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  1. redriver

    Heresy 218 a brief walk on the dark side

    To be hyper-pedantic it's not a Dothraki legend but a Qartheen one.The Dothraki tradition is that the moon was wife and the sun,the husband.Then that fits neatly into the Nissa Nissa template.Asteroid/comet obliterates the moon.From an observer's viewpoint a thousand thousand dragons are seen as fiery ejecta. I think you're right about the Berlin Wall being a huge influence on this tale but Shoemaker-Levi was a big story around then.It hit Jupiter in 1994 having split in to 5 big chunks but up to 20 in total if you include the smaller pieces.
  2. redriver

    Heresy 218 a brief walk on the dark side

    There are two traditions that we know of about a moon splitting,from Qarth and Asshai.And Septon Barth tells us dragons have an unnatural history.Though I tend to think the title refers to the sorcery involved in Dragon bonding rather than how their prototypes were delivered.But it could be both.
  3. redriver

    Heresy 218 a brief walk on the dark side

    I'm not sure I'm using LML's theory for this part (Though I may be).To be succinct,the Others are the price paid for the comet. We know Martin's rules of magic and sorcery-only death can pay for life and you might not get what you want.The idea is that the CotF by themselves or in alliance with some of the first men made human sacrifices to create the comet crash.The story can then be seen as trying to right this original wrong. You are right to point out that the Lightbringer fable is not the story of a hero but of an event that caused the Long Night.And you have to shuffle given timelines and event sequences to accommodate this.
  4. redriver

    Heresy 218 a brief walk on the dark side

    We're clearly talking at cross purposes here.I'll clarify my thoughts tomorrow,but I sense there are important points at a macro (world building) and micro(story narrative) at work. Sacrifice on a grand scale is thematically resonant throughout the Nissa Nissa fable and Danaerys' story of waking dragons from stone. I'll leave it there.Don't think you require spoon feeding.
  5. redriver

    Who is the 3EC?

    I'm the 3ec.I have recurring dreams of me flying and the doctor made me wear an eye patch for my eye infection. Sorry to break it like this.....
  6. redriver

    Heresy 218 a brief walk on the dark side

    It has to be an influence (Yrkoon,Stormbringer).Though in this case I think Martin is doing his own thing. I can see influences from everything includingthe Bible and Dante's Inferno to modern works like you've rightly referenced. The Shadow in this case is a comet,or a piece of it.The comet creates a shadow by appearing between the sun and the planet.The comet crashes near Asshai creating the geographical rift we read about,it delivers the soul eating dark stone which is not only a weapon but the building block of that fabled city.And the foundation of the Citadel and the Seastone Chair. And it delivers dragons.Bran sees then wakening near Asshai,the trader from Qarth tells us that the moon cracked ,spilling forth dragons, and the Nissa Nissa tale informs us that her death wail cracked the moon.
  7. redriver

    Heresy 218 a brief walk on the dark side

    I wonder what Eldric Shadowchaser was chasing all the way to Asshai(by the shadow)?There's probably a clue in the name somewhere but I can't figure it out.
  8. redriver

    Heresy 218 a brief walk on the dark side

    The Children of the Forest called down the Hammer of the Waters. You can't tell Martin he didn't warn you.At least twice...
  9. redriver

    Who is the 3EC?

    Bloodraven,though admittedly there is a case against.
  10. redriver

    MIA - but not Killed on Page

    Torren liddle
  11. redriver

    Heresy 218 a brief walk on the dark side

    Whatever you do don't picture a pink elephant.
  12. redriver

    Poll: Secret Stark Knights

  13. redriver

    A Faithful Knight in Winterfell

    King Robert probably never read the book. Besides I subscribe to the theory it was really written by GRRM.
  14. redriver

    Please explain Ramsay and the Pink Letter.

    This is not a very good case at all because Mance's motive is not Jon's death but Jon's presence in Winterfell.He could have killed Jon several times,the last when Rattleshirt beat Jon in a duel,but he doesn't for some mysterious reason. I think that reason is to do with the fight against the Others and the role of Winterfell and a Stark being in it in that fight. He witnessed Jon's stiff necked response to Ramsay's previous letter and knows he has to ramp up the rhetoric a few notches to spur Jon into action. Jon's death is an unintended consequence.
  15. redriver

    A Faithful Knight in Winterfell

    The KotLT?