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  1. Snookson, you really don't want to debate psychology with a statistician. And SerArthurHeath, that's not a dig at you; I myself studied stats. It's just that often times you can't reconcile emotion with statistics. And that's what this thread is about: emotion. FYI for anyone who cares, the weighted average rating of this episode is 9.25 (rounded to two decimal places). Also, I think my post just made the nerd-o-meter explode. ;)
  2. I also listened to the audiobook of A Dance With Dragons and the reader (Roy Dotrice) makes Daenerys sound like a leprechan! :ack: It made me cringe, I almost couldn't listen to it! Gods be good, you'd expect more from such a highly produced franchise! Oh well. But anyway, ep. 304 was great, second only to Blackwater IMHO. The scene when Theon sees the wooden "X", the look on his face, the look on Ramsay's face...chilling. Jaime's captivity is coming along nicely, they're doing a great job of portraying his character arc, as well as Brienne. The Night's Watch mutiny was a bit rushed, but still a great scene...I just wish it had gone on a little longer, I guess that's a sign that it was good. Tywin being a boss. Charles Dance plays the role perfectly. Sandor and the Brotherhood Without Banners: Sandor spitting vitriolic hate, Arya calling out Sandor for Micah's murder, Beric Dondarian challenging him....all well done! :thumbsup: The ending was f'ing epic! Definite nerdgasm! In addition to Emilia Clarke, I love Ian Glenn's acting, he's such a badass, he always delivers in any scene. The final shot of the ranks of unsullied marching out... :bowdown:
  3. Sorry I've been MIA guys (stupid life, always getting in the way of everything ;) ) but I just updated the abbreviations by alphabetizing and organizing them a bit better, plus adding one more. Thanks again to all who helped, and please feel free to add or edit if I've missed anything or whatever. Enjoy! :)
  4. FTW = For The Win ; It's an abbreviation not specific to this subject, it means "It's the best", e.g. if there is a discussion on the best sports team, someone would say [name of team] FTW! (For the win!) @CrypticWeirwood, I agree with you that abbreviations should not be overused in the future but many posts already exist that have many abbreviations. That is why when I first joined the forum recently, I found myself confused by all the abbreviations. So it's a good list to have for past posts. Also, thank you for alphabetizing them. I was in the proces of doing so but you beat me to the punch ;) Some of the abbreviations I feel need not be alphbetized, for example the first block that has the novels in order of the series; it seems more intuitive to me that way. What are your thoughts?
  5. Ok, I've added all the abbreviations to the first post. Thanks for everyone's help, especially Silver Spearwife. If I've missed any abbreviations please feel free to add/edit as necessary.
  6. Wow, for the past hour I've taken Buckwheat's advice and have been working on a list to add to my original post but holy crap, Silver Spearwife beat me to the punch. Thanks! I'll take your list and merge it with mine and add it to the original post
  7. non spoiler text non spoiler text
  8. I'm new to this forum, but not to internet forums in general. I just wanted to point out something that is not specific to this forum but all internet forums: As with anything on the internet, you get both good and bad. Most people have a legitimate point of view. You have veterans who have been around and seen the same question asked a million times, so it's understandable for them to feel frustrated. You have innocent curious newcomers who want to know more about something, not knowing that it's already been asked before. When not properly moderated, you have veterans pounce on the newcomers, which is bad for everyone. And then you have trolls and flame wars. All these things distract and detract from the purpose of us all being here: to discuss a piece of fiction we all enjoy. I have to say that this particular forum is pretty good in that regard. I'm new here and for the most part people are courteous and polite. I can only assume the mods are doing a good job of staying on top of things, and for that we all thank you. When the show came out, of course new people flooded to the forums because the audience size just increased by a large amount. So what makes it an enjoyable experience and a fun community is when everybody takes a deep breath and remembers all these things. Seasoned veterans, remember that you were once new. Some people have never used an internet forum before. Let us make them feel welcome and hopefully the community grows in a good way. For common questions, we can have pinned topics. And although newcomers *SHOULD* do a search before asking a question that may have already been asked, sometimes they don't. When that happens, the best way to handle it is to politely point them to the relevant link and politely let them know they can find answers to many of their questions by using the search function. So let us not devolve into youtube-comment-style savagery. Patience, patience, and more patience. And actively removing anyone who is trying to troll or flame or otherwise being rude (but being careful not to remove comments simply because we disagree with them). Anyway, sorry to get on a soapbox. I think maybe it's worth repeating: can we have a pinned & locked thread with ONE post listing all the abbreviations that a mod can add to when people find new things worth adding?
  9. Testing out the following:
  10. Hi everyone, thanks for the warm welcome. I look forward to discussing the awesomeness that is ASOIAF with fellow fans. :) EDIT: Typo
  11. EDIT: accidental duplicate post.
  12. Perhaps we should condense all the abbreviations into one post, or maybe add it to the main wiki that already has some abbreviations?
  13. Perhaps we should condense all the abbreviations into one post, or maybe add it to the main wiki that already has some abbreviations?
  14. I just found another one. QoT = Queen of Thornes. @Lord LIttlefinger's Lash: I agree with you and I will fight the power! It's ok to abbreviate somethings such as the titles of the books, but other abbreviations are just silly. Like R + L? I don't think it takes that much time/effort to type a name. I think it's appropriate to refer to Lord Eddard Stark as Ned, but if you just say N or E, soon everyone is going to be reduced to a letter and nobody will be able to follow the conversations. Just my $0.02, people are free to type how they please. :)
  15. ToJ = ???