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  1. Daily Annoyance, The Eternal

    My annoying thing for today? When you've just done a light (colour wise) load of laundry - and for once the Scottish weather is being co-operative enough to let me hang it on the line- and you find one black sock has got into the wash.
  2. Stark revenge/ Arya's next move

    ^^^^ This.
  3. [Book Spoilers] Jaime & Brienne- What's going on?

    This. Just because these are the central 5 that GRRM had in his outline as surviving the series doesn't mean that there aren't other - less central - characters that will also make it through to the end (more or less) intact. Plus, this was written over 20 years ago. What was at one time a 2 book cycle has expanded massively to a 7 book cycle - to say nothing of the changes to the cast of characters (and their fates) that the intervening time will have brought. I guess we'll all have to wait and see.
  4. Yep. He believed because he wanted to believe. If someone doesn't want to believe what you're telling them, you may never be able to convince them of it. But if they want desperately to believe a thing, it's far easier to convince them. Jon loved Rhaegar. Therefore, it was probably quite easy for Varys to convince him that this was Aegon.
  5. A Fitting Ending for the Starks

    Yes. There's no question in my mind that Arya is damaged at this point in the story, but there's no reason to think she can't recover from this trauma. She's young, there are real world examples of children surviving and living - more or less - normal lives after serious emotional and/or physical trauma.
  6. This post obviously assumes that Jon will survive in the books. It's not a guarantee, after all. His feelings toward the Starks likely wouldn't change. Regardless of the fact Ned is his uncle, he is the man who raised him & the only father he ever knew. His feelings for Cat wouldn't change - she treated him terribly. As for Rhaegar & Lyanna - he'd probably admire the fact that Lyanna's final act in her life was an effort to keep him safe, Rhaegar would be harder to define. He grew up believing that the man abducted & raped Lyanna (whether this was actually the case or not).
  7. HBO Confirms Eighth Season as Last

    A spin off using known characters with original material is something completely different to a prequel - Surely you can see that? Its the difference between Joey and Friends, the vampire diaries and the originals & the Hobbit and LotR. The 1st two examples are spin offs the latter is not. We have a good deal of information on the Dance of Dragons or Dunk on Egg (which would constitute a prequel), but a spin off using Arya & Lyanna? I'd have no interest in that at all. A spin off like that could ruin GoT by association
  8. Unreliable History

    That was my thinking. It's great that GRRM incorporated this into his books - it invites questions, discussions & debates.
  9. Why is Stannis an Appealing Character?

    I am not a Stannis fan. I don't hate him, but he's nowhere near my favourite character either. I have to say though, of the 2 versions of Stannis we have (and I do consider book and show Stannis to be separate entities), I prefer the book version to the one we got in the show. Not because Stephen Dillane is a bad actor, but because the show version - after a certain point just went downhill.
  10. Unreliable History

    This is very often the case with history (whether we're talking about real world history or the history of a fictional world), particularly the further back you go. Facts are noted down wrong, translations of texts can be inaccurate. Also, history tends to be written by the victors, so it is naturally skewed towards their viewpoint.
  11. What's annoying you today? Part the grievous

    The lousy weather. Looking out the window, the only way you can tell it's early August & not November is by how green and leafy it is outside. It's been a terrible summer here in Scotland this year.
  12. August 2016 Reads

    Currently reading Rise by Mira Grant. And with S2 of Poldark just around the corner, I'm having a reread at books 3 & 4 (Jeremy Poldark & Warleggan) prior to it starting up again at the beginning of September. Beyond that? Once I'm done with them - which won't be long - I'm looking at An Echo in the Bone by Diana Gabaldon.
  13. HBO Confirms Eighth Season as Last

    No, a prequel is a different thing entirely. Would you consider the Hobbit a spin off or a prequel to LotR A spin off would consist of taking one or more characters from the existing show (e.g. Jaime & Brienne or Arya & Lyanna Mormont) and basing a show around them, set in the same tv 'world' as GoT. A prequel is a story that takes place prior to the events of the main series - the Dunk & Egg novellas or the Dance of Dragons novella - but has characters that aren't in the show itself. Personally, I'd rather see some of the historical events we have information on, than a spin off with original material.
  14. What happened to Shiera Seastar?

    Is Shiera Quaithe? Maybe she is...but then again, maybe she isn't. The thing that puts me off this theory is the lack of comment on Quaithe's eye colour. Unusual eyes -which Shiera had - are mentioned in the books whenever they crop up.
  15. UK's first maternity clinic for rape victims opens

    It's great that women who have chosen to go through with pregnancies as a result of rape. I wouldn't personally go through with having my rapists child & don't think any woman should have to, but apparently there are some women who want to & they should have all the support they need.