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  1. Wuh? You will watch the game, and furthermore you will enjoy it. On a more serious note I wish Klopp would use Keita in these kinds of games, especially since he's fit and available. Ginni,Fab and Hendo= not enough creativity in midfield.
  2. I would if I was ever wrong.
  3. You change positions more frequently than my bed maid.
  4. Ok.I accept your position for now.Reluctantly. So,where are we at? Mirri Mirri is one of the good guys along with Janos Slynt and Bowen Marsh.?
  5. What we need is someone of real moral fibre telling us what to think.
  6. The moment the footage changed from old WW1 footage to the remastered footage was a real holy shit moment for me. Looking forward to this.
  7. I think the best way of addressing this is as a meta analysis-"what the hell is Mance doing?" He's non POV so we have to go by what he does and what he says.That and several carefully placed lacunas that the author has decided to omit from his narrative. I think the PL and the HM both fall within his story and motivation.
  8. I love Aegon in my own simple way. The blue hair......
  9. Serra is apparently someone who died if grayscale.
  10. It's not easy hiding your true identity.One tends to give the game away despite oneself.
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