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  1. Hello from Benioff and Weiss the first chapter where he's mentioned (Davos in ACoK), we're only told that he's Lysene and has curly white hair. Nothing about skin color.
  2. Howland Reed and Arthur Dayne

    I never considered Howland using poison against Arthur Dayne, but I suppose it's possible. As has been made abundantly clear, we don't know enough about Howland at the time of the events at the ToJ to say how good a fighter he was and how he would have fought against Kingsguard. Maybe he would have used poison to even the odds. The way I picture it, however, is that he somehow distracted Dayne long enough for Ned to kill him. It's possible that it wasn't an epic fight by any means. Maybe Ned and Howland just got lucky. That's more GRRM's style.
  3. Create your Westerosi house

    Name: House Stoneheart Sigil: A hanged man with a finger to his lips Motto: Words are wind Unofficial motto: Choose Location: The Riverlands, the Neck, anywhere there's a Frey House sword: Oathkeeper Sworn to: Vengeance
  4. Dragon sighting at Winterfell?!?

    Or maybe the dragon is Summer's three-eyed crow.
  5. Dragon sighting at Winterfell?!?

    What if it's the Dragon Reborn?
  6. I'd give it a 7. Even though there wasn't much plot progression, there was a nice degree of character development and more great subtle expressions from Sean Bean, especially while watching Syrio and Arya.
  7. The Fight at the Tower of Joy

    This is how it went down: Ned and his bunch arrive at the Tower of Joy. Ser Gerold says, "This is not the sister you're looking for." Ned replies, "That boy is our last hope." They all fight. As the Sword of Morning lays dying, his final words are "No. There is another."