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  1. Fair enough. Didn't notice that.
  2. The picture of Valyria on his website saying, "Alas, alas, that great city Valyria, that mighty city! for in one hour is thy judgment come" while disabling comments. Many thought this might be comparable to the "Kong" post he made when ADwD was finished. Instead he waited some time to come on and basically bash anyone who thought that may have been the news we have all been waiting for and instead announced some other history book about the Targaryans being just about finished.
  3. I just realized something. I got suspended from this website for calling GRRM a name for the troll he pulled a few weeks ago on his website. The reason was that "this is a GRRM fan site". If so, why does the travesty of a show have billing AHEAD OF THE BOOKS on the forum homepage?
  4. I forgot about this guy. Funny stuff. (Holly Macaroni and Preston's videos are my weekly go tos also....)
  5. Oh wait, we are allowed to question the might GRRM on this thread? I got suspended for doing the same elsewhere.
  6. Oh no, Sermixalot was straight up sarcasm. You just missed it.....
  7. I was actually rolling my eyes waiting for the Ken doll frontal in what was already a waste of time scene.
  8. TEEMO!
  9. To most of those named, there is no winter yet. The show is pure tripe at this point. Only way to get an ending though. But yes, I agree. Very monochrome at this point, with everyone scowling.
  10. Har! makes total sense.
  11. Thanks man. I am so not a computer guy! Basically it is a coin flip later.
  12. The only good thing about the world book was the artwork. That could have been done on a calendar.
  13. So. Should I be logged in before the episode starts in order to access the Rant and Rave for tonight? Or as soon as I refresh am I going to get kicked?
  14. I think it has been said already. But this isn't an attack on someone doing what they feel like. Nor is it that I thought the Valyria post meant anything about Winds. It is his ATTITUDE towards people wanting the ONE STORY that made him his fortune to be his PRIORITY. Not to mention his repeated broken promises to the very people who have been cheering him on from the beginning. And doing so with a bitchy hostility. He knew that post along with the lockout was going to give people hope, but then stands there with the "I don't get why you would get excited" stance. Perhaps it was that this was only "a few months away" two years ago. Or that "nothing from ASoIaF" will come out until Winds. Dude is shady. He is not being honest with people who are excited for his work. And instead is just being a jerk to them about it. THIS is why I have issue. Not the fact that it isn't done.