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  1. last night saw the Boss, the E Street Band, Tom Morello and A BEATLE on one stage! Amazing! Shame the power was cut due to the "curfew" though, Bruce wanted to do another song... Still an incredible night.

  2. This made my day. "I don't do drugs at all! I've never done meth!" Oh, Kenneth.
  3. I gave it a 10 because I enjoyed it! I just can't understand all of the extreme negativity I see on here because I think the show is incredible. I know that I'm a lot more lenient than some book readers when it comes to departures from the original material, but that's only because I'm so impressed with the cast, sets, costumes, etc, and yes, most of the writing. And I'm a pretty laid back person. It was never going to be a word for word adaptation. And no TV show is as powerful as the human imagination. But there is so much outrage on these boards. It's not like the show writers are rewriting your copy of ACOK - the original version of the HotU still exists, go read it if you prefer it! (And I do. But I wouldn't go so far as to call the show version "insulting", as some people do.) As for the Sam/Other thing, the Other might take a swing at Sam when we next return to the Fist. Blimey, who cares if that scene looked like the Walking Dead, it was awesome and so scary. And have people who complained about the zombies not realised that the wights are...well... zombies? Actually, we agree about Ros. It's an old complaint, but if they're going to trim bits of the story that are important (due to time constraints) they have to replace it with something more substantial than Ros' boobs. For the sake of practicality, can you imagine how difficult it would be to have (basically) the main character on the show missing a nose? And Rorge's missing nose was creepy as fuck in the books, but not... not really necessary in the show, when you think about prosthetics and stuff. As for Ser Dontos, maybe they were using him to show Sansa's nature off a bit, I'm not sure. It was pretty obvious to me that the Bastard's Boys burnt Winterfell, but yes, I'd have no idea of that if I hadn't read the books. I'm sure they'll explore it later on. It was pretty obvious to the audience, book readers and non readers alike, that Theon couldn't have ordered the destruction of Winterfell because he was unconcious. Oh, and as for Qhorin whispering to Jon about infiltrating the wildlings, sadly he didn't do it in this episode but in episode 8 I think, he said something about one man inside the army being worth 100 fighting against it. I know that "spot the difference" is a pretty loose term. I haven't been reading the books for as long as some of you have - doesn't mean I love them any less, but I can understand how something you've devoted a lot of time to over many years being brought to TV only to disappoint would be unenjoyable. But it doesn't disappoint me, and so I'm able to defend it like this. Some of the complaints on these boards (Syrio has HAIR?) just seem so petty to me, some, obviously more substantial (Jon & Qhorin - I'm not really sure why they changed that because it was one of my favourite things in ACOK) (or HotU - which could never have been as good as it was in the books). But everyone sees things differently, I don't want to argue with you or anyone, and I'm sorry you haven't enjoyed this episode because I really liked it.
  4. I find it unacceptable, and frankly insulting, that Tywin's horse did not shit at the foot of the Iron Throne, instead taking his dump before entering the hall. Why change this defining moment? The infernal writers have now ruined the character arc of everyone in the Throne room. There are so many layers and, dare I say, foreshadowing, as well as HINDshadowing to this striking moment in the books, and yet, the diabolical D & D ruined the entire series with the premature poop. Why, I ask you? I still retained hope for this travesty of an adaptation but this, fellow book purists, THIS felt like molten gold being poured over my head! I fell to the floor, wailing, cursing the old gods and the new! Where was Joffrey, "gingerly" stepping around the dung? I feel betrayed and sickened. Wow. Felt blasphemous writing that. That was an awesome episode and I gave it a 10. Stop playing spot the difference. It's fantastic television.
  5. Ohmygod the National doing the Reynes of Castamere for the end credits was just... I think this is the first time I've enjoyed the end credits of a tv show episode as much as the actual episode, if that makes sense. Very, very happy fan here. And the epsiode itself blew me away. I don't even have words. asdhlsgfajijgaer;pfo'kads;f. Nope, no words.
  6. :agree: Pretty much identical to my thoughts. I wish people would stop playing spot the difference and enjoy the show, because it's fantastic television. The phrase 'bad writing' or 'lazy writing' is thrown about so much on these threads but 99% unjustified to say that, because some people can't handle minor changes and go apeshit at the 'evil writers' for 'butchering' the show just because they're translating it into another medium. :rolleyes:
  7. 10/10. Best of the season so far. I just... wow. Blown away. It was perfect. "One game at a time, my friend."
  8. Erm, wow. I think every scene in that episode was perfect. I especially loved Tyrion's "one game at a time, my friend" line. Here are my somewhat non coherent ramblings. -I was a little apprehensive about the Jon/Ygritte digression last week, because one of Jon's best chapters in the series is the hopeless flight away from the wildling army, trying to get back to the fist. But as long as we get the whole "you must not balk" Jon/Halfhand thing, I'm fine with the change. Bloody love Rose Leslie as Ygritte, and Rattleshirt's armour is awesome. ETA- Also, Sam getting all nerdy over Dragonglass was awesome. It was nice to get a reminder about Dolorous Edd, Grenn & Sam being on the fist. I still have my fingers crossed that this season will end with the three hornblows... -Alfie Allen is killing it as Theon! I loved the Yara/Theon exchange at the beginning of the episode. For me, Yara is coming across pretty much exactly how Asha did in the books, but then, I don't have some intense obsessive fanboy crush on Asha. I still firmly think that Roose's bastard is already in Winterfell, it's Dagmer! But yeah, at this stage that's just a guess, it's a theory with holes in, blah blah blah. But I'd be surprised if Dagmer wasn't at least one of the Bastard's boys. Also, glad that the Brickon party are actually in the crypts. -I loved the Harrenhal scenes. I don't really mind that we didn't see Jaqen's face change, because I still can't see how that wouldn't look cheesy on tv (i'm sure they'll do it well when they get round to it, but it's not really relevant at this stage). Also, if he IS the alchemist, and shows up in season 4, it'll be much better if it's Tom Wlaschiha who shows up because a) he's gorgeous and b)the audience probably won't make the connection that we saw that randomer in season 2. Also, so psyched for the Brotherhood. Will Arya get captured in SO2E10? I think so... -Jaime and Brienne. JAIME AND BRIENNE. ajkajshidkjsdfndks. Just hit the nail on the head. NCW is just made for that role, and Christie just is Brienne. That is all. -I've said it before and I'll say it again, I really like what they've done with Talissa/Jeyne! Making her a Volantene or whatnot might be a step too far BUT AT LEAST SHE'S INTERESTING! In the books, it worked fine when Robb reappeared with some pretty but meek wife, because it was a real WTF moment. I completely understand that Martin would never have written Robb's wife as a spunky war nurse, but as we're watching their relationship with the show, thank fuck they developed her a bit more. -Stannis and Davos scene was great. Stannis was hilarious. Davos was just the exact same Davos we see in the books which is fucking awesome. Win. -HA, knew Ros would = Alayaya. Knew it. And Dinklage was once again on fire this episode, Tyrion's scene with Bronn was awesome, he and Colneth Hill were amazing together as usual, and it's nice to see Tyrion's emotional side for once. He plays the game so very well that we can forget how human he really is. -Dany was a little short changed this week but we'll get the HoU soon and that will end her arc with another bang this season. Also, Emilia Clark and Iain Glen work really well together. So yeah. Loved it.
  9. He's older? I didn't even notice... I think they could get away with it.
  10. Why can't 'Dagmer' be Ramsay? There has been no confirmation that he is actually ironborn - he never interacts with any of Theon's other men, he's adopted the role of the devil on Theon's shoulder, and it's very plausible that Roose (who knew Theon was being sent back to Pyke and wanted to know what went down) sent someone to follow Theon closely. Obviously the Dagmer described in the books could never be Ramsay but Dagmer in the show could easily be Ramsay. It's not stupid, hon.
  11. Just saw the Avengers for the second time in 24 hours. Yeah. It's that good.

  12. Oh, you're not alone. :cheers: Maybe we're easy to please or whatever but so what. I have yet to see a Game of Thrones episode that wasn't 10/10 for me. Yeah, come at me, haters. :fencing:
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