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  1. It is unstable, but the parties also have pretty good reasons to try to make it work. Naftali Bennett is going to become PM despite his party Yamina having less seats than coalition partners Yesh Atid/Yair Lapid (17) and Blue and White/Benny Gantz (8), and being tied for seats with Labor/Merav Michaeli (7) and Yisrael Beiteinu/Avigdor Lieberman (7). Bennett has never led a party that received more than 12/120 seats and his party has hovered around 6 or 7 for years. He's never come close to being the first or second largest party, or being tasked with forming a coalition of his own. This is likely the only chance he will ever have to be PM, essentially being handed the opportunity by a more successful party, and the quicker this government fails the less likely it is he will ever get another chance. The other right wing parties also have an interest in the coalition working because they are desperate to disprove Bibi's claims to be the only one that can protect Israel. Bibi has spent years employing fear to get right and center-right voters of other parties to flock to him. Bennett, Lieberman, and Sa'ar are all former Likudniks trying to step out of his shadow. They have burnt bridges by signing this agreement. Not to say the right wing parties in and out of the coalition will never work with one another, I fully expect them to. But the small right wing parties in this coalition would be incapable of forming a coalition of their own. They are stuck either being stooges of Bibi or trying to carve out a different path. There's also nothing to go back to. Most of these parties are fed up not only with Bibi but with the Haredi parties that Bibi's coalitions usually depend on. So long as Likud is unwilling to part with Bibi and the Haredi parties are not willing to negotiate on army service and studying exemptions, Ra'am has good reason to remain in the coalition because just like that they have jumped over Joint List in terms of importance and credibility among Arab parties. Despite being an Islamist party, they have agreed to join a coalition with religious settlers and secular Jews to try to be in a better position to help Arab communities. For Lapid, it is win/win either way. He has done something momentous and unprecedented in cobbling together this coalition and bringing an Arab party into the cabinet, and people will remember that. If this lasts long enough to accomplish anything of note, especially in terms of banning Bibi, he ushered it in. And if it fails, he put the work in to make it happen and once again showed he was willing to let someone else go first in a rotation (like with Gantz) to come to an agreement to end Bibi's rule.
  2. How so? It is essentially a center-left majority that needed the support of three right or right-leaning Jewish parties and one right Arab party. Yesh Atid (17 seats), Blue and White (8 seats), Labor (7 seats), and Meretz (6 seats) are all comfortably center-left or left. That is 61% of the coalition. Yamina (7), Yisrael Beiteinu (7), and New Hope (6) are all right or center-right Jewish parties (about 32% of the coalition). Ra'am (4) is a straight up right wing Islamist party. Regardless of how long this coalition will last, considering any one of them can blow the coalition up at any time over some bullshit or another, the fact that secular leftist Yair Lapid was able to get religious nationalist Jewish, religious nationalist Muslim Arab, leftist social democratic parties, and secular right-wing parties to sign onto a coalition together that will first be led by a kippa-wearing former settler leader and then be led by a borderline anti-religious Lapid (well, it probably won't last that long, but Lapid is playing the long game) is amazing. Just getting them all to sign the same document is an unbelievable picture.
  3. It's irrelevant at this point, because until there is unity on the Palestinian side and everyone from Hamas to Fatah is ready to negotiate a final status peace agreement with Israel, nobody from left to right in Israel is going to consider withdrawing from any part of the West Bank. The left is in no more of a rush than the right to see the West Bank turned into another Hamas dictatorship, especially a dictatorship that can hit Tel Aviv and Jerusalem from higher ground less than 15 miles away.
  4. No, I am saying the Arab states TODAY ethnically cleansed nearly 1 million Jews from the Jewish communities that HAD existed in those lands for nearly 3,000 years. Nobody claimed Muslims existed 3,000 years ago or that any of these countries were Muslim or Arab until the second half of the 1st millennium CE.
  5. 3000 years is about how old those ancient communities are. But they were ethnically cleansed by Arab states after the Holocaust. Jews are an indigenous Canaanite people/culture as any scholar of the ancient Levant will tell you. You are confusing a legend with no evidence to documented contemporary history.
  6. There weren't, not sure what you're going on about. The point is that the Arab states completely ethnically cleansed those ancient Jewish communities in modern times.
  7. The ancient diasporas (originally created by Assyrian and Babylonian enslavement and transfer) that were all driven out in recent decades by Arab states, nearly 1 million that hadn't already been forced to convert, killed, or driven out in recent centuries, most of whom ended up back in Israel. Meaning Jews as an ethnic group are indigenous to the land of Israel/Palestine. That does not confer rights to displace or harm others, nor was displacement and harm to others a goal of Zionism and the establishment of Israel. Israel has done plenty of fucked up shit over the decades, but its attempts to genuinely make peace with Palestinian Arabs and the Arab states, and the costant rejection and vitriol in response, is well documented.
  8. Palestinians have grown from half a million a century ago to 13 million today. There is no goddamn genocide and the idea that any Israeli government has committed or is committing genocide against Palestinians in general or Gazans in particular is a lie. Projecting genocidal motives onto Israelis is fucking sick. If you guys are trying to drive comfortable diaspora Jews to Israel, keep it up. The hostility to us in the diaspora is insane, and it can't be blamed on Israel. You guys are letting your masks down just like the Trumpers did.
  9. Comparing Jews to Nazis is literal antisemitism. And yes, removing settlements of Jews from their indigenous homeland is ethnic cleansing, no matter how badly you wish to ignore that the reason there was no Jews for twenty years under Jordan is because they were all ethnically cleansed from the West Bank/Judah and Samaria, and the reason there were so few before they were ethnically cleansed is because of historic Muslim and Christian imperialism, colonialism, slavery, genocide, and ethnic cleansing against indigenous Jewish communities. I don't agree with Tywin's plan at all, but literally tens of millions of people were transferred between newly formed countries based on ethnic, religious, etc. at the same exact time. You can talk about Israeli ethnic cleansing all you want, but your inability to acknowledge the reality Jews have experienced in our indigenous land and our ancient MENA diasporas at the hands of both European and MENA imperialism and colonialism and using Nazi language to describe us, I don't know what you're trying to accomplish but it's certainly not peace between Arabs and Jews.
  10. Literally nobody in Israel wants Gaza. Most Israelis don't even want the West Bank. But there is zero chance of unilateral withdrawal after doing so from Gaza. Hence why a final status agreement on two states (at least) is and has always been the only answer to the conflict. Seriously, you guys could easily read a fucking book or two, but you seem to be getting your information from the Protocols of the Elders of Zion fabrication.
  11. You could have acknowledged you're not an expert and acted accordingly. Instead you accuse a country of genocide in a conflict that has probably claimed less than 150k lives on all sides in a century. Absolutely awful for all actually involved, but fucking far from genocide. Israel's Arab population has grown from 150k to nearly 2m since 1948, and they have full civil and religious rights. Israeli Arabs: 1.8m Jews in Hamas-ruled Gaza: 0 Jews in Fatah-ruled WB: 0 Jews in Arab states: <5,000, down from over 1m in 1939 Jews in European states: <1,300,000, down from 9.5m in 1939 Total Jewish population of the entirety of Europe, FSR, Middle East, and North Africa is less than 1.4m combined, down from over 10.5m in 1939 because of actual genocide as well as ethnic cleansing. There are literally more Arab citizens of Israel with full civil and religious rights than are left in Europe, Former Soviet Union, and our MENA diasporas combined. But keep ranting unhinged on a message board, I'm sure you'll help end the occupation by throwing ignorant genocide, apartheid, etc. accusations around against Jews.
  12. Because the map he posted erases Israel and its 6 million Jews, exactly the aim of Hamas, and the aim of Fatah until it paid lip service to peace before reverting back to refusing every peace offer.
  13. If you think antisemitism means "having something against a religion," than you are even more ignorant about the conflict in general and Jews in particular than you already appeared. The attempt to deny Jewish peoplehood and shove us into a religious box is a European and Russian innovation that was forced upon Jews within the last few centuries in the guise of giving us "rights." Like most ancient peoples, we have components to every walk of life including land and religion, but the idea of a "Jewish religion" distinct from peoplehood is a non-Jewish invention that has been forced on us and used against us. So if you want to spread hatred, you can try to hide behind religion, but we see you.
  14. The fact that you don't see the issue with someone posting maps that erase 6 million Jews from existence is, well, not surprising in the least based on your other posts on this topic. Should be needless to say that unless you are hoping to see one side wipe the other out, your input is just inciting hatred against one side.
  15. We are different ethnic groups, aside from religious and national differences. Atheism wouldn't dent the issue, just like atheism in Europe hasn't gotten rid of the Christian-based biases European societies still exhibit.
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