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  1. I saw the Bran article. Yea, I’m disappointed that’s the direction the writers went. Because I still want to believe that both Arya and Sansa are better than petty squabbling and clumsy spying, I’ll choose to believe my own version of events even if it’s not what the writers intended, since it was never shown on the show either way. They had the scene where Bran revealed the Littlefinger plot to Sansa, but then chose to cut it. I feel like maybe they chose to cut it afterwards to leave the plot open to interpretation as to when the girls started scheming together. There was no mention of a Sansa – Arya interaction after Bran informing Sansa of Littlefinger's intention. The reason that’s important is because of Arya’s reaction during Sansa’s reveal. She clearly knows it's not herself that is the one in danger. So Arya and Sansa had to conspire at some point, and I’m going with that it’s just open to interpretation as to when that actually occurred.
  2. I am not convinced of the Bran is the Night King theory. However, it is intriguing and I can’t rule it out as being a possible major twist towards the end of the series. One thought that I had when seeing the theory and also watching this latest episode… could there be some kind of connection between a skinchanger warging into another creature and the white walkers controlling the dead. Bran can now warg into multiple ravens at one time. Is it possible this power can go further though? Specifically, what if it is possible to warg into other creatures and still maintain your own consciousness? What if it’s possible to warg the dead? Are the wights just warged into dead people, and hence when the white walker controlling them dies, the dead are no longer animated?
  3. I agree with your take that the sisters are playing Littlefinger and it will all come to a head next episode. I also feel like you hit the nail on the head about convincing the audience that there's tension, not so much Littlefinger. If we saw fakeness in their acting, we would be on to it. It creates more drama this way. As far as the "why bother to set him up", my theory has been the Vale army. If Sansa just had Littlefinger executed, or Arya just killed Littlefinger on her own, I think it likely the North loses the army of the Vale. By trapping Littlefinger in some manner and exposing him, Vale lords (and by extension Robin) would be convinced to stay by her side. Sansa may also tell Yohn Royce about Littlefinger pushing Lysa through the Moon Door just to further convince him.
  4. Fair point on their childhood. But my thinking is that after all they've been through, and all they've supposedly grown as characters, I would hope that this isn't really how they would interact.
  5. I remember. And she is the only one that knows that LF really pushed Lysa out the moon door. I can see her also mentioning that to Yohn Royce when Littlefinger is outed in whatever scheme he has going on now. I think it's not very good writing if the sister's are genuinely squabbling like this without any other reason behind it. So we can agree to disagree.
  6. The precursors for this are that 1. Sansa knows that Littlefinger is a scheming manipulator that will do anything to put himself on the Iron Throne, including hurting others in her family. She knows that she will need to play him before he plays her family. AND 2. The fact that Sansa wants to keep the Vale army on their side. If she were to just have Littlefinger killed, the Vale army would not be on the North’s side any longer. She needs to convince Yohn Royce without a doubt that Littlefinger is a backstabbing schemer or risk losing the Vale. I also don’t think these conversations are “in front of nobody.” All conversations (except the conversation in Arya’s room) happened either out in the open or with the door open. Littlefinger paid the bed maid in that one scene. And Sansa knows that Littlefinger is probably spying. “why would Sansa send Brienne away if the enemy is LF?” She knows Arya is a capable killer at this point. She doesn’t need Brienne to kill LF when Arya can easily do it. I think the more appropriate question is: Why would Sansa go directly against what Littlefinger advises if she is truly worried about Arya and should keep Brienne around for protection?
  7. I still do. I still feel like it makes the most sense in terms of character development and story. Arya training with the faceless men and Sansa learning the political game must mean something to this story. This sibling rivalry feels far too cheap when they both should know the stakes are too high. I still feel like it’s an act put on by the sisters, despite some scenes being pretty convincing of their squabbling. I do feel like the Brienne stuff is possible proof to this. Sansa seeks Littlefinger’s advice on what to do about her sister. Littlefinger advises the use of Brienne although it’s not quite clear in what capacity. Maybe either to plant an idea in Brienne’s mind that Arya is going to try and kill her sister. Or at the very least, he’s advising to keep Brienne close for protection. Sansa then sends Brienne away. I think this is the subtle signal to the audience that something is going on here. Sansa is no longer Littlefinger’s pawn doing what he says.
  8. I disagree that episode 6 debunks the theory. I think we have yet to see how this all plays out. I'll add this: In the Sansa - Littlefinger scene, Sansa is looking for ideas from Littlefinger on what do to about her sister. Littlefinger suggests keeping Brienne around for protection. The very next Sansa scene, Sansa sends Brienne away. If she is genuinely concerned about her sister, and Littlefinger's advice carries any weight, why would Sansa do this?
  9. sweetsunray, very good points and details
  10. "She's been fucking Lancel and Osmund Kettleblack and probably Moon Boy for all I know"
  11. I jumped right to the end of the thread without reading through it... Is Bronn the trendy pick? Never crossed my mind.
  12. 99.0% Jaime 0.7% Tycho Nestoris 0.2% Qyburn 0.1% Euron
  13. I think that's a good point. But I'm not sure Sansa knows how Yohn Royce feels about Littlefinger. The only major time all three interacted, Sansa and Littlefinger were both lying to Yohn on how Lysa died and he took the bait. So I think it's still conceivable that she would want to trap Littlefinger in some sort of scheme as proof. ...Or yea, maybe she should just talk to Yohn...
  14. I agree on the Aria stabbing... I was disappointed with how that all played out. At the time, I was one of those Arya Durden theorists. That didn't quite pan out.
  15. Her training definitely came to mind in all this... Arya trained with a group of assassins for a reason. Arya was crafty enough to be able to organize an entire family's demise at a feast. I don't think that she would get caught so easily, or at least I would hope not. One more thought on the Yohn Royce angle... I can picture that when Littlefinger is finally revealed for his scheming, Sansa additionally reveals to Yohn Royce that it was Littlefinger that pushed Lysa out the moon door.