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  1. Rhaegar loved Lyanna and sent his best men to protect Jon, risking losing a war for his safety. Dany should have backed Jon and told him stories about Rhaegar and how much he loved him, also Bran could have played a more important part in telling him more info about his father and mother and in this way Jon maybe would have felt that it was his duty to sit on the Iron Throne given the sacrifices his father made for him. But we didnt even get a mention from Jon about Rhaegar, at least a scene with him talking with Dany about his family and their heritage. Dany felt it was her duty and destiny to avenge her family, but I feel Jon could have done this too. Basically her mother and his father were dead because of his birth.
  2. Who would you rather die fighting for ? Bran or Jon ? Who could motivate his men better ?
  3. I can see this as GRRM's ending, the way they arrived at it s very meh.
  4. Why Greyworm was so sure someone killed her without the body ? Jon could have said that she decided that the Throne isnt for her and took off with Drogon for Valyria.
  5. It was always meant to be this way. It was GRRM’s plan all along, there isnt a Disney like finale to this series, Dany was set up to be the main antagonist from the beginning, we all hoped she will be a hero but in the end it was inevitable. The books will surely depict her descent into madness much much better than the show did, and probably Jon will be the TPTWP and she will be his Nissa Nissa, the show wasnt into prophecies too much and they probably changed Jon to Arya as the one who finished the war against the dead. In the books, Jon will fulfill the prophecy. It will be bittersweet. Probably more bitter than sweet.
  6. She was always held back by her “council”. I believe Jorah was the only one who could talked her out of burning KL.
  7. Rhaegal was injured and had his scales bitten off by Viserion, you can see him barely taking flight with a hole in one of his wings. Also a dragon without a rider is more vulnerable. Of course it could have been handled differently but they chose to showcase how much of a threat Euron is. Not the best method of doing it. Cersei’s plan is to showcase the world how mad Dany is and she will succeed in doing so by sacrificing people she doesnt care about. I think Jaime goes back the moment he learns Cersei has a chance of winning just to make sure she will bite the dust. What is really grinding my gears is why Dany became such a power hungry individual, from what i remember from the books, she alsp wanted a family and someone who will love her, but now all that matters is the Throne.
  8. Dany doesnt have any motive to betray Jon. I know it's hard to take that all her life's goal was taken away from her, and she's being reduced to a Queen but still she'll be ruling the Seventh Kingdoms alongside Jon. It's hard to take but if she truly loves Jon it won't matter, it's actually even better that he's a Targ. Hopefully she won't be the antagonist and now i really think she will die sacrificing herself for Jon while leaving behind an heir,
  9. 9/10 I would have loved a Stark family moment with all members chatting around a fireplace, but maybe we didnt get that because all of them will survive, Bran is the most likely to die but i believe that we're in for a surprise, the NK won't go to Winterfell but will sack Kings Landing.
  10. I don't blame Dany for burning the Tyrells, this is war, people die in it. It's not like he betrayed anyone, she even offered to spare them but they didn't want any of that and chose to die. It was their choice. I think Sam has his judgement clouded by the sudden news of his family's death, he'll come around.
  11. I liked it, maybe i was too kind and gave it a 9, more closer to an 8 i think now. But the reunions were good and the whole plot was satisfying for me.
  12. Incredible episode, i enjoyed it a lot and gave it a 9, the montage of Rhaegar and Jon was perfect.
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