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  1. Mythological AA is the new guy?You may need to explain yourself ser.And if you're referring to Stannis he is very much associated with a comet since there's one very visible in the sky all the way through ACOK.
  2. Yes he/she is- "when the stars bleed"
  3. That could very well not be,perhaps I would agree with BC above that the actions the original myths and prophecies are based on are Westerosi and the resolution,if there is to be one,will based there too.The Hammer of the Waters was the origin,or original sin of those myths.Hammer is the clue.Something that impacts from above.Something to stay or halt the advance of the First Men.It may have been known as the Horn of Winter by some.Or the Dragon.Or the Shadow.All a matter of perspective. Calling down a comet might seem like grand magic but maybe they didn't ask for that.Maybe they just asked,prayed for and sacrificed to halting the First Men.The comet was what they got,as well as the Others,prototype dragons,a long night and unreliable seasons. And weird prophecies from faraway lands. Sorcery is indeed a glass sword without a hilt.
  4. They do as a trinity but not as a triumvirate which is all male I believe. That would be my take too as far as the Targ version of the prophesy is concerned.There is no mention of princes or any royalty in the Asshai version.Mel herself seems to muddy things up. She introduces the statue burning ceremony in the tongue of Asshai,High Valyrian and the common tongue.So she probably has some knowledge of the PWWP angle and it's she who tells Stannis he is the promised prince.She also wants to wake dragons from stone through sacrifice.No mention of that when Saan tells the tale. I would think the Targ prophesy predates the Doom and was probably written by Daenys in Dreams and Portents. My own personal head canon believes the original three heads of the dragon were meteors one or all of which may have landed in Valyria giving rise to volcanic activity and bringing proto dragons as the Qartheen tale implies. ETA Martin began this tale watching Shoemaker-Levy 9 approach Jupiter,break apart in 1992 and collide in 1994.
  5. Cersei should be an expert on fake Tyrion heads by now.
  6. A trinity or a triumvirate?
  7. redriver

    Football: A New Hope

    Officials are not making decisions they should.Leaving it to VAR instead.Hmm.
  8. redriver

    Heresy 225 and the Snowflakes of Doom

    Agreed,it is. What is very clear is that he's a psychopath who has a long history of taking what he wants and getting away with it. I don't think he's the Three Eyed Crow or was ever his apprentice.I could go with the idea that the TEC,seeing what he could become,tried to kill him by getting him to literally fly in a dream, but failed.That would be a Hammer of the Waters wrote small I suppose. He takes what he can get as for as magic and sorcery are concerned,be it artifacts like the dragon horn and the Valyrian suit of armour,be it sorcerers and priests and the lore and prophecy they hold.And he seems to be trying to use these ingredients for apotheosis,to make himself into a god,according to Aeron's Shade of the Evening induced visions. Euron seems to be a Shade addict and who knows how it's affected him? It's a potent brew of sociopathy,hullucinogen induced visions of omnipotency,fearlessness and knowledge. I'm hoping and expecting that Euron will demonstrate that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing.His collection of sorcerous ingredients in the Forsaken look comparable to Dany's at the pyre.Though this is a learned recipe as opposed to an intuitive one. That's a long winded way to say Euron does not need to be inherently magical for the story.He's acquiring it instead.
  9. redriver

    Heresy 225 and the Snowflakes of Doom

    There is no evidence Euron has any magical abilities whatsoever.He once dreamt he could fly,that's it.So did I.
  10. Much longer-other side of the country.Three hours by road.Worth it and plenty of other sights to see down that way as well.
  11. Sold out.We'll see him at the Cons!
  12. redriver

    Heresy 225 and the Snowflakes of Doom

    This is very possible.I would still tend to think there was at least one global comet event,that being known as the Hammer of the Waters in Westerosi legend.A combination of visions,terrestrial and celestial events mix in the confusion of myths and prophecies we have through to Valyria and Asshai.
  13. redriver

    Heresy 225 and the Snowflakes of Doom

    Of course Dawn was forged on the ground and in Westeros.I was referring to the comet or meteorite that brought the material it was forged with,likely visible all over Essos and likely generating its own local myths.
  14. redriver

    Heresy 225 and the Snowflakes of Doom

    Or they happened in the heavens where everyone one can see,interpret and build myths upon.Like in the real world.
  15. redriver

    Heresy 225 and the Snowflakes of Doom

    And the sword.The word "temper" stands out to me.