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  1. Seriously, she's so full of it. If she was really threatening to break the wheel and stand up for rich and poor, she'd be breaking down the monarchy and absolute rule while advocating for some sort of representative republic. But no, it's all "bend the knee" and "I'm your queen and I was destined to rule!!!!"
  2. Ramsay is the worst incarnation of the Joker whereas Arya is more The Punisher or Dexter. Clear, clear issues and would definitely be confined to a psych ward in real life present times, but she's overall chaotic good. She's so far stuck to dispensing First Men justice to really horrible people who 'had it coming', but we'll see how this affects her psyche going forward. Like if she refuses to go back home next season and just continues her murder spree in the South with no aim other than just snuffing out lives she deems unfit, then she is definitely lost.
  3. Please. Not knowing of this massive foreign army immediately to their south doesn't change their plans? It changes literally everything. Even just the time of day of the battle makes a 1000 fold difference in tactics and mindset. Battle positioning changes completely as well knowing you might have a large bulwark of soldiers of coming from the southerly direction. And she had several weeks to tell Jon of this army that was already chilling in the North. Instead, she sends one of her great fighting assets, Brienne, on a foolish hunt to pry her besieged uncle from his just reconquered home. She screwed up. She was never in the right. We were meant to question her every step of the way because she was wrong to have withheld that information. What happened was that she got completely lucky in a way that actually left her in a completely vulnerable position because of the way in how LF singlehandedly saved them all.
  4. Sansa was a complete fool. She should have told Jon and co. about the Vale forces being in the North back in episode 5. She, Jon, and Davos could have then negotiated with Royce and the real Vale military leaders and completely sidestep LF if they wanted to. If Sansa was so astute at 'the game', she could have used her close relations with the Vale (her cousin, the Royces, and the fact that the Vale does like the Starks and distrust LF) to her complete advantage to take hold of that army and neutralize whatever schemes she feared that LF might have been up to. Instead, she lets pride and feelings get in her way. The fact that she still refused to tell Jon and his battle commanders about this giant force just south of them in episode 9 was merely adding insult to injury. No need to make excuses for her. She clearly screwed up and admitted it. People trying to paint her as some 11th dimensional chess master of battle strategy just comes off as reaching that would make Reed Richards of the Fantastic Four jealous.
  5. The Tyrell forces alone should have seized King's Landing the day of the Sept burning (or relatively soon thereafter) and detained Cersei while killing all of the goldcloaks. I know the show has to set up the main conflict for S7, but Lady Olenna should have been sitting with Randall Tarly planning out all the different ways they were going to massacre them some Lannisters instead of sitting about in Dorne trading barbs with a mistress and some bastards. As it stands now, the Lannisters are definitely the underdogs. We'll see how Euron reacts to the new situation. If he finds out that his niece and nephew have already co-opted Dany, then he might just try to ally with Cersei.
  6. If the writers were wise, this would have been Sansa's S5 and S6 storyline. Instead, she gets shuttled off to the North to be raped and brutalized daily by a sociopath, courtesy of LF who btw can now be hailed as a hero and savior of the North.
  7. The Knights of the Vale are all about oldschool valor and fighting so naturally they'd chant for the newly appointed warrior king, Jon. Don't think they cared too much about what the scheming LF was thinking about or their frail lord who no one even likes. Honestly, if LF tried to have lil ol SweetRobin do anything to the knights because of this, I don't see how a Doran situation doesn't happen eventually. Hell, here it would make more sense to do it! This kid is literally weak as hell, dumb, and gives way too much power to a guy they all equivocally hate.
  8. Is Ned some sort of helicopter parent now? The Wall is fine for a trained guy like Jon. I'm sure Ned expected him to do well there given his upbringing, especially with Benjen there to help him along and train him more in the ways of the ranger. All in all it was a pretty good plan to remove Jon from the game and also assuage his pissed off wife from Jon causing trouble for her natural born kids. In the North there is also great honor serving at the Wall and under normal circumstances Jon would have probably been safe from danger for years while he continued ranger training. Plus he was simply respecting Jon's decision.
  9. I doubt anyone outside of the Lannisters in the West support her. The entire realm will be in a war next season with Dany and Euron staking their claims. The Freys are joke tier even before Arya instigating a succession crisis itself there. I can see most of the remaining houses in the Riverlands straight up rebelling as the Lannister forces become occupied with The Reach and Dorne. And the Stormlands may as well not exist in the show so I doubt they will be of any consequence. Now, the show can always do some things to balance out the conflict. Either Euron joins forces with Cersei in trade for the crown or someone like Randall Tarly bargains with Cersei (offering his heir to her as a husband?) and rebels against the Tyrell army.
  10. Show Jon right now is probably show Westeros's most eligible bachelor right now. Young, handsome, great warrior, and king of the North with allegiances to the Vale and probably Riverlands, if the Freys fall to disarray and Tullys come back to power.
  11. The Tyrell force alone could wreck the Lannisters and Freys. So 3 dragons + Dorne + Dothraki horde + portion of Ironborn is pure overkill. Hopefully something happens along the way to make the fight more balanced. Like maybe Randall Tarly defects from the Tyrells or Euron matches up with Cersei. Or Dany loses like half of her fleet in a storm or whatever.
  12. Yep. Then we cut to the Blackfish saying: "Mayhaps this isn't such a bad thing. Had he lived, he would have grown up to be a Frey"
  13. This was probably the worst episode of the season. All i can really muster at the moment is "**** you, D&D".
  14. Yeah. In aWoIAF you have Oberyn going apoplectic on Rhaegar at the Tournament when he crowned Lyanna in front of the realm. Carrying off the engaged daughter of a Lord Paramount is like several steps beyond even that, and we are told a couple times that Dorne was pissed about the Rhaegar situation throughout the whole war. Dornish might be fine with paramours and bastards, but when we're talking about your children ruling the realm, I can't see how the Dornish would just sit idle and be OK with it. Children of Lyanna/Rhaegar would prove a tremendous threat to Elia's children.
  15. Yeah, script says that the Starks have to be giant underdogs when the Winterfell battle gets underway so we can see our beleaguered heroes struggle and ultimately triumph, albeit with high losses. Sansa behaving intelligently and informing people of the giant Vale army (that I guess has been chilling incognito at MC for weeks) would undermine that. Because yes, thousands of Vale knights would change battle preparation and Northern alliances drastically, we no longer have the underdog Starks, and so the battle at WF turns out to be like 10 minutes instead of the probably 30+ minute affair we will get.