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  1. LMAO, I guess Rhaegar has Robert's parents too, and Rickard and Brandon, you know, because they are all also dead. What utter bullshit.
  2. It's unclear what Robert knows about Lyanna's thoughts and feelings about him. I don't think there's any point at which Ned would have told Robert. Rhaegar is the only person I can think of who might have known and had the opportunity to tell Robert, but if either of them said anything at all, I'm not sure that came up before the end. What is clear is that Robert understands that there was more to the Rhaegar and Lyanna situation than the story he tells Ned in anger in AGOT Ned II. If he really believed that story he would no doubt believe that Rhaegar is burning in the darkest put of the seven hells, not spending life after death with his innocent hundreds of times raped betrothed. Giving Lyanna Ned's love is not the same as being reunited with her. He certainly says nothing similar about how he is going to finally get to have Lyanna, or retracts what he said about Rhaegar having Lyanna now.
  3. It's not a stretch at all. Robert all but acknowledges it when he says that Rhaegar has Lyanna now, which can't be explained by both of them just being dead, as delusional Robert would surely believe Rhaegar suffering in the seven hells, not enjoying Lyanna's company.
  4. Some site is spreading a rumor about Travis Fimmel for Daemon. Would be amazing, but isn't he already on a show?
  5. I'd say it's more that most people aren't trying to die for the box office & they can watch safely at home
  6. Not that it's impossible Hightower fought at the BotB, but all we really know is he doesn't appear to have originally been with Rhaegar in early 282, and only found Rhaegar and stayed with Dayne and Whent when Rhaegar returned to KL before the BotT.
  7. As far as I can tell the app doesn't say Hightower fought in the BotB, only that Aerys eventually sent Hightower to recall Rhaegar to his duties.
  8. I wouldn't be surprised if some people turn out to have suspected or known of a pregnancy. The rebel narrative assumes she was raped constantly. But unless a pregnancy was common knowledge, I doubt most people would have looked beyond Lyanna herself to explain the three KG. She was a high value hostage/whatever, the betrothed of the man who was leading the rebellion against the royals, and sister of his best friend.
  9. He also had an aunt Jocelyn that married a Royce, and three cousins through her that married Vale lordlings. I doubt Rickard was an actual knight, but he was probably a northern equivalent, and was IMO definitely positively disposed towards southern cultures and traditions.
  10. I agree, I think you can expand the last third of the book into a full movie, especially if they are holding off on Feyd (and Shaddam?).
  11. I doubt Paul and Jessica's scenes will go far, if at all, beyond Jessica and Paul first running into Stilgar and Chani in Tuono Basin, before they all head to Sietch Tabr. Even that is about two thirds of the way through the book. I'm not sure Chani is going to be in this one much, but I suspect we'll see more of Duncan's time with the Fremen, so perhaps we'll see a bit more of Stilgar and Chani there?
  12. He's a major character. He comes up with the entire strategy of winning over the Fremen and using them as their version of the Sardaukar, which Paul and Jessica use to survive, and then which Paul uses to conquer the empire.
  13. IMO they end perfectly well. He could have added to it, or left it where it was. The last two books essentially only linger on the last remnants of the old empire to watch it die once and for all. Leto's goal for humanity has already been accomplished when the 5th book opens. The surviving characters at the end of book 6 do what most of the rest of humanity has already done, which is scatter. It's not the end of their stories, but the end of that part of their stories. They are good stories though, IMO. I might go so far as to say they would probably make a better adaptation at this time than most if not all the other books.
  14. Ned promised Robert that he would look after his children, and indeed he intended to look after his bastards, and even to let his legal children escape danger. But he obviously had no intention of carrying out Robert's wishes as he expressed them. Ned has kept Jon safe from the people around Robert that would kill him in a heartbeat if they knew his paternal identity. But I absolutely expect to find out that Ned did not carry out the full extent of Lyanna's wishes as she expressed them. I highly doubt that Lyanna wanted Ned to raised Jon as his own son forever, and never tell him about her.
  15. Not to mention that he had to violate his oath to his best friend Robert almost immediately following his accession to the kingship, in order to keep his promises to Lyanna, and to keep Jon's identity a secret for the past fifteen years.
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