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  1. Bael's Bastard

    Jon Snow's Real Name

    They are all pretty much tied for worst.
  2. Bael's Bastard

    Jon Snow's Real Name

    No need to wait, he was DOA in the first book over twenty years ago. You seriously post some of the worst most baseless theories.
  3. Bael's Bastard

    Small Questions v. 10106

    That came to mind. But IMO it isn't clear whether GRRM had already envisioned that to mean a Targ ancestor, or was referring to something more along the lines of Robert's warhammer. From a writing perspective, it would be surprising to me to learn that Robert's own Targaryen ancestry wasn't thought of or brought up by Ned or any character in AGOT if GRRM already knew. The hypocrisy of Robert's Targ hatred, the role his recent Targ ancestry played in Robert's accession, the added weight it lends to the black vs. fair hair findings, and implications they have for two of the central storylines of AGOT: who are truly children of Robert, and who gave birth to Jon? The dark hair won out in Robert's true children, and the dark hair won out in Lyanna's child. There seems to me that there is too much potential for it to have never come up in Ned's POV if it was already known by GRRM.
  4. Bael's Bastard

    Small Questions v. 10106

    @Ran Did GRRM not know yet in AGOT that Robert had recent Targaryen ancestry (whether he had named her yet or not)? I know Ned was focused on matches between Baratheons and Lannisters, but surely the much more recent Baratheon/Targaryen match would have been further evidence, assuming Steffon favored Ormund?
  5. Bael's Bastard

    R + L = X

    Rhaegar's first child Rhaenys favored Elia Martell, just as his child with Lyanna favored her. Aegon V's first child Duncan favored Betha Blackwood. Rhaella's child Steffon almost certainly favored Ormund Baratheon. Maekar's first child Daeron likely favored Dyanna Dayne. Daeron II's first child Baelor favored Mariah Martell. Aegon IV's bastard Aegor favored Barba Bracken. Rhaenyra's eldest sons favored Harwin Strong. Aemon's daughter Rhaenys favored Jocelyn Baratheon. Alyssa's daughter Jocelyn favored Rogar Baratheon. Aerys clearly favored his mother rather than his rumored father Aerion Targaryen. Known Targaryen history is full of children of Targaryens who favored their non-Targ parent.
  6. Bael's Bastard

    R + L = X

    R+L=J can include any scenario in which Jon was born to Lyanna and Rhaegar. It doesn't require Jon to have been born to a consensual relationship between them, though there are obviously many that think that most likely. That said, Lyanna is human, and was 12-16 when she was betrothed to Robert and later abducted by or rode off with Rhaegar. She is more than capable of being hypocritical, and making excuses for why it is different with Rhaegar, or just changing her mind.
  7. Bael's Bastard

    Walys birth status

    Aemon appears to have taken about 10 years to forge his chain, and become a maester at 19. Barbrey credits Walys with the idea of the Catelyn/Brandon match, which should occur around 276-277 AC. If Walys became a maester at a similar age as Aemon, and was truly dispatched to Winterfell almost immediately, it is possible he was born in the mid to late 250s, and his mother should be born in the mid to late 230s at the latest. I don't think it's implausible that Walys's mother was a sibling or cousin of Lord Leyton. But I don't believe we know of any names for Hightowers that could be siblings or cousins of Lord Leyton, just that Ser Gerold was his uncle. Some believe that Archmaester Walgrave fathered Walys.
  8. Bael's Bastard

    Prequel Pilot Filming Begins

    How so? Told what, by who?
  9. Bael's Bastard

    How did Rhaegar get his reputation as a warrior?

    He tells Dany that Rhaegar was a most puissant warrior, but disputes the idea that he was a warrior without peer. Actually, he seems to object to the idea of anyone being a peerless warrior, and goes on about how there is always someone who can match a warrior, whether in tourneys or battles. So he very well could have thought highly of his skill, but ultimately, he lost and died, and it remains to be seen how.
  10. Bael's Bastard

    How did Rhaegar get his reputation as a warrior?

    Where is it said that Rhaegar has a reputation as a warrior? Daenerys is the only one I can recall claiming such a thing, and that is likely what Viserys taught her. Rhaegar only really fought in one real battle. From the bits and pieces we have, he didn't embarrass himself, but he died. Perhaps we will learn that he skillfully killed a number of men before finally falling to Robert. But for now, we only have one known fight for him, wounding Robert, but ultimately falling to him. We have more evidence of his skill in tourneys, though his participation in those was also infrequent. He is known to have participated in three tournies, making it to the finals in each, losing two and winning one. But he doesn't really have a reputation as an amazing warrior as far as I can tell, probably for lack of a fighting record.
  11. Bael's Bastard

    Re-read: Wildings are the Others

    White Walkers, identical to those said to have come during the Long Night, clearly exist today. So any theory that suggests there were no WW during the LN, or that the LN is just propaganda about enemies that were just regular men, doesn't hold up. It might be an interesting theory if the books hadn't acquainted us with actual WWs and wights.
  12. Bael's Bastard

    Jon Snow's Real Name

    And this is a good example of the sort of irrational arguments that too often make it pointless to discuss with you. The idea that Lyanna would name her son Aegon is based on a combination of: — the fact that Rhaegar named his first son Aegon because he thought there was no better name for a king, and the fact that Rhaegar thought his son Rhaegar was TPTWP — the plausible possibility that Lyanna already knew that Rhaegar's son Aegon was dead by the time she birthed and named her own son by Rhaegar Nobody suggested that Rhaegar named two of his children Aegon, or that Lyanna named her son Aegon knowing/believing that Rhaegar's eldest son was still alive, or that was usual for Targaryens to apply the same name to multiple of their children. The scenario proposed for Lyanna naming her son Aegon isn't comparable to any other scenario from the past.
  13. Bael's Bastard

    Jon Snow's Real Name

    Jon isn't likely to have been born/named until after Rhaegar and his eldest children were known to be dead. It took Ned around two weeks to rush from the Trident to King's Landing, and arrive during the Lannister Sack. Ned didn't depart from KL until after Robert, who had taken a wound and not taken part in the pursuit of Rhaegar's forces, arrived. Ned traveled from KL to Storm's End, and led the lifting of the siege by the forces of the Reach. Storm's End is a similar distance by land from KL as KL is from the Trident. Ned then traveled from Storm's End to the Tower of Joy. The TOJ is about twice the distance by land from Storm's End as Storm's End is from KL. Even if Ned traveled from KL to Storm's End by sea, and from Storm's End to the TOJ mostly by sea, it would still take weeks to get from KL to Storm's End to TOJ. Aerys received word of Rhaegar's death quickly enough after the fact for him to name Rossart hus Hand, and for Rossart to be Hand for two weeks. So it is entirely plausible that Lyanna received word of the Sack and murder of Elia and her children by the time she gave birth and named her son. In such a scenario, if Lyanna named her son Aegon, it was knowing that both Rhaegar and the Aegon he had believed to be TPTWP were both dead.
  14. The drug crack. There is no hint, clue, or indication that Dunk has any Targaryen ancestry whatsoever. And the Tarths have recent known, not secret or speculated, Targaryen ancestry as indicated by TWOIAF.
  15. Bael's Bastard

    I hate the Starks, should I keep reading?

    Now it's obvious you are trolling. Robb's northern bannerman chose him as their king, and the river lords chose him as their king, and he lost the north while liberating the Riverlands from the Lannisters. He showed no interest in ruling the south outside of that.