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  1. It's an arbitrarily sexual interpretation of "more than fond[ness]" that isn't necessitated nor implied anywhere in a text full of Rhaenyra's alleged sexual escapades. I wouldn't be surprised to see HBO take that angle, hell maybe George himself will suggest them to, but based on the text we have, nah, it's not there.
  2. Again, the author didn't bother to have any source so much as hint at such a relationship, despite having sources talk about all sorts of relationships Rhaenyra is rumored to have had. So I'd say it's not on the table unless the author at some point decides to put it there, which I wouldn't expect him to do unless he goes back and edits books he has already published.
  3. I don't think it can be taken for granted that Rhaegar wanted or expected a girl. For all we know, Rhaegar might have hoped to fulfill the same prophecy with his children that Aegon might have wanted to fulfill with his sisters. Which would imply that, great as Aegon and his sisters were considered to be, at some point more prophecy-minded Targs might have started to look at them as having fallen short of fulfilling the prophecies, maybe even especially after the dragons died. But even just politically, Rhaegar needed another son much more than he needed another daughter. As for names, I don't know what Rhaegar might have preferred, but I think strong cases can be made that Lyanna named Jon Aegon (Rhaegar's eldest was dead by that point), Aemon, or Jaehaerys.
  4. I would love to see a completely faithful adaptation in every way, but I am completely happy with them diversifying the cast. I do hope they have a good backstory and don't start out halfassing it. I understand the tendency of not giving HBO the benefit of the doubt, but I am going to go ahead and let it play out. I think the easiest route is for Corlys' mother to be Summer Islander. Literally everything else can be the same without really affecting anything past or future about House Velaryon or House Targaryen. But I do think if they were creative enough they could make a more diverse dragonriding society in Valyria without sacrificing the important elements.
  5. I saw you make that point before and it is a great one. The Essos and especially Volantis and Slaver's Bay fans saw in GOT was inherently diverse. Far less drastic recon than what Star Wars underwent between 4-6, and it can be done in a way that makes it less about Valyrians trying to maintain one certain look than about forty families (and whatever that entails) each trying to keep their independent links to their house's lines of dragons. I do think you could incorporate purple and blue eyes and silver and gold hair if you wanted to give them all something noticeable in common. But otherwise, for the sake of adaptation, I think it only strengthens the potential of a Doom or Valyria story to use a plausible dragon-based reason for Valyrian incest to diversify Valyria's skin hues.
  6. Dude, now you're just acting openly racist. In-story, Corlys' mother can be Summer Islander or something along those lines without altering the origins or future of House Velaryon and its relations with House Targaryen. It wouldn't affect Daenora, whom the albino line continues through. House Velaryon apparently wasn't one of the 40 dragonriding families, so their history and connection to House Targaryen and Valyria can be pretty flexible for an adaptation even if you wanted to make House Velaryon historically Black. You could even say the Velaryons *were* descended from one of the 40 dragonriding families, but that their dragons died out/were killed, and that since Valyrians jealously guarded their own ancestry's connection to their house's dragons through incest, even the Targs had been reluctantly to marry with them. If they wanted to make House Velaryon historically Black and keep Targaryens albino they could just say there was more Targaryen incest in the past, and no marriages with Velaryons before Corlys, but that the Targs accepted an oath to protect the Velaryons after they lost their own dragons. No big deal. Most people assume there was a lot more Targ incest than there was. Ultimately, Corlys is one of the few main nobleborn characters from Westeros that can plausibly be Black or mixed. As far as I recall we have no idea who his mother was or what house she came from. His earlier voyage to the Summer Isles could then have more significance as well.
  7. Good luck coming up with an explanation of "people that know almost nothing about books hate that a black guy was cast in a major role" that isn't 100% based on racism. The fact is, casting Corlys as black or mixed doesn't ruin anything. If any or all of Laena & Laenor, Rhaenyra's eldest, Addam & Alyn, Baela & Rhaena are mixed it will not hurt the story whatsoever, and has a chance to improve the production a great deal. As others have noted, Corlys is one of the few main characters you can plausibly do this with while maintaining in-world consistency, especially if they go with him being half Summer Islander or something along those lines. In that case, it would have no effect on the looks of past Velaryons or their relationship to House Targeryen, no effect on Daenora looking typically Valyrian, and could add more layers to other branches of House Velaryon disputing Corlys' choice of heir. I get wanting an exact adaptation, but it's never gonna happen, George says this pretty much every time he discusses adaptations. There are much worse ways to blow an adaptation than to add a little color to the cast, no matter what time or place it is based on. It is fiction, fantasy, and the market for a show with a pure white main cast is getting smaller all the time.
  8. Unless they make Corlys the founder of House Velaryon or make House Velaryon historically Black, it doesn't radically change anything long term if Laenor and/or Laena are mixed, or Rhaenyra's eldest are mixed, or Baela and/or Rhaena are mixed, or Addam and/or Alyn are mixed.
  9. Since our current sources tell us incest was a Valyrian, not desperate post-Doom Targaryen, custom, that indicates they avoided marrying even with other dragonriding families if they could help it, which might mean the dragonriding families weren't necessarily all that closely related to one another. You could pretty easily introduce some diversity among the dragonriding families and still give them all silver gold hair and purple and blue eyes.
  10. Lmao, such an overreaction to a Black guy being cast as a Velaryon. Don't you have something better to do than be upset about a fictional character's skin color being darkened for a TV show?
  11. I think you're over complicating things. The BF rebellion is just the Robert's Rebellion of ASOIAF, recent backstory for the current characters. Daemon, like Rhaegar, is best kept a dead man hated by some and beloved by others, who we learn about through them. Bittersteel is a much more interesting character in the first place. There's no real comparison with Ragnar, who was the central character, not to mention that had more to do with awful writing than anything. Not to say they couldn't tweak the timeline to have the BF rebellion occur during Dunk and Egg's time together, but I don't think that is a better story, or necessary.
  12. It's honestly not a big deal if Corlys is mixed, as it neither affects the past nor future of House Velaryon or House Targaryen. Does it really radically change anything if Addam, Alyn, Laena, and Laenor have one Summer Islander grandparent? Does it radically change anything for Daemon and Laena's kids to have one Summer Islander great-grandparent? Does it radically change Laenor's alleged kids that one of their either grandparent was Summer Islander? I don't see how.
  13. I think you make some good points. If he were real, I would expect Lemore to be someone close to Elia or the baby, but for reasons I've already gone over, I can't accept arguments for Ashara. It's more that if Varys intentionally undermined the Targaryen dynasty, it makes no sense to me that he then suddenly cared about saving Aegon, even if he had some inkling of passing some blonde child off as Aegon. And after the fact, what people believe about what happened to Aegon is enough for him to do whatever he wants with that, without actually needing THE Aegon. But I think we see from the books that Varys is honest to people like Ned and Tyrion about playing both sides, and that he is willing to help them up to a point, but he isn't going to die for them, and if need be, he will do his duty and out them to the king or queen. So IMO it is not only plausible but likely that Varys had such a complicated relationship with Rhaegar. I have even wondered whether Rhaegar either directly enlisted Varys to inform on him to get Aerys off his ass to attend Harrenhal and expose himself to Westeros, or spoke of intentions re: his father loudly enough that he knew Varys would hear and relay it for the same purpose.
  14. I don't think it's implausible that Aegon could have been saved. I am just curious the ideas people that believe he was saved have for how they see it playing out. I am not looking to tear people's ideas down, but get an idea for how people see it having happened.
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