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  1. Here is one thread.I like the theory for the most part.Not so sure about Byron and Morgarth.
  2. That sounds fantastic, but it doesn't make a jot of sense."Since no Lannister........." sounds like a rule that a pair of three year olds would make up in the playground.There is no such rule. That aside I think Shadrich's role is being underplayed,since he could well be Howland Reed.
  3. The Hound had black horse I think,called Stranger.Indeed it's stabled on the Quiet Isle.
  4. “ We never found the Horn of Winter. We opened half a hundred graves and let all those shades loose in the world, and never found the Horn of Joramun to bring this cold thing down![5] “ “
  5. If it's handled well on screen it will be glorious.Give it a chance.
  6. Like in the books Stannis didn't arrive until several days into the "assault" on the Wall.After the "cannibal savages" Wildling portrayal of this season,we need time to see that this is not by any means entirely the case.I hope to see Mance saying "my people have bled enough" before Stannis attacks.This would add nuance more in keeping with the books whilst giving Stanfans their cheer moment. And in case anyone thinks I favour Mance over Stannis,I think they are actually working in concert in the latter half of ADWD whether knowingly or not.But the show needs to start redacting this all Wildlings are evil stuff otherwise Jon's ongoing role will be impossible.
  7. No it doesn't.I like Stannis,especially from ADWD on.Stan will have his time.I just think it's important that Jon and Mance have their dialogue first.
  8. Speak for everyone why don't you?Glad you were all trolled coz the level of Stanfan shite had become nauseating.Stop watching the show and throw all your toys out of the pram. Oh,and ignore the possibility that that Stan's arrival may be even more effective in the final episode.
  9. I'm giving this a 9.5 and I haven't seen it yet.I trust you guys so much.
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