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  1. Riverland Lady added a post in a topic [TWoW Spoilers] Barristan   

  2. Riverland Lady added a post in a topic Feedback Wanted on New Application   

    Sounds great, Nym.
    At least, that is a very good start.
  3. Riverland Lady added a post in a topic References and Homages   

    I noted a few days ago, whilst reading a bit of Poe. In " The Cask of Amanilado" a question is asked of Montresor by Fortunado, while discussing Montresor's House and Arms.

  4. Riverland Lady added a post in a topic WANTED: House Suggestions   

    Not sure if it is listed... The Tarbacks. Though, I cannot remember if there are any arms for them, or information for that matter. Just a thought!
  5. Riverland Lady added a post in a topic WANTED: Feedback on how to handle apps from spouses/future spouses.   

    Ditch prefs, the numbers do not always add up, you are correct.

    I am not afraid of it being too long, however. I would rather there be too much information, than not enough. That would also get rid of the pesky issue that one could run into of "not working for everyone."

    Truly, having the existing and potential player speak to each other will always be the best way, but if the potential player has at least these references to look at a glance, they can decide to wait to speak to the PC.

    +finger and putting RP Preferences there is a great plan. Then have people describe their ideal RP style. The character's persona usually suits well for describing the character and what the character wants out of 'life.'

    Pointing a potential player to those two areas should give them a good sense of the player, and the players character.

  6. Riverland Lady added a post in a topic WANTED: Feedback on how to handle apps from spouses/future spouses.   

    A thing I have noticed is that people do not put their timezones on their +finger. Sometimes guests want to be proactive and do a bit of "time matching" but cannot because the times aren't there.

    I am not, however, saying: "Hey you need to put your name, state, underwear color." Just a time zone, or even times that you are usually on that relate to +time (Game Time) in a note in the +finger. That would go miles to help out.

    Another thing that would help players/potential players, letting the prospective player view the PC "spouse's" +Pref. A lot of personal decision of "Hey, I wont be compatible with this guy/gal ICly or OOCly," can happen there.

    Keep it simple, just like the Plot Pref: yes contact me, no don't.
  7. Riverland Lady added a post in a topic HeroMachine Thread   

    A fad indeed! I will forever maintain that HM (That is Hero Machine for you non-fad-a-licious BoD peeps -- and, or newbs. Link Here: http://www.heromachi...omachine-3-lab/) is evil by its own right.

    King's Landing: Jannia Tully: http://i.imgur.com/sMjM5.jpg
    Dorne: (My personal Favorite )- Tamara Fowler: http://imgur.com/PC78z

    AND for shits and grins, my not so great... Dany: http://i.imgur.com/9PsdG.jpg
  8. Riverland Lady added a post in a topic BoD Casting Call   

    Yeah, still Ann Hathaway for Jannia.

    Ohh look this time pictures:


  9. Riverland Lady added a post in a topic DISCUSS: Building Policies   

    As far as families sharing an area in the manses (If I am gathering you correctly here,) I suppose there could be generic template for personal rooms, for each of the different types of nobility (Greater lordly, Lordly, Lesser lordly, and their equivalents) .. Sort of a "one size fits all,' so say Noble's in Greater Lordly houses would have this type of "stuff', to this caliber in their personal rooms on a normal basis, keep that template and use it for all greater lordly.. It would be more of a 'drop and go' situation instead of having to look at countless apps for rooms... this is of course in a manse/apartment setting.. as far as generating a new apartment all together, I suppose the same could be applied, where only small bits are changed to reflect the house to which they belong.

    Of course in the case of the Lannisters they would be much more lavish, but these rooms are supposed to be used as an IC "way station," place to idle, or for married chars's in a house, unlike the main part of the house where meetings and the like can take place. It sucks at times that we have to "kick each other out" on occasion to accommodate RP, when they could instead be in their own rooms idling.... I might be way off on question here.. as per usual... but it is a thought anyway.


    Perhaps, instead, depending on how many actives are in one house. Like right now, for instance, in house Tully there are 3 active PC's and 2 NCP's (Melene and Toren). When Sarya Baratheon and Brynden wed, there will be 4 actives waiting in the manse. Maybe if there was one "Bed chamber" in each apartment or room then the private scenes --Husband/Wife-- can remain private within the house but leave it only accessable to the 'married' couple. Then you wont have to worry about any improper shenanigans trying to be hidden from court.

    I would think it rare that there would be more than one in house married couple per Manse/Apartment, in which case another "bed chamber" could be added. Again, in the "Drop and go" manner I mentioned above. So Manses, in this set up, would have 3 rooms, Apartments 2: Courtyard, main room --that describes the doors and rest of the manse-- and the married couples bedchamber. I am sure, it would be very awkward to be sceneing a private moment in the main part of the home and have your RP "Little Sis" popping in on connection just as you hit enter. That is just a suggestion, but it makes the most sense. I understand the want to not have people pulling off the grid and not sceneing elsewhere in King's Landing, but building a +groups every time you want to have a private scene and mess with code is more of a hasstle than a non descriptive room that says.... Tully Manse <Bed Chamber>. I don't think that would be detrimental to RP at all if it was a specific room allowable only for certain people.

  10. Riverland Lady added a post in a topic Another stab at Renown & Reputation   

    I would like to add a note about NCP's... I think you can leave them as is until they get picked up... leave it up to the player's CG skills to decided how much they are well 'worth'... when they are done CG'ing then you can decide where they start... as for already CG'd chars, when bringing the char back, you (the admins) ask that we add events, and based on the person and their states I am sure a guesstimate can be made... But I would suggest there be a "cap" as to how much they can come in with, so people don't go wild on the CG.... I hope this made sense.... OH and closed char's I have no idea... that would be on the admins I guess...
  11. Riverland Lady added a post in a topic BoD Casting Call   

  12. Riverland Lady added a post in a topic BoD Casting Call   

    Jannia Tully... Hrmmm Maybe, Ann Hathaway.... If I was forced to choose. She has potential to be pretty for sure, but more often than not, her characters are clumsy hot messes, so yeah, Jannia Tully for sure.
  13. Riverland Lady added a post in a topic DISCUSS: Suggest Articles   

    To add to Coolant,
    Everyday things commonly found in:

    Types of Fabrics, like what fabrics are common in Westeros or Dorne, if you feel the need region, and who would be able to afford it... I know it seems trivial but when you are posing its hard to know for sure which fabrics/colors would be most commonly available, and for Nobles what could be purchased at a higher price (if there is already an article like this then disregard). same goes for things like foods and fruits but it just depends on how deep you want to get into it.
  14. Riverland Lady added a post in a topic What if...   

    What if..... Robert's "will" stood, and Cersei never had a chance to tear it up????? ( I say "will" because I can not for the life of me remember what they did call it.)