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  1. It is probably not dragons.
  2. Or something like a doomsday will happen?
  3. Jaeherys I or Baelor I to me. The realm was more peaceful and happy in their reigns.
  4. Not exactly. You can marry a lot of women at the same time. And when u have children from all of them who are gonna be a bastard? All of them or none of them? Simply none of them.
  5. A leviathan is a type of enormous whale, usually grey in color. They are described as the oldest and largest creatures living in the entire world, implying they surpass even dragons in size. Says this on the wiki.
  6. Nagga is not a type of creature. Nagga is a sea dragon. And sea dragons are probably mythological creatures. Their arms are long but they are probably both smaller then leviathans and dragons. Like a snake can eat a whole pig or horse but they are so small. If a dragon can pull a kraken from the sea and eat it. Krakens are not that much big.
  7. I know biggest creatures exists now is Leviathans.
  8. Exactly. Especially something important like this one.
  9. Wasn't there any possibility Ned sends Jon and Lyanna to Essos like Targaryen kids did later?
  10. Ned remembers Lyanna died in his arms. In Eddard I in AGoT. Her last words were 'Promise me'.
  11. So same story would probably have happened. Except for some little changes.
  12. Really ? I don't really think it is the right word.
  13. Man, this page of the wiki should not contain the spoilers from the 6th and 7th seasons. Because this page only contains information given by books and GRRM. Please be more careful next time.