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  1. I really hope Ros returns this season! Love the show! Excited about season 2, THANK YOU!!!!

  2. My name is Thomas Carney,I'm a British-American aspiring actor and a huge Game of Thrones fans! I've been wanting to start an acting career for some time, and watching the GoT series finally convinced me to get started. I'd absolutely love being on in future seasons, even as an extra- I couldn't imagine a better beginning!

    Does anyone know of anyway to contact...

  3. Rooting for you guys! I hope the series is a smash!!!

  4. This is just to say thank you, from both of us, for all the excellent casting suggestions posted on the board. We hope you like the group we've assembled. Seeing them together for the first time was surreal: watching the Stark children whispering in the corner; seeing Jaime and Tyrion gossiping at the bar; staring up at the Hound as he loomed over the crowd... Gods be good, we'll get to do this again soon. Littlefinger, Renly, Varys, Ilyn Payne-- all great roles in need of great actors. But we've got a lot of work before we get there. Keep your fingers crossed for us. And now to figure out George's Stan Lee moment... Valar morghulis, D&D
  5. EXCELLENT CASTING!!!! Fantastic job so far. Not that it hasn't been exciting as hell, but man! I'm like 10 times MORE excited. I am SO stoked! You are kickin some ass and takin some names! I LOVE IT! I LOVE YOU GUYS! I LOVE THIS SHOW! *doing the happy disco

  6. David and Dan Rock the Box Office Homie!

  7. [quote name='Mike the Magnar' post='1636324' date='Jan 2 2009, 13.54']I am just saying what if. He is already deeply vested in the show. I wish he would just jump on here for two seconds and say, "I can, in no way, act," or "I am a great actor I just haven't tried it yet and was waiting for this to jump in." Then everyone can stop voting for him in the polls, and I can stop defending my great idea.[/quote] I can't act. Trust me on this. The Hound is one of my favorite characters and I'm flattered by the suggestion, but we'll get someone way more talented than I am to play the part. D
  8. Thanks again to everyone who has posted their casting suggestions and a special thanks to our excellent hosts here on the board for their synopses, which save us a great deal of time. It is encouraging to see that our actor/character ideas often match those of the board, and it is helpful to learn about a whole slew of actors we weren't familiar with before. The age of the actors is a significant issue; trust us that this is something we've discussed with George since our earliest conversations (well over two years ago). None of the characters will be radically aged. The location has not yet been finalized, but we're getting close. With any luck, George will be giving you an answer to that question before the end of the year, or very early in 2009. Shooting dates have also not been determined yet. We're impatient, too, but as you can imagine this is an elaborate production, with large sets to be built, a huge cast to be filled, etc. For those who would like to send resumes, videos, etc.: we hope to have a casting director in place within the next month. When we do, we'll let you know his/her name and where materials should be sent. One last thing: our focus at the moment is on casting the pilot. So we're only worried about characters who appear in the pilot. Just so you know the pilot parameters, here's the first line of dialogue: "We should start back." And here's the last line: "The things I do for love." Sound familiar? We think you're going to like it... D&D
  9. Hello everyone: We just wanted to respond to a few things you guys had brought up. Accents: We'll probably be shooting in the UK, so most of the cast will probably be UK natives. At the moment, we don't have any hard and fast dogma regarding accents, though – except that, obviously, we can't have anything that would seriously violate the tone, like Southern or Brooklyn (no offense to the South or Brooklyn). Ages of younger characters: For practical reasons, we're going to have to age some of the kids up a bit. A lot of it has to do with reasons you guys have mentioned; also, there are limits to the amount of time you can shoot with minors. Where to send resumes for acting, or other skills: We've just started the process, but we'll let you know as soon as the casting directors, production designers, etc. are in place. Best, D&D
  10. Hello everyone-- We just wanted to say 'Hi,' and thank you guys for everything: your love of the amazing world George has created, your enthusiasm for the HBO adaptation -- and of course, your casting expertise. It's hardly been two days since George, Elio and Linda put the call out, and you've already made dozens of great suggestions, the vast majority of which are new to us. It's crucial that we get the casting right, and you're all providing invaluable help in that area. We'll be neck deep in pre-production soon, so apologies in advance if we're unable to respond to every individual question or suggestion. But we'll be checking in as often as possible, and when decisions are finally made, we'll let you know as soon as the ink is dry. And when things are a bit further down the road with production, we'll do a Westeros email interview or online chat. Who knows, maybe George can even drop in and join us, Old Gods willing. Until then, we look forward to all your thoughts -- this is a labor of love for us, and it's an honor to have so many Maesters watching over us and making sure we get it right. Valar Morghulis, David and Dan ("D.B.")
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