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  1. Rhaegar loved Lyanna and sent his best men to protect Jon, risking losing a war for his safety. Dany should have backed Jon and told him stories about Rhaegar and how much he loved him, also Bran could have played a more important part in telling him more info about his father and mother and in this way Jon maybe would have felt that it was his duty to sit on the Iron Throne given the sacrifices his father made for him. But we didnt even get a mention from Jon about Rhaegar, at least a scene with him talking with Dany about his family and their heritage. Dany felt it was her duty and destiny to avenge her family, but I feel Jon could have done this too. Basically her mother and his father were dead because of his birth.
  2. GeorgeIAF

    In hindsight

    Dany should have went straight to KL the moment she arrived in Westeros, would have conquered it easily, and then help Jon in his war against the WW, the WW probably would have overran Winterfell but the whole world would have seen the horrors of the Army of the dead, Dany helping in the war against the dead and winning it would have been the hero of Westeros and loved by the smallfalk and almost all lords, sacrificing her army and dragons for the Realm. Also, the plan to get that wight so Cersei will help in the war (even though her help wasnt needed) resulted in a loss of a dragon (a far more useful tool against NK), if Dany just stormed KL, they would have 3 dragons to fight the WW, also NK doesnt get his wight dragon and the Wall still stands.
  3. Who would you rather die fighting for ? Bran or Jon ? Who could motivate his men better ?
  4. Would have been even better if Bloodraven warged into him before dying so basically we have a Targ bastard in charge, but of course that's just fanfiction.
  5. GeorgeIAF

    Crackpot theory: Jon the next NK?

    The last book wasn't initially called "A time for wolves" for nothing.
  6. GeorgeIAF

    A time for wolves

    Lady Sansa = Basically Lady being killed like Sansa's innocence and her dreams of being a Lady. Shaggydog = Like it's name, an anticlimatic ending with its resolution meaningless, like how everyone suspected Rickon of being the one to inherit Winterfell, when in fact his role is unimportant. Greywind = Basically Robb's atittude for his duty, all of his decisions are grey, neither good or wrong. Summer = Bran's departure from Winter and from his Stark family whose words are "Winter is coming".
  7. GeorgeIAF

    Jon & Drogon

    Drogon felt Jon's mourning and guilt over Dany's death and that he truly cared for her ... That's why he wasnt vengeful.
  8. GeorgeIAF

    Game of Thrones legacy

    It will stand ... a worldwide phenomenon never to be seen again. At least regarding TV Shows ... The only mistake was that they didnt make 10 episodes each for the last 2 seasons ... or go with another final one where we would have seen more of Dany as antagonist.
  9. GeorgeIAF

    Books vs Show: How much difference?

    I can truly see this as GRRM's ending ... also the initial title of the last book foreshadows this "A time for wolves"
  10. GeorgeIAF

    A time for wolves

    I guess the initial title foreshadowed what would happen ...
  11. GeorgeIAF

    So what was this long story all about?

    Bran is corrupted by Bloodraven ... so basically we have a Targ bastard in charge.
  12. GeorgeIAF

    [Spoilers] Episode 806 Discussion

    I can see this as GRRM's ending, the way they arrived at it s very meh.
  13. GeorgeIAF

    Dany CAN (And Shall???) Rise Again!!!

    Why Greyworm was so sure someone killed her without the body ? Jon could have said that she decided that the Throne isnt for her and took off with Drogon for Valyria.
  14. GeorgeIAF

    The purpose of R+L=J?

    Come on ... Arya's training was the reason she was in a position to kill the NK. Also Melisandre has a line about blue eyes you'll shut down forever earlier in the series.
  15. Jon was the best choice.