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    Dany made Gendry a legitimate Baratheon, which makes him a legitimate heir to Storm's End. She did not, however, recognize Robert's usurpation of the Iron Throne as legitimate. Nor did the council that decided Dany's successor seem interested in restoring the Baratheons as rulers of Westeros.
  2. I think it will have a major impact on her going forward. "It is such a long way," she complained. "I was tired, Jorah. I was weary of war. I wanted to rest, to laugh, to plant trees and see them grow. I am only a young girl." No. You are the blood of the dragon. The whispering was growing fainter, as if Ser Jorah were falling farther behind. Dragons plant no trees. Remember that. Remember who you are, what you were made to be. Remember your words. "Fire and Blood," Daenerys told the swaying grass. ADWD: Daenerys X
  3. Bael's Bastard

    GoT and Feminism: What Happens Now?

    Bullshit. The slavers have built their wealth on the lives and free labor of others. There is arguably no amount they could pay or have taken from them that would really pay back what they have stolen. Fuck off with the slavery apologetics.
  4. Bael's Bastard

    Heresy 221 and the Children of Winterfell

    Ned thinks or talks about Rhaegar in at least eight out of his fifteen chapters, so the claim that Ned never thinks of Rhaegar is simply not true. In AGOT: Sansa I, Sansa's POV explicitly states that Arya looks like Jon, then seven chapters later in AGOT: Arya II, Ned explicitly tells Arya that she looks like Lyanna. So it is certainly indicated that Jon could look like Lyanna in some ways. That Jon doesn't have gold or silver hair is no surprise, as this is relatively common in the first children of Targaryens and non-Targaryens with darker features. Jon's almost black grey eyes could even be seen as possibly caused in part by his paternal heritage, as seen in people like Orys and Jocelyn Baratheon, whose eyes are black rather than purple or blue.
  5. Bael's Bastard

    GoT and Feminism: What Happens Now?

    I am no Dany fan, but the slaver apologetics can fuck off.
  6. Bael's Bastard

    Mourning Dany

    I think there's pretty much no chance of things going down as the poorly lazily written show did them, and I am skeptical that Dany becomes someone who chases down and burns smallfolk intentionally. But I do think GRRM has always intended to have Dany and her ambitions come into conflict with, and perhaps pass harsh sentences against, some noble fan favorites. Let's remember that King Aerys is known as the Mad King because of the things he did to nobles like Lord Rickard, Brandon, and Elbert, and for what he intended to do to nobles like Ned and Robert. He isn't known as the Mad King because he had a record of harming smallfolk. As far as we know, he had no such record, and few outside of Jaime know about his wildfire plot, which would have murdered hundreds of thousands of smallfolk.
  7. Bael's Bastard

    Why was Yoren presumed dead, rather than a deserter?

    It's easier to presume him dead than to presume him a deserter. It's not as though he turned up as a verifiable deserter like Gared did. He went missing during a massive war, and they have no evidence he deserted. Aside from that, perhaps Yoren is given the benefit of the doubt because he has spent nearly thirty years traveling the Seven Kingdoms to find new recruits and bring them to the Wall. "Been bringing men to the Wall for close on thirty years." Froth shone on Yoren's lips, like bubbles of blood. "All that time, I only lost three. Old man died of a fever, city boy got snakebit taking a shit, and one fool tried to kill me in my sleep and got a red smile for his trouble." He drew the dirk across his throat, to show her. "Three in thirty years." He spat out the old sourleaf. "A ship now, might have been wiser. No chance o' finding more men on the way, but still . . . clever man, he'd go by ship, but me . . . thirty years I been taking this kingsroad." He sheathed his dirk. "Go to sleep, boy. Hear me?" ACOK: Arya III Even in the case of Gared, Lord Commander Mormont notes that he never would have believed that he had deserted had Ned not sent his head from Winterfell. The Lord Commander took no notice of the irritating bird. "Gared was near as old as I am and longer on the Wall," he went on, "yet it would seem he forswore himself and fled. I should never have believed it, not of him, but Lord Eddard sent me his head from Winterfell. Of Royce, there is no word. One deserter and two men lost, and now Ben Stark too has gone missing." He sighed deeply. "Who am I to send searching after him? In two years I will be seventy. Too old and too weary for the burden I bear, yet if I set it down, who will pick it up? Alliser Thorne? Bowen Marsh? I would have to be as blind as Maester Aemon not to see what they are. The Night's Watch has become an army of sullen boys and tired old men. Apart from the men at my table tonight, I have perhaps twenty who can read, and even fewer who can think, or plan, or lead. Once the Watch spent its summers building, and each Lord Commander raised the Wall higher than he found it. Now it is all we can do to stay alive." AGOT: Tyrion III
  8. Bael's Bastard

    Is Young Griffs invasion filler?

    I don't necessarily see her targeting Meereenese indiscriminately, but I think she is pretty much done with Meereen. She did everything she could to bring peace, including wed a man she had no desire to wed who promised it would bring peace. In the end, they still tried to kill her and her dragons. So I think she will be bringing death and destruction. Perhaps she will leave it up to those she has freed to follow her to Westeros or remain, but she isn't staying.
  9. Bael's Bastard

    Is Young Griffs invasion filler?

    No, I think he has probably planned since at least ACOK for someone to come in claiming to be Aegon son of Rhaegar. And I think AeGriff is definitely going to capture King's Landing, whether that means capturing Cersei and executing her or holding her hostage, or whether that means Cersei escaping to the West before King's Landing is captured. I think this is the conflict Daenerys is going to be faced with when she finally invades Westeros. It is not going to be a very much hated Cersei Lannister standing between her and the Iron Throne, but a recently victorious and popular King Aegon VI Targaryen. As for Dany and Meereen, based on her last ADWD chapter, I don't expect Dany to spend much more time in Meereen and Essos. In fact, I think there is a chance that she is going to bring fire and blood to the city upon her return before moving on to Westeros. Dany believes she is a dragon, and dragons plant no trees.
  10. Bael's Bastard

    The Perils of a Reluctant King

    Robert didn't want the responsibilities of being king, and delegated everything except drinking and whoring. It is the responsibilities of being king that Jon would have been great at once upon a time, having being taught by Ned to believe that the man who passes the sentence should swing the sword. Now, though, there is no way he can have a leadership position after his judgement helped enable Dany's atrocities.
  11. Bael's Bastard

    Do you see any way dany lives through all this?

    It would be pretty dark if the show ended with her on the Iron Throne after intentionally murdering thousands of innocents. Not impossible, but I think it's unlikely. They could have Jon or Arya kill her, but part of me wouldn't mind seeing her get taken down with a cup of wine, like Aegon II. I think she will probably get stabbed to death.
  12. Bael's Bastard

    Are the starks finished?

    I doubt House Stark is finished. The Bael the Bard story implies that the current Stark line is descended from a wildling and the bastard of a Stark maid. And whether or not that story is true, we know that a male can take the name of his higher born wife, and have their children carry the higher born name. For example, King Joffrey Lydden, who took on the Lannister name of his wife after he was crowned by a council.
  13. Bael's Bastard

    Welcome to war

    Bullshit, Aegon, Visenya, and Rhaenys went straight after the kings and lords they intended to defeat. Every single king and prince(ss) of Westeros received their letters to bend the knee and refused, and fought them instead, but Aegon and his sisters knew when to accept a bent knee. Aegon didn't have a straight shot at Harren, but decide instead to murder hundreds of thousands of smallfolk instead. He warned Harren and his family, and when they refused, he made an example of them. He targeted them, not the smallfolk of the Riverlands. Even after the Targaryens lost a large portion of their fleet against the Arryns, and after Visenya burnt their fleet in return, Visenya didn't just unleash hell on the smallfolk of the Vale. She used her dragon creatively to fly directly to the Eyrie and land in the courtyard, and secured the Arryn surrender. Aegon and his sisters were willing to use their dragons to kill, but for the most part, they used them to get the realm to bend the knee and accept them as their rulerss. The smallfolk of KL are essentially hostage to Cersei. But rather than liberate them from Cersei, as she has done to other innocents previously, she murders them, even after she had secured the surrender of the remaining Lannister forces. There is no explaining or justifying what Daenerys did. The show creators turned her into a shitty character antithetical to the character that has been built up over the years. They could have given her reason to turn against her noble allies. They could have even gradually given her believable reason to cease to care about the smallfolk of KL. But they rushed a nonsensical snap into not caring about murdering smallfolk. All the known lords of Westeros were already either supporting her or would have been disposed to supporting her over Cersei, who has zero support. Now she has almost certainly ensured that nobody will support her, and she will likely be assassinated before she can plant her punk ass on the throne. Shittiest season by far.
  14. Bael's Bastard

    Welcome to war

    That bears no actual resemblance to anything that occurred in the episode. This idea that she needs to make a point to the lords of the realm is utter bullshit. Which lords are not already on her side? She has the North, she has the Vale, she has the Iron Islands, she has the Stormlands, her Hand is the rightful heir to the Westerlands and can best press his claim with her support. Dorne, the Reach, and the Riverlands sure as hell aren't going to fight or die for Cersei. Westeros is her's, no matter who loves her. All Cersei had were some Lannisters and foreign sellsword company. Dany has Jon's support, which is all she needs to have the support of those who love and follow him. Nobody was going to get him to press his claim to the throne. I am sure he would have gladly agreed, like Aemon and Duncan before him, to forswear his claim. Not to say they couldn't have had some nice scenes actually hashing all this out, but they chose to be lazy assholes, and to have Dany randomly chose to target innocent smallfolk and murder masses of them for no reason whatsoever. D and D are hacks. If they were sick of writing the show they should have handed it off to people who actually care. Instead they rushed a shittily written last two or three seasons out, with this being the absolute shittiest.
  15. Bael's Bastard

    Welcome to war

    GOT Dany isn't a badass, she is a cowardly mass murderer of children. Pretty much everyone alive at this point has experienced loss no less traumatic than Dany has. Arya and Sansa watched their father get murdered. Their mother and elder brother were murdered, and they spent the last few seasons believing the rest of their family was murdered. Jon himself was straight up murdered. All the characters have faced trauma, and not become murderers of children. Jaime started out as someone willing to murder a children to keep his secrets. That didn't make him a badass, it made him a scumbag. GOT Dany was just turned into a piece of shit murdering innocents for no reason because of the shitty writing of D and D. They could have given her gradually more and more reason to distrust her closest confidants over the course of multiple episodes, and had her charge, sentence, and execute them for treason. They could have had her taster keel over, giving her reason to believe some of her own people in her own safe space of Dragonstone were trying to kill her. They could have given her believable reasons to distrust her sworn lords, and gradually given her reason to despise the people of King's Landing. They could have had her destroy the walls of KL and the Red Keep with dragonfire, leaving the smallfolk untouched, only to have them show nothing but fear and contempt for her as she makes the walk to the Red Keep. They could have given Dany a more villainous turn that made sense, but instead the made her become a mass murderer of innocents for no reason. They could have done this with shot scenes and lines placed throughout the last two seasons, scenes and lines that wouldn't have cost them millions of dollars as these over long battles did. D and D are truly the Kevin J Anderson and Brian Herbert of film. They shouldn't let them anywhere near Star Wars.