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  1. So watch Rake then,It'll cheer you both up!
  2. Loving Rake on Netflix.Australian comedy drama.Roxburgh nails it in the lead role with great aplomb. Easy watching with biting satire,frequently very funny. I think it's a gem.
  3. redriver

    A Howland Reed POV?

    As has been suggested by others Shady Glen might refer to Duskendale-the meaning is the same.Close to the Neck,home territory for Ser Dontos and scene of Ser Barristan's one man rescue of the Mad King.
  4. I've gone through the thread now and read your excellent essay.This seems like a very grounded and well thought out theory to me.You can,of course,nitpick at individual bits but the weight of textual evidence that extend through the Brienne and Alayne chapters make it hard to dismiss. I'm looking forward to Sans's future arc with renewed interest now. Shoutouts to bemused and sweetsunray for their contributions. Still haven't found the "bronze and steel" reference in the text,but two outta three ain't bad and maybe that bit hasn't been written yet!!
  5. redriver


    I usually go to the barber's for a no 2 back and sides,scissors on top artfully tousled with gel for that just out of bed look. One day I decided to buzz it myself.I'm going a little light at the back but not too bad yet.The way I buzzed it created a huge tonsure-completely bald. Back to the barber since.No good at DIY.
  6. redriver

    A Howland Reed POV?

    I tend to the theory that Howland is already appearing as Ser Shadrich,the Mad Mouse.Lots of pointers to this. I think I'd prefer him insinuating himself into the plot this way-despite it being yet another false identity-than him bursting into the room all of a sudden "waving an affydavey",as Black Crow would say. No new pov chapters so it would have to be prologue/epilogue.
  7. Understandable,but I'd recommend you stick with it.The series improves from ep 4 on with character centered episodes which shed light on how they've gotten to where they are in the story.Personally I don't find much wrong with Nell or Luke as humans,though obviously damaged ones.
  8. redriver

    Did the Red Comet _____ ?

    Woah.Take it easy on the absinthe fella.
  9. Watching Haunting of Hill House on Netflix.I think it's great in many ways-script,acting,production values.Very much character driven,the episodic format gives time for all these characters to develop,adding to the creepiness factor. I'd say it's excellent drama,with mystery and horror elements-no gore. Episode 5 is superb and 6 is even better.
  10. redriver

    How bad do you think my top 20  sitcoms are?

    No one like Curb Your Enthusiasm?No mentions that I can see.
  11. redriver

    Small Questions v. 10105

    Other than he's scared out of his mind,scared of being sent out ranging again and therefore heading as far south as he can,I would see it as a necessary plot device.
  12. Don't like the chicken thing in the Israeli song and the riff reminds me of "7 nation army".
  13. redriver

    Rank your 2018 TV shows throughout the year

    1 Money Heist 2 Lost in space 3 Damnation
  14. redriver

    What's the Avatar Above You Thinking #14 (Finally)

    Such big eyes you've got.
  15. redriver

    Promise me, Ned!

    Promise me Ned,you won't go up against Ser Ilyn Payne when death is on the line?