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  1. Nah, the origin of their feud is that the first Bracken and Blackwood were actually twins, Bracken came out first but Blackwood claimed the milk sources first and established an exorbitant tax for use.
  2. I didn't mind Daemon's ridiculous scene too much. It is completely in line with his showing at the tourney and in the standoff with Otto. He has all the confidence and arrogance of a man boy prince with a dragon that knows he is worth more alive than dead, whether to pirates or to the Triarchy. Now, maybe they would have had no trouble killing him, but I think this ridiculous show of arrogance is in line with the character they established.
  3. At face value it shows Jaehaerys being descended from Aenys, but not necessarily from Alyssa.
  4. Not talking about killing interest, just wondering how much it will succeed in generating as people actually watch over the weeks.
  5. Of course there's interest, the question is how many of those were convinced to come back next week.
  6. I think we should be cautious not to take for granted that there was no way to save Aemma, as we have no way of knowing if they considered trying to save the life of the mother at the expense of the life of the child an option.
  7. You are confusing ASOIAF and the HBO universe. The HBO universe never established that Valyrians or dragonriders are exclusively pale white people. It wasn't relevant in GOT. They didn't even bother to establish purple eyes. So no need to adhere to that notion here. It doesn't affect anything. It doesn't matter because the Velaryons weren't a dragonriding family in the first place. It also doesn't matter because even in TWOIAF it is made clear that Valyrian dragonriding families preferred incest over marrying with one another. So if they really wanted to go deeper into Valyria there's no HBO universe reason there couldn't be black Valyrians and black dragonriding families. Being white is something Targaryens share with most of Westeros, so no biggie creating Valyrians who actually do look different than Westerosi.
  8. I have a feeling HOTD is going to be our best chance to see pre-GOT history depicted in any way.
  9. I don't understand this comparison. The stories of DnE take place during a span of fifty years that we have some idea about, multiple generations of interesting characters and places. You can do a lot with that even aside from the stories already completed. The Hobbit is one 300 page children's book.
  10. A report that a Jon Snow series is in the works does not in any way, shape, or form market a Dance of the Dragons series. Step away from the computer for a bit. These are not rational responses to the report.
  11. Jon spent almost the entire original series in the snow at, around, beyond the Wall, so what would be the point of this show?
  12. It's important to remember that there isn't a single POV for any Dance of the Dragons characters. We don't know how they really thought of themselves or what they were really thinking about many things. We just have various sources. So the notion that anyone has these characters totally figured out is just nonsense. We won't know the routes HBO takes with these characters until we see it, but if they are well written and internally consistent it should work fine.
  13. Black Valyrians probably isn't going to register as a problem for most viewers. If anything, they will be closer to the uniquely beautiful and different reputation Targaryens had, which GOT made no real attempt to do. The funny thing about GRRM considering making the Targs black is that if GOT had been made in 2022, making the Targs black would probably be the best way to adapt them.
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