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  1. I'll believe it when I see it. And then start the torturous "he is 90 and ADoS isn't done yet" conversations.
  2. It's JUNE and the dude is posting about football already!
  3. We are witnessing history, folks. People do it every day. They plan to finish a project like a new deck, rebuild a car, raise a kid, and RUN from what they started because they are too lazy to finish. Perhaps they promised a best friend to let them help, or said that they would never let their new wife or boat get in the way, but they hung it up. This is exactly what is happening here. Too big for britches and now running. I'm not as "author schooled" as most of you, but I have never seen this before in my lifetime.
  4. Ravenous Reader brings up three lives for three lives..... Clues in the Jaqen H'ghar arc?
  5. Totally agree. Love the books too. Even AFfC and ADwD. But he straight up isn't going to finish the story and it is frustrating how he acts like his fans are peasants for DARING to want to read the rest of it.
  6. Not starting a fight with you personally, but it seems that no one cares to address his snotty answers to anything AWOIAF and the fact that he is not young and not exactly the picture of health. So again...." standards"?
  7. Please. Where do you get the impression that he is adamant about standards? I get the feel of a spoiled kid taking forever to get dressed to spite his mother for saying "let's go, we're late."
  8. I wish there was a thread allowed to be dedicated to picking apart the ridiculous behavior of this author without being shut down by mods.Just one.
  9. Ugh. I read and read this site; the debates, the crackpots, the Heresy, etc. Because I love the story. NOT the author. Not Wild Cards, not whatever stuff he has in the pipes. This guy got rich and famous not from some novella in the 70's, but ASOIF. This is what made it to HBO and what made a what - quarter? - of the world population fall in love with the story. The way he takes a snide attitude about people wanting more of what put him where he is is insulting in my opinion. The HBO show has basically taken a dump on his stories, but he is putting them ahead of the ONE THING that put him where he is. And I am sure there will be legions who say things like "he doesn't owe you anything", or "he isn't your bitch", etc. and the mods on here will throw themselves on a grenade before someone DARE say something bad about the mighty "GRRM". But I don't apologize. The man needs to either say he isn't doing it anymore, or put on his big boy pants and finish the job. People are so quick to kiss his ass and quote "respect", but watching time and time again different projects take the forefront -or even BE RELEASED- over the next chapter in the series that is what made the man his fortune and be able to hobnob with whoever is a slap in the face no matter how you slice it.
  10. Don't know how to just write in the thread without quoting. Anyway, Wasn't it also said how people forgot the battle and started going through the water to find the rubies? Doesn't sound allegorical to me at all.
  11. More or less like the stories out of Harrenhall.
  12. Strange then that the boar doesn't get along with Ghost enough that Barroq and the boar take up residence in a graveyard, and Ghost isn't free to roam. This considering how long time skinchanger connections with their animals almost make their minds and temperament one.
  13. Only thing I feel I can add here is that a lot of people are talking about her disappearance after the murder. The last line of the chapter speaks of her returning to finish the play and do her part or else "Izembarro (sp?) will have her head". Don't know about the duality compared to the guard saying the same thing about Swyft, but whatever. Sounds to me like she has attempted to give herself a "hide in plain sight" alibi before saying her "last" lines.
  14. Wiki says that he can no longer use a bow.