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  1. True, thats why i doubt if she'd agree to marry this Aegon.
  2. I would pursue Doran Martell to side with me so he could fulfil his revenge on the Lannisters. I might have to marry Arianne but who wouldn't love that.
  3. I always thought that if Rhaegar had truly loved Lyanna he wouldn't have taken her to Dorne, even if she consented. He was older and he should've put her well-being and reputation before his desires. I actually wish that we find out later that Lyanna had been kidnapped rather than that she fled with him willingly. From what we read about her she was responsible had similar traits with Arya, and I can hardly think that Arya as a selfish girl who would leave her family to burn while having a good time with her lover.
  4. Even if he considered it I doubt Lysa would've allowed her son to be fostered anywhere, least of all Winterfell with her sister.
  5. It’s true that there are several factors that helped him to succeed but at the end he did achieve what he wanted and elevated the status of his house by becoming Lord Protector. I really think that what made him a great player is his ability to work out the sudden turn of events that happen in the Seven Kingdoms and turn those events to his side even for one day.
  6. The most commonly used Targaryan name is Aegon, it kinda gives Jon more prominence to be named so. It might also be that Rhaeger thought that his child with Lyanna is TPTWP instead of Elia's, like what he had previously thought, so he had to name him with the same name.
  7. I've always respected the Arryns and how secluded they are from the rest of Westeros. Their seat is unique and you never hear trouble from them, and their words are very poetic.
  8. Their numbers depend on the events that is currently happening in KL. During the Hand's Tourney, there was shortage of men and Ned had to lend his own men to keep the peace. Ned was later present with 100 men from the City Watch in the throne room who ultimately betrayed him, the same number of men was also present during Tyrion's trial.
  9. I’ve always thought of Dorne as powerful region that is separate from the Seven Kingdoms, but now I think that even if a quarrel happened in Dorne where both parties were nobility, they’ll be trialed under the rule of the Iron Throne, specially if the Westerosi was from one of the Great Houses.
  10. The Tourney at Ashford Meadow took place in 209 AC; at which year did Dorne become a apart of the 7K?
  11. Dorne seems like the safest place in Westeros, i'd live in one of their southern coastline cities and away from all the war.
  12. In the Hedge Knight specifically the part where Prince Aerion beats up Tanselle the Dornish girl, the girl ran away to Dorne and didn't demand for justice. I was wondering if an incident like this ever happened where Westerosi and Dornish commonners fought one another and if they did where will they settle their differences? Westeros or Dorne and which law will they be subjected to?