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  1. Snookson, you really don't want to debate psychology with a statistician. And SerArthurHeath, that's not a dig at you; I myself studied stats. It's just that often times you can't reconcile emotion with statistics. And that's what this thread is about: emotion. FYI for anyone who cares, the weighted average rating of this episode is 9.25 (rounded to two decimal places). Also, I think my post just made the nerd-o-meter explode. ;)
  2. I also listened to the audiobook of A Dance With Dragons and the reader (Roy Dotrice) makes Daenerys sound like a leprechan! :ack: It made me cringe, I almost couldn't listen to it! Gods be good, you'd expect more from such a highly produced franchise! Oh well. But anyway, ep. 304 was great, second only to Blackwater IMHO. The scene when Theon sees the wooden "X", the look on his face, the look on Ramsay's face...chilling. Jaime's captivity is coming along nicely, they're doing a great job of portraying his character arc, as well as Brienne. The Night's Watch mutiny was a bit rushed, but still a great scene...I just wish it had gone on a little longer, I guess that's a sign that it was good. Tywin being a boss. Charles Dance plays the role perfectly. Sandor and the Brotherhood Without Banners: Sandor spitting vitriolic hate, Arya calling out Sandor for Micah's murder, Beric Dondarian challenging him....all well done! :thumbsup: The ending was f'ing epic! Definite nerdgasm! In addition to Emilia Clarke, I love Ian Glenn's acting, he's such a badass, he always delivers in any scene. The final shot of the ranks of unsullied marching out... :bowdown:
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  4. Testing out the following:
  5. Hi everyone, thanks for the warm welcome. I look forward to discussing the awesomeness that is ASOIAF with fellow fans. :) EDIT: Typo
  6. Hi, I just registered with the forums. I was turned on to the show by a friend. After finishing it, I read all 5 books immediately. When I realized Dance With Dragons wasn't the last book and there were so many plot threads still unresolved, I threw my head to the sky in a movie-like fashion and said "Noooooooooooooooooo!" Anyway, I just wanted to say hi. I registered b/c I have a lot of questions and I'm hoping some ASOIAF experts can school me. P.S. I just saw a billboard advertisement for GoT Season 2 and it has a fist clutching a crown and the words "War is coming..." I'm so excited I need a change of pants. :D