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  1. Jojen Reed's fate? (ADWD Spoilers)

    I won't be convinced of his death until I see a body, but I know that's not necessarily GRRM's way. He is very clever, and I believe he wants us to think that Jojen was sacrificed. His mood from the earlier in the chapter and his later absence from it, Bran's fear, all the references about how "the moon was a crescent, thin and sharp as the blade of a knife." The description of the moon could just be a very curious way of conveying the passage of time (several months) or the fact that the action in the latter half of the chapter occurs on the same day. Notice that GRRM didn't call that chapter "The Sacrifice" (he reserves that for one about Asha) -- that would have been too obvious anyway, if Jojen was indeed killed, or simply false if he wasn't. GRRM's just giving himself some wiggle room and planting the seed of doubt in our heads. Jojen tells Meera that Bran isn't the one who needs be afraid. As Chrisdaw points out above, Jojen knows when he dies, and presumedly how. If you knew the moment of your death, would you be afraid when the time came, if you had years to come to terms and be at peace with that knowledge, as Jojen has had? No, I think if he is afraid, it's for some other reason. And as lostcause asks above, why would they kill him? Aren't there any Children with greensight anymore? Why would BR allow it, when he was the one who woke up Jojen's greensight in the first place? That's what we would call an 'Indian giver' -- giving a gift and then taking it away. Granted, we don't know exactly what's going through BR's wooden head, but I find it difficult to believe he would be so cruel as to grant him the ability to foresee his death that would be in fact be caused by BR himself. Jojen tells Bran "My task was to get you here. My part in this is done." He says "My part in this is done." That suggests he has more to do, just not perhaps with Bran. "He wants to go home," Meera tells Bran. "He will not even try and fight his fate." This suggests that maybe he's going to die there and not underground with the Children. If he knows his fate has something to do with Greywater Watch, then he knows that he's not going to die anywhere else. Now, it's entirely possible that he did give up some of his blood for Bran, if what Bran sees in the paste really is blood and not something that just looks like blood, as others have pointed out. But why, if BR tells him that Bran's blood makes him a greenseer, which is more powerful than someone who only has greendreams, would he need Jojen's blood anyway? BR tells him the paste "will wed you to the trees," that "the trees will teach you. The trees remember." Jojen doesn't have any particular connection to trees that I'm aware of. It makes more sense that there actually is weirwood sap in the paste as Bran supposes. He's eaten something that came from the trees, and that by ingesting it, can access their memories. That's all there is to it.
  2. Jojen Reed's fate? (ADWD Spoilers)

    Maybe Bloodraven will make Jojen be his replacement, and BR will then finally be able to die. Jojen could fear that more than death, because he could never go home again.
  3. Hello from Benioff and Weiss the first chapter where he's mentioned (Davos in ACoK), we're only told that he's Lysene and has curly white hair. Nothing about skin color.
  4. Howland Reed and Arthur Dayne

    I never considered Howland using poison against Arthur Dayne, but I suppose it's possible. As has been made abundantly clear, we don't know enough about Howland at the time of the events at the ToJ to say how good a fighter he was and how he would have fought against Kingsguard. Maybe he would have used poison to even the odds. The way I picture it, however, is that he somehow distracted Dayne long enough for Ned to kill him. It's possible that it wasn't an epic fight by any means. Maybe Ned and Howland just got lucky. That's more GRRM's style.
  5. Jojen Reed's fate? (ADWD Spoilers)

    It's possible we'll never know what happened to him. All we know is he was sick and possibly dying, and that Bran can't find him or Meera--which doesn't mean either he or Meera are dead, just that they aren't where he went looking for them. Perhaps BR sent them to do a job somewhere. That underground is pretty big. Lots of places for them to have gone. If Bran presses BR, I can see BR hinting that they've done their part in helping Bran, maybe even asking Bran if he'd be willing to sacrifice his friends to "save the world" kinda thing to see how he'd respond. I don't think he'd ever give a straight answer. Personally, I hope Jojen survives to the end and that greendreams can indeed fail. Otherwise, I want to see swamp ninja "Howlin' Mad" Reed personally kick BR's bark-covered ass.
  6. Create your Westerosi house

    Name: House Stoneheart Sigil: A hanged man with a finger to his lips Motto: Words are wind Unofficial motto: Choose Location: The Riverlands, the Neck, anywhere there's a Frey House sword: Oathkeeper Sworn to: Vengeance
  7. At first I thought the "dark flame" referred to Archmaester Marwyn, but now I'm thinking it's a reference to House Blackfyre and by extension the Golden Company.
  8. Dragon sighting at Winterfell?!?

    Or maybe the dragon is Summer's three-eyed crow.
  9. Dragon sighting at Winterfell?!?

    What if it's the Dragon Reborn?
  10. I'd give it a 7. Even though there wasn't much plot progression, there was a nice degree of character development and more great subtle expressions from Sean Bean, especially while watching Syrio and Arya.
  11. The Fight at the Tower of Joy

    This is how it went down: Ned and his bunch arrive at the Tower of Joy. Ser Gerold says, "This is not the sister you're looking for." Ned replies, "That boy is our last hope." They all fight. As the Sword of Morning lays dying, his final words are "No. There is another."