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  1. BTW, this post isn't debating who would win between Essos and Westeros, this is just asking why as a whole, is Essos, so backwards militarily? They still use Roman and Greek tactics with the Unsullied and New Ghis soldiers, and straight up zerg rush with the Dothraki, besides that, all they have militarily are Sellswords, their navies, any professional soldiers worn to a leader, and slave soldiers, none of which are amazing in talent besides maybe the professional soldier as the Ironborn are the better sailors.
  2. I never said the Unsullied were incompetent, to the contrary, I said they were one of the best military forces that the Essosi have to offer other than the disciplined, trained, and equipped Ghiscari. It's not a lie to say that the Westerosi military are better equipped and trained with even the peasants having the same or even better armor and weapons that the slave soldiers. I'm not saying the Essosi are anything to balk, but their less militarily capable than Westeros. Their city guard is as good as the Goldcloaks, good for policing, but not made for warfare. I stand by my statement to say that from what we've seen, that Braavos and New Ghis are probably better militarily. The Free Cities like Volantis may have a lot of ships, but ships don't win wars, infantry does, even more so when Essos is more of a landmass with a few coastal regions than a chain of islands or port cities.
  3. But in terms of what Essos has to offer, Ghis and the Unsullied are the best they have. Extremely disciplined soldiers, one being slaves, the other citizens. Every other point I agree on.
  4. Why are the Essosi so bad at warfare? They suffer problems from unarmored light cavalry, and their cities are so unprotected. Their main source of military is either the Unsullied, poorly trained and equipped slave soldiers or untrustworthy mercenaries. The only factions in Essos that can be said to have a competent military is either Braavos or New Ghis with their reborn lockstep legions. Essos is home to the First Men, Andals and Rhoynish who used steel and bronze armor and weapons, but the Essos seem so backwards militarily. If a war were to ever breakout between Essos and Westeros, the only thing the Essos would have on them would be being economically superior and having numbers, but that matters little with trained soldiers who can be as disciplined as the Ghiscari if they have a competent commander like Stannis Baratheon or Randyl Tarly. Anyone know why? Another question I have is what were the military forces of the Valyrian Freehold like? I'd imagine similar to the Greek soldier-citizens who would be the foil to the Roman Legion structured Ghiscari, but this is only theory. Any answers?
  5. A trait that I enjoy in books and movies is when a character is very loyal to another character or faction that doesn't border on the level of zealousness or brainwashing, and I'm trying to find some examples of undying loyalty in the ASOIAF books. The love that the mountain clans hold for House Stark is a good example of what I'm looking for as they're marching in the middle of winter with the forces of Stannis for "Ned's little girl" out of love for Ned. Davos's loyalty to Stannis is also great with him still faithfully serving Stannis despite Dale, Allard, Matthos, and Maric, his four eldest sons dying, and even more so when his two youngest are named Stannis and Steffon, after Stannis himself and the father of Stannis. Another one is Courtnay Penrose staying loyal to Renly after his death and refusing to give up Storm's End to Stannis, although this may be more to protect Edric Storm rather that to Renly. Any others?
  6. I'll consent that there's very little to actually prove what faith the Royce's have other than the fact that they have a Septon in their household and with Andar/Robar/Waymar being Nights but in favor of it is what I've said previously. At the very least, they "remember" there roots/history which is what their house words are.
  7. I'm just correlating this with them still having First Men traditions of family members volunteering for the Watch, I'm not saying that if you are a First Men volunteering for the NW you are an auto Old God worshipper, I'm not denying that. Like I said, it very well could be an open secret among the First Men of the Vale or they very well could be one of the public Old God worshipping houses in the South because we're not told if they follow the Seven or the Old Gods, just that they have knighthoods. One's a tinfoily example and the other is wondering if a First Men house of the Vale who still uses First Men armor and a First Men castle with a First Men sigil with First Men beliefs and a First Men attitude might still worship the Old Gods of the First Men. Lann the Clever of House Lannister is most likely an Andal as the Andals are more fair haired than the First Men with the First Men usually having dark hair and eyes versus the lighter colored Andals. But like the post above, it doesn't stop at just the sigil that they use. They use rune-inscribed bronze armor, the only other people in Westeros that use bronze armor that we know of might be the Mountain tribes and House Thenn. House Royce is different also by the fact that we haven't heard of their faith, and this post is all really hopeful speculation like you said before, but most of the houses of the Stormlands that have sea god sigils and such have usually declared already. An example might be House Dondarrion who has the Storm God I believe and Beric was sworn to the Seven and later R'hllor. You keep using the argument that I've already consented to. Most of the First Men houses of the South, Tarly, Dayne, Crakehall, Mallister, etc believe in the Seven, but House Royce has at the least, kept their First Men traditions first and foremost over every other First Men house in the South besides the Blackwoods. It's not said that they are the closest to the Northmen in the South but by might own observation, you tell me which house in the Southern Kingdoms is most similar to the Northmen? Royce? Blackwood? Who? They have the attitude that most Northerners have, they have the same respect for the NW, they keep to their traditions despite being Andalized, and they value honour/loyalty/duty which is a thing shared by the North and Vale. I'll admit the comparison I made between Jon Umber and Yohn Royce is really just my observation of them being First Men to the bone, but I'll concede that observation if I can as it has no purpose in the debate we're having.
  8. I'm not using the fact that they are First Men and predate the Andals so that means they worship the Old Gods. I'm using the fact that they're entire existence lends the idea that they are First Men > Andal despite being Andalized. Knighthood matters little when they use First Men armor, they use First Men names, their sigil has First Men runes, their keep has a First Men name, and that they still act like the First Men which we can gather from how the Northerners, Mountain Clans, and Wildlings act.
  9. Again, I'm not saying that it's only First Men but the First Men houses tend to be more leaned toward volunteering for the Nights Watch, and the Mallisters are also a First Men house. So are the Marsh's and Tollet's. It's not a lie that the Northern/First Men houses are the predominant people to be in the Night's Watch, Northerners even more so, to deny it is to deny the fact that the Night's Watch is a First Men invention and is used by them the most, just like the Kingsguard being a Andal/Targaryen invention and being used predominantly by them. Why would the Blackwoods intermarry with Bracken, Tully, Targaryen and such despite being Old God worshippers? Why would Catelyn Tully marry two Starks, notorious Old God worshippers? Because despite religion playing a large part in our medieval history, it's not as much in this one with the Old God's being help in the same respect as the Seven as they are both Westerosi. If you marry into Blackwood or Royce, you become part of that family and your like to not start blabbering secrets and it very well could be an open secret with the First Men of the Vale. The reason to keep it a secret is because the Vale is the only kingdom the Andals conquered, everywhere else they married into with the exception of the Ironborn and North who kept their culture. If the Royce's came out as worshippers, they would lose a lot of respect as despite being an old and honored house, the First Men/Old Gods are still looked down upon, even the Blackwoods, in the South with Cersei's views being there enough along with the snide comments of them worshipping trees. We don't know if Runestone has a weirwood or at least from what I've looked it doesn't, but absence of evidence does not mean evidence of absence. It's no lie that House Royce keeps a sigil that has runes from the First Men, that they keep armor with runes from the First Men, and that they are the closest to the Northmen you will get in the South with their Lord being akin to Jon Umber.
  10. As was the Iron Islanders most likely. I'm talking about willingly going to the wall of their own volition. That seems to be a trait of only First Men houses like Mallister, Royce, Stark, Mormont etc Falcotron.
  11. But there is evidence to suggest that they hold their old roots a little too closely for one of the most Andal regions in Westeros. I'm also not saying that Waymar was the only non-Northern noble in the watch either, the Northerners and First Men houses tend to hold the Nights Watch in more esteem than Andal and Southern ones, but most of the houses you've named from either the Iron Islands, Reach or Crownlands happen to most likely be forced prisoners from either the Greyjoy Rebellion or Roberts Rebellion, not voluntary like Waymar or Jon. Your last point has no point as I'm not saying their not loyal banners to the Arryns nor are they biased against marriage to other families, I'm stating that it would be interesting and there is some evidence to suggest that they might hold to the Old Gods instead of the Seven.
  12. PS: Are the First Men of Crackclaw Point Old God worshippers? They're dominantly First Men who the Andals failed to conquer who are still loyal to House Targaryen.
  13. Do the Royce's still worship the Old Gods, but in secret unlike the Blackwoods who openly accept the Old Gods? They're use of ancient First Men bronze armor inscribed with runes and they're dedication to the Nights Watch which is uncommon in the South show that at least, they remember their roots and honor them. I've always liked the idea of southern houses still worshipping the Old Gods and this is one of the reasons I really like the Blackwoods. They're whole attitude screams Old God worshipper from their sigil to their armor to how they act to how the youngest son of Lord Royce willingly went to the Nights Watch, something only Northern houses seem to do anymore. What do you think?
  14. Thank you, but I have a question. Do any of those cadet branches have a claim to Winterfell or do the Karstarks have a claim in the case that the current Starks of Winterfell were to die similar to House Caron all dying to sickness besides the heir and his bastard brother.
  15. Where did you hear that there are Starks in White Harbour? I know of the Arryns of Gulltown, and I mentioned the Lannisters having multiple relatives along with the Tyrells having a lot of family members around too, but never have I heard of there being Starks in White Harbour.