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  1. The entire Tower of Joy account does not make sense

    That's a lot of complaints, lol. Remember that the entire Tower of Joy situation is still mostly unexplained as are Rhaegar's actions. Everything we know about it so far comes mostly from a fever dream or are rumors by characters that were never even there. And as for Dorne reinforcements, also remember that Dorne at the time were not too happy with the Rhaegar and Lyanna situation. So being called upon to protect his booty call while their own kin is kept far away as basically hostages in KL with his crazy father would make the entire situation worse. You never know what a couple of pissed off Dornishmean with poison daggers might do, especially once they hear Rhaegar is dead along with Elia and the children and here they have the sister of one of the leaders of the rebellion and partial cause for all of their troubles...So I can see why the Tower of Joy was need to know with a very, very, tight circle.
  2. Shouldn't it be Jon Sand not Jon Snow.

    Yeah. The reason why it seems that all the bastards take after the names where they are born is because their mothers are usually from those lands, they stay in those lands when given birth, and then they raise the kid mostly by themselves with little help from the father. Very rarely do you have a Lord bring his bastard home with him to raise as Ned did. It's a large part as to why that entire situation was so scandalous; cause usually Jon would be kept in Dorne and would be raised as a Sand. But since Ned acknowledged him and did bring Jon home to raise as his own, Jon gets the northern bastard surname.
  3. What's there to like about Robert really?

    Robert was the medieval equivalent of a frat boy. Not a bad dude really given the competition, just very flawed and immature. People generally like him because he was more or less just a laid back guy who just wanted to hunt with his friends, have sex, and party hard to escape the tragedies of his life (orphaned, losing his bride-to-be, being thrust into kingship,etc.). He wasn't some cold-calculating, emotionless tyrant like Tywin nor was he some honorable to a fault, distant, goody like Ned nor was he batshit crazy like Aerys. He was just...Bob - that mid 30s guy who never outgrew the frat bro lifestyle from his younger days. It also helps that fan favorite Ned was best bros with him too.
  4. Don't forget the utter assassination and dumbing down of Stannis.
  5. Future of the dothraki

    Right on. Winter has come to Westeros already. Dothraki aren't suited (literally and figuratively) for that harshness.
  6. We still know so little about what was going on with the whole affair. I'm more confused about Rhaegar's actions. Lyanna was just a kid who was literally just experiencing the world for the first time outside of Winterfell, but Rhaegar was a grown man with a family already who had to have known the ramifications of what he was doing. He was a future king who had been practicing statecraft since he first learned to read. Worse yet, he never owned up to the consequences. He hid away at the tower while the war was waging on and other people are dying, only to finally come out at the 11th hour to proudly exclaim "Don't worry guys, I got this". And then he goes on to get hammertime'd by a battle-hardened, rightfully pissed off Bob. Thus ends the story of Rhaegar. Based on his incompetence, I'm wondering if Rhaegar even told Lyanna what was going on in the realm due to his/their actions. They were in a completely secluded location after all. He could've told her BS during the several months they were there to keep her docile. "Your father is pissed and your brother even more so but they're OK. They're just demanding the throne pay them restitution. Your betrothed is also incredibly pissed, but he's just 1 guy. He'll get over it eventually probably. We'll explain ourselves to everyone but only after our ice/fire savior baby is born and they've had time to cool off, I promise!"
  7. Why Starks would marry Tullys

    It's very likely that Ned would have been married off to a Northern house if the rebellion never happened and his brother wasn't dead. The North already loves the Starks so consolidating power wasn't as necessary as creating alliances with the South. Lord Rickard's strategy worked out pretty well all things considering. The North had the proper alliances needed to win Robert's Rebellion and could have won the war of 5 Kings if Robb had stuck to the plan of marrying a Frey (yet another Southern alliance).
  8. Robert's whoring Vs. Rhaegar's cheating

    I kinda wish to see in some alternate reality story where Robert and Lyanna get married. Would he continue to whore around on her? A part of me thinks that it might be possible that Robert would have "been tamed" and treated Lyanna properly after they started living together, especially if she voiced her displeasure with his frat boy antics. With Cersei, who Robert clearly hated, he obviously didn't give a damn about it and the bottle and other women was how he dealt with his demons. If it were Lyanna though, no way does he treat her the same way he treated Cersei throughout that doomed marriage. Not to mention Lyanna being his best friend's sister. Robert wasn't some uncaring brute of a monster, even he would have had to have known that treating Lyanna disrespectfully would piss Ned and the Starks off to the point of no return.
  9. [ADWD] Brienne Collecting Jaime

    It'd probably interfere too much with their likely plan of taking back Riverrun from the Freys. Assassinating Jaime Lannister would bring too much wrath on them too soon and would screw up their infiltrations.
  10. The Mad Genius Of Petyr Baelish

    That was quite....the long recap. But I agree, his moves have been quite great so far and seeing him scheme has been interesting.