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  1. BondJamesBond added a post in a topic If after all of Varys' scheming and plotting to get Aegon...   

    Aegon knew that varys switched him out at birth. I had a similar post title "fAegon reaction to varys" and someone pointed out the exact quote. Thread died shortly after.
  2. BondJamesBond added a post in a topic Is Ser Barristan being released from the kings guard a blueprint for jon being released from the nights watch   

    It does appear that Jon might end up expelled from the NW if he survives. It is very unlikely, but possible.

    The NW is sworn to the IT in that they "serve the realm" which is ruled by the IT. That being said, they don't take sides in disputes over who sits on the IT. It appears that the NW is explicitly set up to prevent the IT or anyone else from being able to cancel out a NW vow.

    The vow extends for "all nights to come" which would seem to mean that it stays in effect for life plus any "second life".

    It is possible that the White Walkers are beaten and Jon is released from his vows, but that seems to painless and without conflict.

    I think the story will basically force Jon to choose between his vow and being able to do more good for his family and the north by breaking his vows.
  3. BondJamesBond added a post in a topic What is going on Winterfell? A call for facts...   

    Ok, this really clears up the picture for me. Thanks to all who responded.

    Now, since Manderly loyalty to Roose is highly suspect, do we know how Manderly is positioned? I'm assuming Roose put them behind the Freys and in front of Ramsay's force of loyalists. That way the Freys take the brunt of the assault, the Manderlys can be whipped on by Ramsay and the Bolton loyalists are in the back so they can retreat if things goes bad.

    This is basically how Roose operates but I'm just speculating.

    Also, it will be interesting to see if Manderly plans to do a double cross on the battlefield and help Stannis. Perhaps he has a messenger to Stannis?
  4. BondJamesBond added a topic in General (ASoIaF)   

    What is going on Winterfell? A call for facts...
    With the winds of winter swirling, my memory is getting a little hazy. Here is the best I can recall:

    Ramsay had WF since he took it from Theon. Then the RW happened. Ramsay is legitimized by Tommen. Then Stannis rallied the mountain clans to move on WF. Then Roose took his army and "bannermen" including the Manderlys and took up residence of WF. Ramsay marries "Arya". There isn't much food and there is tension between Wyman Manderly and the Boltons.

    At some point, Tywin is killed by Tyrion and it becomes doubly clear the Boltons are on their own. Not sure how many Freys are in WF, too, but they are allied with Boltons with Manderly loyalty suspect as well as suspect loyalty for other northern houses who I can't remember.

    Stannis is outside WF with his army. Theon escapes with Arya/Jayne.

    Something happens (a battle likely) that we don't know, yet, though WoW spoilers give us a hint. Then someone (I think it's Ramsay) sends the Pink letter to Jon.

    Who is outside the walls? What is going on inside? It seems like a total cluster-you-know-what.

    Am I close? Can anyone reconstruct a timeline?
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  5. BondJamesBond added a post in a topic Maester Aemons remark about Tyrion?   

    He was talking about Tyron's intellect
  6. BondJamesBond added a post in a topic Stannis as Most Versatile General   

    Bump. (Originally posted at odd time)
  7. BondJamesBond added a post in a topic AD + EM = AT   

    Come on guys. It is seriously plausible.
  8. BondJamesBond added a post in a topic AD + EM = AT   

    Arthur Dayne = Lancelot
    Elia Martell = Guinevere

    Pretty straight forward theory to me.
  9. BondJamesBond added a post in a topic AD + EM = AT   

    Why not? It is discussed all over the board that Arthur Dayne loved Elia. It is certainly possible and even if no one finds out then Aegon would still be Arthur Dayne's son and a candidate for Azor Ahai if Dawn is Lightbringer.
  10. BondJamesBond added a topic in General (ASoIaF)   

    AD + EM = AT
    Arthur Dayne plus Elia Martell equals Aegon Targaryen

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  11. BondJamesBond added a post in a topic How Difficult to Take Lannisport?   

    I'd bet Lannisport is really overrated as a defensive stronghold. City watch are like a police force used to keeping in line unruly peasants. In a fight versus an army with a commander capable of organizing the storming of a city, I think the city watch would break like the gold cloaks at KL.

    Casterly Rock can't do much to help lannisport once the city is taken. I'd imagine the bulk of the fighters (what's left of them after TWOFK) would augment the CW in the defense of the city. Once lannisport is taken, the occupying army needs to stay inside the city to avoid arrows from CR and then wait them out of develop siege weapons capable of hurling large stones.
  12. BondJamesBond added a topic in General (ASoIaF)   

    Stannis as Most Versatile General
    I just read a ton of great posts on a prior thread about the badassery or alleged lack thereof displayed by Stannis in his victory at the wall.

    I fall into the camp that thinks it was a concerted, well planned attack that illustrates Stannis' complete mastery of battle strategy, command of his men, ability to maintain a professional army, ability to coordinate with allies (NW), ability to maintain control during a battle and ability to keep his men well organized and moving forward to execute the battle strategy amidst the confusion of war.

    It was also mentioned in the thread how Stannis has succeeded in many different situations:

    1) Defending in a siege (storms end)
    2) naval warfare (defeating the Iron Fleet)
    3) an amphibious assault (wresting Dragonstone from the targs)
    4) multi-faceted land warfare (at the wall commanding infantry, cavalry, archers and coordinating with the NW)
    5) a near successful amphibious assault on KL that turned into a land battle and assault of a major city that would likely have succeeded if not for a surprise attack by Tywin

    Stannis' resume as a commander is impeccable. Not only does he have major victories on land and sea or a combination of land and sea, but he also has his experience typically without home court advantage except in the siege of storms end. Stannis doesn't simply defend his own territory that he knows better than the enemy but he actively goes into territory he doesn't know as well and wages successful operations against the enemy.

    Additionally, Stannis does not typically have a numerical advantage in his conflicts. He takes what he has and takes the fight to the enemy, assuming there is a mathematical probability of victory. He makes do with what he has and doesn't give up or run from a fight when he doesn't have the clear edge. He places himself in a position to fight without being ordered to and without surrendering or giving up where others would do so honorably.

    Stannis has the ability to win over allies. For example, the storm lords swore fealty to him after he killed their lord (Renly). They didn't have to do this. Stannis wins over the NW at eastwatch (they didn't have to follow him completely but he obviously showed them he had a successful strategy). Jon decides to help Stannis and Stannis is able to recruit the mountain clans to help him fight the IB and Boltons. Melisandre sees him as Azor Ahai. The wildlings don't revolt against Stannis. In short, people see Stannis as a strong military leader and they will follow him either due to pragmatism, admiration or fear.

    Stannis is competent, creative in formulating strategy, able to form strategic alliances and will never stop fighting. He has the best resume for fighting and succeeding in all types of environments.
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  13. BondJamesBond added a post in a topic The Greatjon   

  14. BondJamesBond added a post in a topic Roose Bolton, KITN   

    But, it's pretty clear that Roose is in prime position to take over (if Stannis has lost the battle for Winterfell). The IT is weak. Roose or the Frey's hold hostages from most of the major houses. Additionally, Roose has to strengthen his position bc he will certainly be killed if he is beaten or ousted from his warden position.