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  1. What should be Jon's new Targaryen name?

    With nine pages, it's probably been said but.....Jonhaerys Targaryen?
  2. [SPOILERS] Breaking Bad - Final Season - Final Two Episodes

    Gus killed Vic because witnesses saw him at the murder scene of Gale. Pure and simple.
  3. [SPOILERS] Breaking Bad - Final Season - Final Two Episodes

    Lol. I wouldn't know I'm not American.
  4. [SPOILERS] Breaking Bad - Final Season - Final Two Episodes

    Maybe, Peter Dinklage will have quite a few emmy-worthy scenes in GOT season 4 next year, so who knows....
  5. [SPOILERS] Breaking Bad - Final Season - Final Two Episodes

    I kind of took issue with Jesse suddenly being an expert lockpicker, but since he never escaped in the end anyway, I can let it slide. That scene where Todd executed Andrea was unexpected painful, The scene with the nazis in balaclavas in Walt's house was pretty chilling as well. I love how Todd felt the need to mention that "we have a lot of respect for your husband."
  6. Best and Worst POV

    Best - Aerys Oakheart. Shame he only got one chapter, he's by far the most intriguing and three dimensional character in the series. Worst - Tyrion. Such a chore to read....he's a boring ol' sod. NOT, lol. Switch those two around and throw in Arya alongside the amazing dwarf.
  7. [Book Spoilers] EP308 Discussion

    I'm pretty sure it would have a massive effect on the plot. If they marry then Cersai will become Lady of Highgarden rather than the Queen Regent. She'll be shipped off to the Reach to start making little Tyrell babies with Loras.
  8. The Most Annoying Phrase

    "For the night is dark and full of terrors".
  9. In most cases, as you'd imagine, Great Houses are the most powerful Houses in their respective Kingdoms and exert dominance over their Noble Houses. A prime example is that House Lannister seems to be by far the most powerful House in the Westerlands. However, this isn't always the case. There are several Kingdoms in which the Great House are not necessarily the most powerful. I believe House Hightower and House Manderly to be more powerful than House Tyrell and House Stark. I've always thought of these two Noble Houses as the "sleeping giants" of the series. Do you think there are other examples of this in other Kingdoms? Do you think House Martell is the most powerful in Dorne? House Baratheon in the Stormlands? etc.
  10. Coolest names in the ASOIAF universe?

    Nobody seems to have mentioned it yet, so I will....... Jaehaerys Targaryen
  11. Theory on Maggy's prophecy and new definition for 'Volanqar'

    Well, Tyrion did strangle Shae to death, so I don't see it as that out of character for him.