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  1. R+L=J Alternatives that also Explain Tower of Joy Events

    Haha. No way, though. It doesn't explain why he remembers the promise just when Robert is talking about killing all the remaining targaryens (of which Jon is one).
  2. R+L=J Alternatives that also Explain Tower of Joy Events

    Great responses to the thread! I nominate the above as the most credible alternative, but, still, no. R+J=L has withstood careful scrutiny and remains intact.
  3. R+L=J Alternatives that also Explain Tower of Joy Events

    If the timing is off, does this open the door to one of the KG falling for her and turning on Rhaegar if Rhaegar was treating her poorly? Just brainstorming here.
  4. R+L=J Alternatives that also Explain Tower of Joy Events

    Okay, this is one of the best alternative theories, but still pretty weak (no offense, thanks for playing along as a fellow R+L=J supporter). First, it doesn't make sense that they'd need to protect Lyanna from Ned. Or, if she was a hostage by Aerys it doesn't make sense that he wouldn't just keep her in KL.
  5. It seems there are still numerous doubters to R+L=J. There have been some interesting points made about a Ned and Ashara storyline. HOWEVER, I have never heard an alternative theory that explains the Tower of Joy storyline and specifically what Lyanna made Ned promise her. It seems like the alternate theories don't answer what happened at the Tower of Joy. Additionally, it seems arguments are being made that GRRM plans to surprise us, but I would argue that there is a lot of room for surprises and twists within the R+L=J storyline such as whether or not Jon was legitimated by Rhaegar. So, if there are any theories alternative to R+L=J that also clearly explain a plausible set of events at the Tower of Joy, please place them here. I can't think of any and thus fully subscribe to the prevailing theory.
  6. A closer look at Arthur, Gwenhyfar and Lancelot

    Great thread! I especially liked the info on the Roman history. I did not know that and it's a clear parallel to Robert's Rebellion. My take on the Arthurian parallels: Jon Snow = Arthur I would say Jon could also be Galahad but his affair with Ygritte precludes this. If he is Arthur, then Jon will sit on the Iron Throne. Rhaegar and Lyana = Quasi-Reverse Uther and Ygraine In Arthurian Legend, Uther is not married and Ygraine is. In Westeros, it is Rhaegar who spurns his wife for Lyana who is single. Mostly this analogy works because Rhaegar dies and Jon is raised in ignorance of his true identity by a good man. Ned & Robb Stark = Sir Ector and Sir Kay Ned is a good man who raises Jon well, but Jon is second fiddle to Robb. Jaime and Cersei = reverse Lancelot and Guinevere This one was obvious to me in the beginning, but I forgot about it as I got into the characters. Here, GRRM eviscerates our notion of the series being a typical story when he makes the tragic love that readers usually sympathize with being between such deeply messed up characters. Dany = Morganna Le Fay Dany lovers will hate this but I think she plays the magic (dragon) obessed half sister enemy to Jon (Arthur) Gendry = Galahad? Or maybe Jon is Galahad (the perfect, selfless knight) notwithstanding his dalliance with Ygritte. In this analogy Rhaegar is the flawed knight Lancelot and Lyana is the mysterious beauty Elaine who hails from an isolated castle that is hard to get to (Winterfell). Sir Barristan, Rhaella, and King Aerys = Tristan & Isolde and the evil King Mark who married Tristan's lover Isolde Well, those are my thoughts. It was a fun exercise!
  7. I agree with those who have stated some skepticism. I think most characters have been angry at some point. It doesn't make them all targaryens. As mentioned, Dany and Viserys don't display super strength when angry. If anything, Jon is like Robb in that he gets physical with those he is angry with (intimidating Jamie with his wolf, executing karstark). Obviously, Robb doesn't go overboard most of the time, but he isn't a guy to trifle with.
  8. Best/Worst Named Characters

    I think Rhaegar Frey is intended to be completely absurd as an insight into the self-serving nature of the Freys. I agree though its really bad, as is Aegon Frey. I'm surprised there is no Azore Ahai Frey or Lord Commander of the Kingsguard Frey or Hand of the King Frey. The fifty Walders are pretty bad, but I think Walda Frey is the absolute worst of all but gives brilliant insight into the messed up nature of the Frey clan with everyone tripping over themselves to flatter Lord Perv Walder Frey. Best: Anyone with the last name Baratheon. Best surname ever with Dondarrion a close second. Eddard "Ned" Stark is great because the Ned nickname totally catches you off guard and then you just go with it and GRRM can get away with ANYTHING from that point on. Blackfish and Kingslayer are great nicknames. Eta: the "bad" names I listed are intentionally bad in order to give character insight, so no disrespect intended to the author.
  9. Official Testing Thread

  10. How would you rate episode 201?

    Love the scene where Tyrion plops down in the hand's seat in the small council to Cersei's consternation
  11. How would you rate episode 201?

    Yes, I truly did not realize how completely horrid the little s&$) Joffrey is. I knew he was bad, but Gleeson just hammers that point home brilliantly. This episode does a great job of defining the dramatic tension and keeping it simple. There are so many intricate, rich subtleties in the books that we forget the simple, powerful central story. Also, Robb's dire wolf is massive! I was shocked to see the size of that beast. I'm glad they went the extra mile and made them as unnaturally large as they are in the books, a tough feat for TV!