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  1. I wondered about all of that, too. I don't know if the show really articulates the reasoning; however, the books explain that the Dornish are crying for vengeance, and that Prince Doran is weak and apathetic. Oberyn was loved by the people. Doran felt that it wasn't murder (trial by combat) and wanted to maintain 'peaceful" relations with the crown... we knew that wasn't going to happen, though. Dorne has a long history of rebelling against the capital, so I think they were crying for justice and Ellaria promised that. My question is: Now that Ellaria and the 3 Sand Snakes are out of the picture, who is ruling Dorne? The Dornish army was never actually activated, right?
  2. We know that food was being brought up to their rooms... so once they eat and drink, they *should* be safe. Would Dany know about this? If not, Tyrion would most certainly advise her. Fate/ The Gods came for Walder Frey after the Red Wedding, after all.
  3. Is it possible that Arya kills Cersei, wearing Jaime's face? Olenna says that Cersei will destroy him-- so maybe he goes down fighting for Cersei. The seeds of doubt are already planted in his mind, but as he said himself: He's too far gone to turn back now. Maybe Arya wears the face of the short-haired maid (who Jaime has already encountered, while he was naked in bed with his sister ). She kills Jaime, wears his face, then checks Cersei off her list. Just a thought-- not sure if this has been speculated before. The short-haired maid could also be a red herring. We were supposed to notice her, and her spot is reminiscent of the servant girl at the Frey feast. We know she definitely shows: 1) Cersei doesn't care who sees her in bed with bro, getting over-confident and reckless 2) An example of Cersei's influence on KL (short hair is all the rage, and women admire her)? If Arya is supposed to go to Winterfell in the next few episodes, she would have to kill Cersei/ Jaime sometime next season. Maybe she find that she's the lone wolf and hanging around Winterfell's not for her. Then she takes off to KL? Thoughts?
  4. It's funny because Cersei felt completely justified in murdering the Tyrell heirs, well before she knew Olenna was behind Joff's murder. I can imagine Cersei being maddened by the fact that Olenna had the last word. Had Cersei known the truth when she sent Jaime after Olenna, I'm sure she would have planned something far more brutal in addition to blowing up the sept. Doubt Jaime would have talked her out of flaying Olenna, or whipping her naked through the streets. I'm sad to see Olenna go, but this is probably the best way she could have made her exit. Graceful. bold, and with little regret. She makes murdering a kid sound commendable. Olenna also wasn't born a Tyrell, and while she worked hard to advance her family, she always mocked the "Golden Rose" and didn't seem surprised the house had fallen-- just sad. Dany really should have listened to Olenna's advice. Everyone who urged her to attack Cersei immediately... all captured or killed. Blind faith in the Queen has a bad track record.
  5. I believe there was a scene in which Olenna tells Margery of her role. She says something like "you don't think I'd let my only granddaughter marry a monster, do you?" One interesting thing: Cersei killed Ellaria's daughter in the same way Ellaria had killed Myrcella (just made it as gruesome and painful as possible for Ellaria). They poisoned Olenna without knowing Olenna had murdered Joff by poison. Cersei is very intentional and here, she unintentionally mirrored her son's death. By the way: Do we know what kind of poison they used for Olenna? It's not what killed Joffrey, and Jaime advises there will be no pain. Think they used the Long Farewell? Doesn't seem to be the right choice for this circumstance. I wonder if Jaime will actually tell Cersei? Hindsight is 20/20. I'm sure she would still hold Tyrion accountable, but imagine her frustration? She would want to make Olenna suffer, and now it's too late.
  6. I don't think Tyrion knows... and it's very unclear who exactly knows? The Night's Watch, for certain. Do the Northern Lords discuss his "rebirth"? I assumed that was why they didn't behead him as a Night's Watch "deserter." Strange that such a phenomenon would be kept secret for long, though. My guess is that Jon still doesn't know what to make of his "resurrection," and is keeping it on the DL.
  7. Question: Does Podrick know Tyrion's status as Dany's hand, and does he know Jon & Davos are heading to rendezvous? I know he's Brienne's squire now, but I imagine he'd like to say "hello," or something to that effect. It would be interesting to see how Pod would react and whether he'd vouch for him ... although, I guess this is indicative of the fact that they don't really care for his input? He's not a lord, but the lords of the North are very skeptical of any Lannister. Cersei, Tywin, and Jaimes actions/ reputations are what tainted the Lannister name.
  8. Oops! Thank you. I clicked on a link and lost my bearings-- I'm new to the site Forget everything I said!! I will revisit this thread with my thoughts regarding the BOOKS ONLY.
  9. Okay, so we know that at the end of Season 6, Arya proclaimed that she's not "No One," etc. Our (and her) feeling is that serving the Many-Faced God is not for her, as she cannot let go of her identity. If the Many-Faced has any sort of logical purpose of "justice," her recent acts of vengeance could still be in service of MFG-- even if she doesn't realize that. We know the gods "can't forgive" killing a guest beneath his roof. Walder Frey and his cronies committed that unforgivable sin, and we knew that karma was coming for them eventually. Perhaps the MFG is working through Arya (and her Kill List) to enact justice. This could explain *why* Jaqen looked pleased when Arya said she was going home. I could be wrong, but this seems to be a pretty simple explanation for what appears to be a confusing and pointless clusterf***. The MFG didn't want her to be No One. Thoughts?
  10. I'm very averse to Jon and Dany, and that feeling has grown as the show's continued. It seemed like a great idea back in Season One. It feels cliche because the audience has been expecting the "fire and ice" union for years. The series used to surprise us, but it's all very predictable now. I crave surprises and that hasn't been happening. I hate to be a Dany-hater, but her character has increasingly irked me. I know this has been declared all over the forums, but it boggles my mind: Are we supposed to see her as a savior, or the "chosen one"? Meh. Is she even supposed to be sympathetic? I don't feel she is the "rightful queen" of all the Seven Kingdoms. She doesn't know Jacks*** about Westeros, aside from tall tales. I understand she has some super-power of being unburnt, blah blah... but super heroes don't try to become the king or queen. She's ambitious .. as was Caesar, and look what happened to him. Slavery is outlawed in Westeros, so there's no moral cause for her crusade. She wants to seize power and avenge her ancestors. At this point, she serves as a means to beat Cersei. No one wants Cersei as their queen. She could just target Cersei with her dragons, and either go back to Essos or hang at (the inexplicably completely abandoned) Dragonstone. It is, after all, her ancestral home. I still think she should go back to the ruins of Valyria. She can burn all the stone men. As I'm writing, I guess they stick Jon and Dany together because he's actually humble and wants to save humanity. Maybe he'll take her down a notch. Emilia Clarke is beautiful, but I get headaches from rolling my eyes so much. Her scenes are awful. ****THIS WAS POSTED IN THE WRONG FORUM, PLEASE DISREGARD***
  11. I feel like Missy and GreyWorm had basically the same conversation after he was injured (Barristan died :'( ) - he said he was afraid he'd never see Missandei of Naath again, then they kissed. All of their scenes have always bored me--I don't think anyone is invested in this romance because they are side characters and it doesn't contribute to the plot. That whole scene with Tyrian last season (what do you talk about?) was pretty spot-on. Their romance doesn't drive the plot-- I think they threw it in there just because people have come to expect boobs from this show. Who doesn't love boobs? Still, *yawn*. Euron's entrance was definitely psychotic and.. swashbuckling? Lol, but one of the more entertaining scenes of this episode. I couldn't stand Euron in previous episodes, so I'm glad we finally got a taste of his crazy. Seriously: did he do this all with the ONE ship we saw sailing away? PS Where in the world will Theon end up? Also: Isn't Ellaria a "fighter" as well? Or is she just a clever lover and the Sand Snakes fight? It was a little surprising that she didn't even carry a small weapon (in wartime!), but I guess she's just more of the "poisoning" type? I wish Jon spoke with Sansa (even briefly!) after his scuffle with LF in the crypts. Like, "hey FYI this creep is trying to get in your pants" (and we KNOW he still wants to be Warden of the North). Guess we'll be seeing boatsex soon...
  12. I've started hearing this theory as well-- I can't say I *hate* it. Others have pointed out passages in the books that indicate parallels between Sansa and Jon (when they are apart), and suggest they don't have a normal "sibling" relationship. I can't find the thread right now, but it's on here somewhere and the argument is well-supported. I honestly like the Sansa/Jon theory MUCH more than the Jon/Dany pairing. Jon/Dany (Jany?) already feels tired and boring and predictable-- but maybe that's just me. Jany has been predicted for years, and I hope for more surprises! I also love Sansa (and Sophie Turner!) and hope her character arc becomes clearer in these final episodes. We don't have a lot of show time left, but I could see Sansa/Jon (Jansa?) as a more natural progression from this point forward-- especially when they discover his true parentage. Right now, they are trying to figure out how to rule together. It's not perfect, but it's all new to them. They are also true Northerners and belong in Winterfell together (IMHO ) I really can't wait to see how this all plays in the books. The "end" of GOT may only vaguely resemble GRRM's resolution.
  13. I would love to have more details on that (and its implications- after all, Arya *is* dealing with a god, right?), but I don't think the show will be able delve into as many details as we'd like.
  14. ^^ Exactly! Question: How about the serving girl she posed as? Had we seen that face prior to the Frey Feast (and scoping out Jaime)? I am *guessing* she took the face from the House and then... traveled in disguise? If so, why isn't she traveling in disguise anymore? What happened to that chick's face after Arya ripped it off? And then Walder's? She can't stick 'em in her cap, right? Interesting that she is traipsing around Westeros (where she's most likely to be recognized), and chilling with Lannisters *not* in disguise. Jaqen gives her a knowing, almost approving smile when she declares herself "Arya Stark"-- Maybe he/ the MFG are cool with her taking a face to take care of her business back home? Will she have repercussions for taking the face, or maybe this mission is really in service of the MFG? I would love to see her wearing Cat's face (to snag LF specifically), and sorta bring Lady SH to life, but I'm having a difficult time trying to work out the details. Could she find her mom's corpse (now rotting for years??), and then take on Cat's [dead] appearance? We know that a FM can take someone's face after killing them. We know they can take a face from the House (but they are not supposed to do so at their own will, only as a servant of the MF God). Is there any more definitive information on how the face-swapping works? I can def see her taking Jaime's face... the way she was watching him.. watching his mannerisms? That would knock Cersei off her list *and* sort of fulfill the prophesy about the "little brother." Cersei may die thinking it's Jaime all along, and only the audience knows it's Arya.
  15. I have a logistical question about how the face-swapping works: It know it's magic, but I'm trying to determine any rhyme or reason to how the Faceless Men wear faces. Would Arya physically have to go to the HofBW to obtain Cat's face (or would she have had to kill Cat herself in order to wear the face)? Is Cat's face even IN the House, if she died in Westeros and was thrown in a river? In the last season's trailer, I remember it showed ALL of the Starks faces on the wall, but that was just a teaser trailer. Can Arya just magically wear the face of any dead person, and are the "faces" on the wall just metaphorical? Was this ever explained?