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  1. Lost Time added a post in a topic Jaime's biggest crime   

    It's absolutely hilarious to see the mental gymnastics that attempt to absolve and sympathize with Jaime for tossing a child out of a window, but Stoneheart hanging a young enemy combatant is tantamount to some of the greatest evil we've seen in the story.
  2. Lost Time added a post in a topic team Direwolves or team Dragons?   

    Dragons are living nukes and they can fly which is pretty great. And that's why I hate them. Cheap as hell.
  3. Lost Time added a post in a topic Aegon The Conqueror vs The Breaker Of Chains   

    Not even fair. Aegon has 2 other dragonriders with him and much older, bigger, and fearsome dragons. Dani has 3 young dragons (who would all probably be taken out just by Balerion) and the Unsullied? And Barristan I guess?

    Sorry, but this dance of dragons is not going to be much of a dance.
  4. Lost Time added a post in a topic Textual evidence the Others are Crasters Sons?   

    The showriters know the general gist of how each character's arc is going to end and GRRM did provide them a basic blueprint overall, so I trust that they know what they're doing.

    Like, in this instance, this was something quite a lot of people thought was happening. I mean, why else would the Walkers give a shit about making a deal with Craster. Hell, how does that even happen? Did they write a blood contract? So it was obvious that the Others were doing something more special with the babies than they do with corpses because I'm pretty sure they could kill Craster and all his people with very little effort; so why suffer "making deals" with mortal ants.

    I mean, I guess there were some who thought they were just eating babies for food, but that never struck me as reasonable nor did it make sense. Waiting 9 months for a meal or two is kinda a rough deal.
  5. Lost Time added a post in a topic If you were LS, what would you do with Jaime?   

    Depends on if I can trust him to help me get rid of all the Freys/Lannisters that are currently occupying my ancestral home (including most definitely Jaime's aunt). Or find a way that he can help free Edmure (and his Frey wife for me to deal with later depending on if I like her answers)

    But realistically if I'm inserting myself into the shoes of LS without all the knowledge that I, as a reader, contains - I'm breaking his back first. Then he's being hanged, drawn, and quartered in the slowest possible way where I can achieve the maximum of his suffering.
  6. Lost Time added a post in a topic Who will die? Jaime or Brienne?   

  7. Lost Time added a post in a topic Who will die? Jaime or Brienne?   

  8. Lost Time added a post in a topic How does Edmure feel about having a Frey wife?   

    I honestly don't know how love can be found in that relationship. He was a prisoner from the moment he bedded her. His kin and armies were ruthlessly massacred by her family and it was done during an event for him. Also, I think he should know that he's a walking dead man as soon as she gives birth to a proper heir.

    He's probably fond of her, but I don't know about love.
  9. Lost Time added a post in a topic How did you feel about Joffrey's fate?   

    One of my most read chapters in ASoS. I felt nothing but smugness that he died so pitifully and that Cersei had to watch it. **** them.

    I only wish a Stark or Tyrion had truly done it.
  10. Lost Time added a post in a topic GRRM apparently confirms no TWOW this year   

    Did anyone expect this to be anywhere near release in 2014? It's all about next year.
  11. Lost Time added a post in a topic Did Elia Cheat on Rhaegar?   

  12. Lost Time added a post in a topic Ser Waymar Royce – Mild badass?   

    Man, this thread just reminded me of how I hated what they did to him in the show. I understand why they did it that way (look at the snotty, highborn brat get utterly murdered!), but Royce deserved better.
  13. Lost Time added a post in a topic If the Starks destroy the Boltons and Freys, will you consider the Starks and Lannisters even?   

    More than all, I want Ned's name cleared and for him to be vindicated. People think him a traitor who died a traitor's death. He needs to be redeemed which ultimately means all of the Lannister's garbage will come to light. That and a violent Cersei death (only after she looks upon the destruction of her family) will be enough for me. I used to think the same for Jaime, and I definitely won't shed a tear when he goes, but he's been growing on me for a bit. Funny how the redemptive Lannister is the closest thing to actual revenge a Stark might personally achieve (via Stoneheart).

    And oh yeah, the Lannisters and Freys currently inhabiting the surrendered lands of the Lords who supported the Starks need to all gtfo and/or die. Genna Lannister in particular needs to go before she hires an assassin to kill Edmure.
  14. Lost Time added a post in a topic How can Jaime be a Kingslayer when according to some Aerys lost his right to be a King ?   

    I wasn't aware he signed the Magna Carta. And even if he did, he would need to deposed legally, which he wasn't at the time of his demise.