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  1. Gods, I hope Jamie doesn't die. He pretty much saved the world by killing Mad King Aerys and having everyone hate on him for doing so. Yes it's sad he fell in love with his Cersei, but you love who you love, as tragic as that might be. Even more reason for his character to catch a break. I'm hoping for something amazing for Jamie down the road....
  2. Some insight on how this episode was shot: http://insidetv.ew.com/2012/05/27/game-of-thrones-blackwater-2/
  3. Ad breaks? You need ad breaks? Or where you are has ad breaks? If it's the latter I'm wondering where is that, that shows GoT WITH ad breaks? :shocked:
  4. Go here, and skip to 1:22. You'd have to blink for over a minute to miss it. 1. The show is quoted (even in the "Previously on Battlestar Galactica" of this episode) that wildefire "burns so hot, it melts wood, stone, even steel." So why would it not destroy the chain - oh yeah, if we leave it underwater - but then it's a night scene, so how do they film that? 2. Why would Tyrion waste two ships and the men on them to wildfire just to pull a chain (since there is no Star Trek transporter in Westeros to magically get them out of the massive river full of wildfire that doesn't magically not go past the chain) and have those ships not able to hold the chain in place because they're also destroyed by wildfire, when the massive wildfire bomb that happened in this episode makes Tyrion look even smarter than he did in the book? 3. It's at night. In the fog. They don't see it's only one ship until it's almost upon them, and then can't see that it's unmanned until they're right next to it. There are no motors, or oars on these ships. There is no forward, reverse, or neutral. There is no ship to ship satellite radio to tell the other ships anything. There's only sails and a tiller. And I'm not sure if you've ever sailed yourself, but once you get inertia on water in a ship/boat controlled only by wind power, there is no stopping, only steering, furling sail, coming about (which isn't fast in a ship that size), and rope on a cleat for a break - but you need a dock for that. The scene as written in ASoS, is unfilmable. What they accomplished in this episode is stellar, and never before done for television. It's groundbreaking. I wish more people could understand that. As has been said before, but bears infinitly repeating: We've been given a show that is by and large unproducable for the screen. Start there in your mind. We're so damn lucky to be getting as brilliant, and perfectly cast a show as this! I don't care who writes the episodes. I love every last one of them.
  5. This season's Emmy nomination process isn't over until May 31st, 2012. So every episode (including the last one - IF it's webcast - due to the Hanging Episode rule) will be eligible for nomination for the 64th Emmy Awards. So, let's hope more of the Television Academy members will have seen this season. I agree with you x ∞³ about people complaining about scale.
  6. The reality is, the Battle of the Blackwater, is UNFILMABLE as written. Period. Wildfire doesn't exist, and it's only an hour episode. Wildfire keeps burning - for days. The budget for The Hobbit wouldn't cover the amount of ships, sets along the river/in the river, trained extras, stunt actors/coordinators, CGI, and TIME needed to film it AS WRITTEN. You cannot do everything CGI. You have to have a foundation to base it on, otherwise it looks terribad. I don't get this. How much longer should it have been? Did you want horses? To see them mount up? That would take longer, getting them saddled and all, but they really were going around the corner and out the gate. Tywin riding in would have been diminished and confused if there were horses elsewhere. Besides, we only have 60min. I'd love someone explaining the "rushed" thing so I understand why you feel that way. Please see my unfilmable explantion above. It is mentioned several times in the episode that the entire river is on fire. Did you miss the Hand's Tounrey from season one, where Littlefinger explains it to Sansa? Nope. It's HBO. My only quibble with last night's scene is where is the Brazillian Wax shop in Fleabottom? I mean, COME ON. Mostly agree, and really great points! I totally get why none of the leads have helmets - non-book readers would be lost, and it certainly didn't help the guy next to Stannis. As it is, my non-book friends are wondering who the hell tried to kill Tyrion - because he was wearing a helmet. Even The Hound didn't have his, and right now, his is the only recognizable one aside from Gendry's who never wore his. I thought the Shea scene was awesome. Didn't see that coming, and added a LOT to already heightened tension. Cersei getting a head start on getting her drink on will make more sense going forward for the TV series. Brilliant episode. Brilliant series!
  7. Gods! ALL OF THEM DO! The casting of this series, for me, is mindblowingly PERFECT.
  8. YES. I think it was actually MUCH BETTER without the chain.
  9. Really? Ok. Please explain HOW the chain and all the wildfire burning all over the Blackwater Rush could actually BE FILMED for an hour episodic television show. No really. Go on. I want to you to explain all of it. The shots, the story boarding, the camera angles, the way THE CHAIN would be filmed underwater - and above with all the green flames on top, with bodies underneath, and oh - HOW MANY SHIPS burning and for what distance. Then you need to tell me WHERE that would be filmed, and HOW MANY DAYS you'd schedule to do that. Oh, and how much you think all of that, WITH POST, would cost. What they did was brilliant x ∞ for a visual medium to tell basically the same tale.
  10. Agree completely. Except Kingdom of Heaven. See the Director's Cut. There's another 45min that was missing from the theatrical release, and it's an entirely different AWESOME film. The theatrical release is crap.
  11. LOVE THIS POST SO MUCH and I'm over my quota. DAMMIT. ❤❤❤❤❤³
  12. Yes. All of this. I think Maisie could probably have chemistry with a chair. She's so brilliant!!
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