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    How would you rate episode 209?

    Honestly, having read the books, I can understand the disappointment of some but realistically there is no way to turn GRRM's story into a viable series without massive changes by the scriptwriters. I think they have done a phenomenal job, personally, and don't envy them their task. I think the fact that people that are completely unfamiliar with the books can get involved with this story is testament to the skill f the directors and writers. Great fun and wonderful acting. Not perfect but good lord, how could it be? So sad it all ends next wek and months till it starts again.
  2. No television series can ever live up to the movie in your mind when reading a book but this series gets very close. Incredibly well done with great writers, superb acting and the director should be lauded for his outstanding work.
  3. Wonderful acting, great cinemotography and the writing has, once again, made the imposiible, possible. Rob the wolf and Jamie and Tyrion vs. Cersei were AWESOME.