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  1. north of the wall

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 509?

    8.5 Rounded up to a 9 because Drogon looked awesome. I felt Braavos was "Meh", Dorne a lot better than previous Dorne scenes, but still not great. The wall was good. Davos/Stannis and Davos/Shireen were fantastic. The burning of Shireen was heartbreaking and I'm not sure if its just because I don't want her dead or the timing of the burning or that after all D&D's good of making Stannis likeable and ruining it but I was not happy at all after that scene. Meereen wasn't as epic as I'd hoped but Drogon looked amazing and Jorah lives to see another day so I felt happy once the episode ended.
  2. north of the wall

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 508?

    By far the best episode of the season. Arya was great. WF was great (Theon finally told Sansa he didn't kill her bros) Cersei's imprisonment is coming along brilliantly, Dany and Tyrion were good and hardhome was fantastic!! Best fight scene for all of the seasons, very zombie action movie (my fav type of movies) and everyone acted well for the entire episode! Would rate it a 11/10 if it were possible but a 10 is all it goes up too :( Hopefully the last 2 episodes can be as great as this one
  3. north of the wall

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 507?

    I'm tossing up between an 8 or a 9/10. I enjoyed most of the ep. I have offically given up on Dorne though. Jorah is most likely a gonner next ep :( KL was well done. I was very pleased with Cersei's arrest and LF/Olenna scene. Olenna and the HS was also great. WF was a bit meh for me though. As was the Stannis/Mel scene. It was nice to have the theory of Shireen being burned thrown in and Stannis saying no but didn't really do much for me. (Not sure if it's the fact Balon is not dead or the acying but the scene felt wrong) Glad Sam and Gilly happened. Not so happy with the near rape/ fight. But we got to see Ghost!! Which is always a plus. Dany... hmm Meereen was ok. Glad Tyrion and Jorah have seen Dany but I'm so worried about Jorah's fate now. Think I'll give it an 8 but may up the vote after a rewatch.
  4. north of the wall

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 506

    So the episode I have been dreading has come. Sansa is married to Ramsay and has been raped! BUT... no where near as bad and brutal as book or as I was fearing. KL was really good. I suspect Olenna will be the reason Cersei is arrested by the faith and that is exciting. Arya and the FM was done really well too. Loved Tyrion and Jorah scenes. Dorne is confusing but seems to be coming together ok. I still have some hope for it, as long as we get more Doran and less plotting. All in all I felt it deserves a 9. I enjoyed almost all of it and the ending left me happy that at least we didn't get as brutal of a Ramsay as we see in book. I felt it was done in a way that Sansa and Theon will be able to bond and escape together, hopefully giving them both new confidence and strength.
  5. north of the wall

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 505

    I'm not sure how to score this ep. I thought the acting was good, I enjoyed the pacing and a break from KL. However I hated Jorah getting greyscale and the trip through Valyria (why???!!!) I disliked Stannis leaving without Jon telling him how to get the Northern hill tribes support. I also though Roose was going to say "don't make me rue the day I raped your mother" but instead got a sappy "your my son" speech. BOOOO!! Otherwise the wall and WF were good though. I think its worth a 7 but I may change the score higher or lower after a rewatch.
  6. north of the wall

    How would you rate episode 504?

    8.5 I usually round up but couldn't bring myself to. do so today so an 8 in the voting. Dorne is annoying me. I'm still worried for Sansa and to top it off I'm 99.9% sure Barristan is the book reading actor who was suprised at his characters death in show (he can't survive the attack can he?) Watched the episode 4 weeks ago after the leak and I'm still pissed off Barry dies!!
  7. north of the wall

    How would you rate episode 503?

    Each episode this season is getting better and better imo. So far I've given a 6, 8 and now 8.5 rounded up to a 9.
  8. north of the wall

    How would you rate episode 502?

    I gave it an 8. Better than the 1st ep. I liked Braavos and Mereen (never thought I'd say that. lol) I wasn't keen on the intro to Dorne and am still not looking forward to where Sansa's arc is going. The wall is still going strong.
  9. north of the wall

    How would you rate episode 501?

    I'm not sure if I liked it or not. It was a lot of set up and scenes weren't long enough for me. But thats just because it was the first episode was intended as set up. Hmmmm. I think I'll give it a 6/10 but I'm seeing potential for some great eps and some storylines I will hate. :(
  10. north of the wall

    Official Testing Thread

    [\Spoiler] hi [\spoiler]
  11. north of the wall

    How would you rate episode 407?

    8. A little more moondoor action and crazy Lysa and it would have easily been a 9 or 10 for me. I also could have done without Mel and Selyse but oh well. Other than that very well acted (maybe not scripted though). My biggest issue was probably the fact I was expecting too much of the end and it didn't quite have the tension I wanted. All in all very satisfying episode.