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    What was the best unintentional lesson learned from Game of Thrones?

    What did she said? She's not wearing socks? When did she said that?
  2. martianmister

    Why did Ramsey Bolton take the women and children of winterfell?

    Would he torture a little girl? If so, which kind of torture?
  3. martianmister

    What is the worst small council you can come up with?

    Hand of the King: Catelyn Stark Master of Whispers: Bran Stark Master of Coin: Tyrion Lannister Master of Ships: Davos Seaworth Master of Laws: Arya Stark Grand Maester: Samwell Tarly Lord Commander of the Kingsguard: Brienne of Tarth
  4. martianmister

    Why Do People Want Lady Stoneheart to Die?

    She's a danger to other living beings. She needs to be exterminated.