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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tk5hKomP4MA
  2. Exactly 21 hours ago, C.T. Phipps said: Short version: * Creepy, crippled nerd King instead of the obvious, popular options. * Revolution for the people fails * Victims reject their salvation and war heroes do nothing heroic. * Political unity begins to disolve * Rejected outsider's ending is to ´╗┐´╗┐uphold the traditionalist system
  3. Arya: What's west of Westeros? Jon: I don't know Arya: :-D Sam: There is a small uninhabited archipielago, and then lots and lots and lots and lots of water... and then you circumnavigate the planet and arrive to Ulthos. There are clues about it in the Fire and Blood book... Arya: :-O Arya: ;-(
  4. For forty days and forty nights she will travel before reaching the shores of Americos. There she will join forces with The Redneck Woman and Pumpkin Pie to fight off a mysterious gathering threat beyond The Wall in the south.
  5. Just because Davos has never heard surrender bells doesn't mean it can't happen. The bells can mean anything, they are just a general "BREAKING NEWS!!" announcement. Davos and Mathos discuss surrender as one possibility and Davos is just letting his lad known that it won't be that easy. In the same episode Tyrion and Varys crack a joke about the different horrors the bells can mean; death, invasions, weddings. Bad Writing isn't always the explanation.
  6. Her last words talking to Jon were something along the lines of accepting that Westeros would never love her so she was all in on making them fear her instead. (Mission accomplished, your grace.) Daario was big on that philosophy too - "all rulers are either butchers or meat" and he is probably on her mind. Also, the last time she was in Kings Landing Cersei played her for a mug and she is suspicious of Tyrion's motives. Not surprising that she would be a bit dubious about the surrender when she is so paranoid.
  7. Tragedy and controversy, i love it - 9/10.
  8. Dunno. I saw her stab him, in the heart. I can join the dots, speculate, whatever. I don't need to see Bran (or Sam or Mel) giving her instructions beforehand, then you'd just get people complain that it's too much spoiler.
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