole their money, but Viserys still has their mother's crown (which he later sells). If they were together during the time of Darry's death, how did Viserys keep the crown when the rest of their money was stolen? Wouldn't the servants have stolen the crown too?
  5. The value of being a good man is people may think of you more favorably after your death.
  6. I know this thread is about marrying Myrcella to Willas, but I just want address the OP saying Robert was the weakest of the commanders, bringing no alliances. Robert was a strong military leader. He had alliances with the Vale and the North through being fostered in the Vale by Jon Arryn with Ned. He may not have brought as many men as those regions, but he definitely had their support.
  7. Isn't there a quote in Clash of Kings, I think (maybe Storm of Swords), when Jon is having a wolf dream and comments about being able to feel his brothers and sister and knowing one is dead (If it's in Clash [or early on in Storm] then Grey Wind would still be alive). I think this would be confirmation that the direwolves, or at least Ghost, is (are) able to know where each other are.
  8. Jaime and Tyrion
  9. It was Melisandre that said it. "Jon." Melisandre was so close he could feel the warmth of her breathe. "R'hollor is the only true god. A vow sworn to a tree has no more power than one sworn to your shoes. Open your heart and let the light of the Lord come in. Burn these weirwoods, and accept Winterfell as a gift of the Lord of Light." - ASOS Jon XI
  10. Could also be that they left at separate times. Viserys could have left at night as he said and Rhaella could have left during the morning as Jaime said. I don't remember if Jaime mentions seeing Viserys with Rhaella.
  11. Didn't Jon have the letter on him when he was stabbed? If so, she will search his body and discover it.
  12. @rotting sea cow My only argument against what you're saying is that we have already seen the Iron Born as described as the "sea rising over the walls of Winterfell" in Jojen's greendream about the fall of Winterfell. Either Martin is just repurposing this symbolism to foreshadow what Euron is about to do in Oldtown or it is about something else.
  13. Given how much she miss interrupts her visions, it's possible she's seeing the God's Eye as a sea.
  14. Bran's powers may be strong enough by that point, that even if Dany does not offer support, he could warg a dragon from a great distance and burn a lot of the wight army, reducing their numbers.
  15. It seems to me, that if there is any pattern with the prologues, that TWOW prologue wouldn't be from a maester's POV. We have had 2 members of the Night's Watch and then a Wildling north of the Wall. We have also had a maester and a maester in-training south of the Wall. It makes sense that TWOW prologue would be from the POV of someone against the maester order.