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  1. I'm curious, why do people expect to see absolutely everything as it happens identical to the books? The producers have said time and time again, they have delayed certain characters for future seasons so as to not completely confuse the audience and because of expenses. It doesn't mean certain storylines are being ditched in their entirety. We may still get Cat going to Riverrun. We are getting the Reeds (ugh) but not until season 3. We are getting Ramsay Bolton but not until season 3. Some of the reordering I think in the long haul, will make sense. Wait until you've seen the whole damn series before getting upset. Why do people expect major characters to be completely fleshed out, even though they aren't by the end of book 2 let alone by book 5 right away? Do some not understand character development? Was that not gone over in any English you've ever taken? For people who can slog through thousands of pages and be patient to see where things are going, a lot of you seem to demand instant gratification from the TV show. Get over yourself and just enjoy the damn thing and if you can't, stop watching and stop whining about every 'injustice'. There are things I like and things I don't but I don't browbeat stuff. I don't let it kill my overall enjoyment for the best show on TV because it is well-acted, usually well-written, and is just so different from anything else. For example, I hate Ros. Don't get why she's still around but maybe she'll serve some purpose after all besides breasts. That being said, I hope they keep her in extremely low doses however, I don't let that destroy things for me. Robb's being an idiot but then again, he was an idiot in the books with his quickie marriage. He may be a badass on the field but he is still young and prone to making mistake in his personal life. While Talisa may not be Jeyne Westerling, it's still the same concept so again, that change in character name doesn't bother me.
  2. I gave it a solid 9. I was trying to do a straight re-watch of the second season before this episode but only got up through episode 5 before the last episode started. I thought they did a really good job tying up things but then leaving the viewer wondering what will happen in season 3. I was completely happy with the House of the Undying and Dany's arc in Qarth ending. Much more emotional for me than in the book. The book left me a bit confused. I enjoyed the ending and I got creeped out by the White Walkers. Bring on Sam the Slayer! I think the season turned out quite well. I've been thinking about this over the past few days as the season is coming to a close. I've read all the books and while I don't necessarily get some of the changes, I like the fact that there have been added scenes not just this season but season 1 as well. The show needs to do that for a variety of reasons. 1) As an adaption from print media to a visual media, things that work great in a book and make sense for that format, usually do not translate well on a screen, and vice versa. 2) There are lots of things in the books that happen off-screen (or should it be off-page?) that we, as the reader, can only speculate on. The average TV viewer will more than likely want to see that, so some liberties have to be taken. 3) It would be pretty damn boring if the series was word-for-word with the books. I have an imagination and am completely happy visualizing things in my head. If the series was identical to the book I'd have zero interest in watching it. So, to try and entice the book reader or potential book reader, you need to add or even change things. I'm fine with that as long as the OVERALL integrity of the story remains in tact.So far, I think the shows writers and producers (GRRM being one of them) have remained true to the structure of the story.
  3. To quote Spinal Tap, this goes to 11. Or 100 if I could. Blackwater was the single greatest thing I've seen done on TV that was non-sports related. I loved the back-and-forth between the action sequences and Cersei. All the similarities and contrasts between Cersei and Sansa. Sansa acting like the adult in the situation and trying to stay calm while Cersei gets her drunk on. Her very careful sarcastic reply to Joffery about being stupid (bring out your inner direwolf!). I started tearing up when the Hound freaked out at the fire and turned craven. Touching scene between him and Sansa (no, I'm not a SanSan shipper) and adds complexity to his character. Cersei at the end with Tommen and the vial of nightshade, choked me up even though I have read the books but there was still that part of me that wondered. Tyrion was awesome as always and the camera angle of Tywin and Loras at the end was cool. This was the first time my husband and I have done an immediate re-watch of the episode. We'll definetly be re-watching it a few more times this week. My only minor gripe, is we didn't get a scene with Tyrion bitch-slapping Joffery and he really needed that. :-) Overall, I've enjoyed most of the added stuff this season. Having read all the books, I know what is going to happen so to keep me as a TV viewer interested, I want those added scenes as long as the integrity of the characters and story stay in place.
  4. Ramihn Dwardi (apologies for butchering his name, it's late) does such a beautiful job with the scoring. I've been listening to the soundtrack for the first season almost every day and by now, I know which songs go with which scenes. I still choke up for the music for Ned's beheading. It's also great music to listen to as I work on my first book. Gets me in the mood emotionally. I've already pre-ordered the season 2 soundtrack and cannot wait for it to arrive.
  5. I love you. It's getting rather tiresome. I keep hoping there will be some quasi-intelligent debate but it seems like most posts are either 1) This was the WORST EPISODE OF ALL TIME, or 2) This was the BEST EPISODE OF ALL TIME. Changes will and have to be made. Some I like, some I don't like, and some I just don't get but in the grand scheme of things, I want to see where things will take me as long as it makes sense. GOT is not episodic TV; it builds upon itself like, oh my gosh!, a book does. Stop expecting all of your favorite characters to be the quasi-fleshed out badasses they are by the end of book 5. If I wanted the series to be regurgatated word for word, scene for scene, I'd re-read the books and leave it at that and use my own imagination which I can tell you, is different from GRRM's or anyone else's.
  6. I voted 7 but it's more like a 7.5. Of course, I notice I almost always change my mind when I watch the episode for the second time. I continue to hate the Jeyne/Talisa-Robb thing. They just do not have chemistry. And why in the hell would a chick's story about her brother drowning and then not drowing be a turn on? Seriously, that gets your motor running Robb? I loved just about everything else but shoehorning in a Dany scene at the end wasn't needed. They could have put that in the next episode and expanded it a bit. Putting it at the end after so much almost felt like "Oh yes, and here's Dany" even though I doubt anyone would forget what was going on. And Sam was back! Woo-hoo for my favorite bookworm! Overall, I think the season is way more interesting than the book was. ACOK is my least favorite of the 5 and it's the one I remember the least about and it took me the longest to get through.
  7. Solid 9 for me. I'm reserving a 10 for Blackwater but if I didn't know what was coming up, I'd probably give this a 9.75. I think over the last 2 or 3 episodes, the deviations from the books are standing out but in a positive way. And honestly, I don't view them as such big deviations anymore because the integrity of the series and characters and major plot points still stand. Everyone was great in this episode except for the Robb/Talisa-Jeyne thing. That still feels so forced to me and I think it's because of a lack of chemstiry between the two actors. It was great seeing Jaime back and I think he stole the episode with his banter with Cat and Brienne especially when he was getting under Cat's skin about Ned's bastard and the name of him. Arya's and Tywin's scenes have always been some of the best of the season and this episode was no exception. Arya just breaks your heart. Sansa and Cersei were excellent as well. I've always felt bad for Sansa because she gets used so much and she can't trust anyone. I almost cried in the books when she 'flowered' for the first time knowing the implications of it and last night, I almost cried again. I can't imagine how terrified she is. I think Sophie Turner does a lovely job with Sansa and I don't think she gets enough credit for her performance. Ygritte is just awesome. She's my favorite of the non-POV characters and the actress playing her I think nailed her down. I love how she gets under Jon's skin and he kind of just sits there and takes it because she's a woman but also because he is truly trying to be honorable and respectful. I think that puzzles her a bit but makes the challenge of pissing him off more fun. And, we got to hear "You know nothing Jon Snow." :bowdown: Pretty much, this episode rocked. The season started quiet and slow, not a bad thing personally, and has ramped up in energy from there.
  8. I gave it an 8 mainly due to Robb's stuff. I know they have to show the audience what happens because if it had been faithful to the books, people would have been lost as hell. I understand why they are doing this but I don't think Robb and the actress playing Talisa/Jeyne whoever, have that much chemistry at all. Overall, I like the deviations from the book. I think in context of the show, it works and I think for once, a LF deviation made sense. I was genuinely worried they would deviate too much from the book and have Sansa take the place of Lollys. I kept telling my husband, "The Hound has to show up or someone! If they have Sansa get raped, I'm going to be pissed." Thankfully, the Hound came in. I also didn't like how rushed Jon's storyline was. I had hoped the introduction of Ygritte would be either next episode or even later but I got it this week but Ygritte rocks and I just laughed so hard with her little um, routine.
  9. I gave it a 9. I thought this was one of the best episodes of the season. I noticed it was longer than last week's episode by a few minutes and it really help.I don't think there was a weak scene in the season but when I re-watch it, I might change my mind. I seem to be changing my mind, for the better, when I re-watch episodes this season. I really love the Qarth scenes; it definetly makes it clear there is some organized civilzation across the Narrow Sea that may be just as powerful as King's Landing. Arya's scenes were wonderful as always and Asha (I refuse to call her Yara) is starting to grow on me. She isn't really a major player in book 2 but I think so far, the characterization has been getting better. My only concern is from seeing the previews for next week, I fear they are going to introduce too soon. This shouldn't be done until at least episode 7 or even 8. I'm reserving a 10 for the Blackwater episode. :drool:
  10. I gave it a 6. For some reason, the episode wasn't clicking with me. Maybe when I re-watch it, I'll change my mind but that easily was my least favorite out of the 4 this season and maybe so far. I didn't like Robb's scene with whoever that was. I had seen somewhere they had changed Jeyne Westerling's name and that she was going to be introduced in this episode so I hope that wasn't her. I don't like her at all. I'm on the fence about the Joffery and the whores scene. That would make sense when we get introduced to Ramsay Bolton but Joffery, it seems too forced. All the others were just meh to me although Margarey's and LF's scene was really good. I wish Dany's scene had been a bit longer and we had gotten some explanation about the other people that made up the 13. I think for a casual viewer it might have left them scracthing their head. Like someone else mentioned, the episode was too short. It was only about 50 minutes not counting the BS ad for HBO GO at the beginning and the filler at the end. A few more minutes with Dany and Robb might have been better.
  11. I think they are in terms of capturing the essence of Shae. We only see Shae in the books through Tyrion's rose-colored glasses. The times she make him (and one could argue the reader) believe she genuinely cares for him is when they are having sex. We haven't had any Shae-Tyrion sex scenes (I daresay some here are glad for that) so I think that's what is missing from their relationship. I agree they haven't really played up how much she uses him as much as in the books but at the core, Shae is nothing more than a bratty, spoiled whore.
  12. She's like that in the book, though. She's nothing but a spoiled whore. Plain and simple. And Tyrion is stupid enough to have genuine feelings for her.
  13. Excellent episode. See, the first two were worth the pacing to get to this one. Tyrion is in full pimp mode. I think the scene with Cersei were really good. Lena Headley is humanizing her more than she is in the books although I expect and want full crazy once we get to season 3 and beyond until it gets reined in again. The scenes at Pyke were awesome. I love the symbolizm with Theon shot completely in the dark except for a candle. I think Sophie Turner should get more kudos for playing Sansa. Her performance is understated so it really makes Sanda a more sympathetic character. Brienne was spot on. I love the added scenes with Loras, Renly, and Margarey. Loras and Margarey are trying to get it through Renly's head he needs to take stuff more seriously.
  14. I think that's the best,most succienct summary I've seen regarding the debate of TV series vs. the books.
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