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  1. I agree, you could either switch Cregan and Roddy, having Cregan go ahead with a small force and Roddy lead the majority of the northern army down, or create another character to bring the majority of the northern army down. But there are plenty of characters for them to flesh out, and as long as it isn't completely illogical or internally-contradictory they can make up some cool things that don't occur in Fire and Blood or TWOIAF. And for good or for bad, I am not sure we can assume which characters will die in what battles or circumstances. They very well give some things to different characters depending on the arcs they envision for the characters.
  2. GOT stretched two and a half years or so into seventy something episodes, I am sure they can stretch the Dance. But who knows how long before the Dance they intend to start, or how long after the Dance they intend to go on.
  3. The show can reveal how the reigns of Jaehaerys and Viserys led to the Dance without depicting their reigns. If they don't start with the death of Viserys, then I would only depict the last weeks/months of Viserys, and have his death somewhere around episode 6-8.
  4. What do you think such "protesters" are going to do if/when Trump loses?
  5. Riiiiight, like when the NYT a.k.a. DNC took our choices away, or else dared us to defy their mighty outstretched right hand, when they endorsed Warren and Klobuchar a few months ago. You are posting incoherent bullshit
  6. Whether you like it or not, Biden was killing Bernie before this all went down, and is currently ahead almost 400 delegates. Biden needs less than 700 delegates. Bernie needs over a thousand. Bernie has come out and acknowledged this reality and endorsed Biden. Your unhinged post doesn't change a thing about that.
  7. I wonder why that is. It's not as if a portion of Bernie followers on Twitter are the main ones, other than Teathuglikkkan trolls, promoting the idea that Biden is automatically certainly a rapist. Most other Democratic voters I know want to see Reade's accusations addressed ASAP, but are holding off on the torches, pitchforks, and presumption that Biden is a rapist.
  8. Raise your hand if Biden was your first choice. *zero hands raised here IIRC based on last few months of discussion* Now please take a seat with that nonsense. Biden is a compromise for pretty much every single person that now supports him. We are not the Joe Biden fan club, and sure as hell not on any Joe Biden can do no wrong bandwagon. What a person has done in the past is important, but so too is a person demonstrating their ability to learn and improve. A Biden presidency is for now our best chance at a presidency under which Congress and a hopefully Dem majority Senate can pass more progressive laws than currently exist. I know a lot of people don't have faith he will. But if we can get Congress and the Senate to support more progressive policies, I think Biden will put his stamp on them.
  9. That's insane! They had every chance to vote for Bernie if that was who excited them to vote. The idea that any candidate was gonna bring Bernie supporters who didn't bother to get out and vote for him out in the main election is a complete fantasy. And the idea that the choice of Biden disenfranchised Bernie voters from participating in the primary is a chronologically impossible excuse everyone sees through.
  10. However wrong, when an accusation is made public, people are going to form opinions based on the information they have available to them. An accusation is inherently intended to influence people into forming a negative opinion of the accused. It's absurd to suggest that everyone should automatically form a negative opinion based on an accusation regardless of the information available. I agree that this lady shouldn't be attacked. For the most part, I don't think attacks against her are the norm among Democratic voters. There are no campaigns to undermine or sweep her under the rug. It's out there. The Biden campaign has denied it, people from his team at the time have denied the complaints occurred, and I'm not sure what some expect prior to a further investigation.
  11. That's a poor defense of the idea that it was too important not to come out against him running for President, but not important enough to come out against him running for or spending eight years as VP. And what is the reasoning that "she thought maybe he had changed" supposed to convey? That she only spoke out because all his other non-existent rape accusers? She chose to come out with a rape accusation in the midst of complaints of inappropriate touching skin to examples that were done in public, sometimes televised. Despite attempts to smear us as being like the GOP that actively shut up an witnesses and an investigation, it seems to me that most Democratic voters here say we should have an investigation. We don't want to sweep it under the rug. Someone is lying, and now it is essential we find out who.
  12. Thats a load of bullshit. And the issue with the Russia stuff is that she suddenly flipped to a position completely antithetical to the one she had passionately displayed right up until that moment, and her flip on Biden from highlighting him as a champion of women over the course of years to her rapist, didn't come until after she started posting unhinged praise of Putin during this administration. It's shady as fuck. That doesn't mean it shouldn't be investigated, but it sure as fuck means sinking Biden without an investigation is bullshit.
  13. I understand sexual assault survivors giving the benefit of the doubt to anyone who might have experienced such terrible things. And I certainly understand the reluctance to tell anyone or come forward. I have close family that was drugged and raped by someone she went to school with when she was a teenager. She told people, she came forward, and the police and court let the piece of shit get away with it, and it has destroyed her on a daily basis for fifteen years. She never has and never would say a good word about the guy. If anything, she now avoids the guy's name, because so many peers are still friends with him, and continued to treat him as their friend and innocent. Different people react differently to trauma. But this lady continuing to praise Biden, including his work against sexual violence against women, up until 2017 before she went from slamming Russia for interference to praising Putin and Russia, rubs her and all of us who went through the aftermath with her the wrong way. It's completely at odds with anything she or any other survivors we know would say about their assaulter. The silence for thirty years we can understand, but not the praise for his work against the same stuff she is now accusing him of. It should definitely be investigated. But automatically just starting to call Biden a rapist is bullshit.
  14. Actually, Biden is nothing like Hitler or Stalin, so the whole fucking comparison is bullshit, and offensive. Hitler and Stalin both murdered tons of Jews. Biden is a sava himself, who has very good relations with Jews. Nor is he about to go oppress any other minority. Trump has demonstrated the only thing restraining him from full on murdering minorities are the few laws he doesn't yet feel powerful enough to flout without consequences. Otherwise he would absolutely murder minorities for his base.
  15. I know for a fact that Trump is fucking most POC worse than we have experienced in years. No, the country never stopped fucking POC, but Trump has moved us so far back, he is absolutely crushing us, and some self-proclaimed progressives are ready to let him, along with set the SC for decades to come, acting like their paternalistic bullshit is for the benefit of POC, who will overwhelmingly be voting for Biden.
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