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  1. It was about Lyanna, who threw herself from the Tower of Joy after hearing from her brother that Prince Rhaegar is killed. That's why Ned is so traumatized by the whole thing, he unintentionally caused his sister's suicide.
  2. martianmister

    Brienne last chapter of AFFC

    Don't forget Jon Snow.
  3. Now that they do elect kings, rulers of Dorne and Iron Islands have reasons to accept Bran's rule. They have a chance to be elected the king of six kingdoms and rule all of the realm.
  4. martianmister

    Master thread on what the Show means for the book plot

    Why does it matter that he can't have children, if we're talking about an elective monarchy? Doesn't that make him an even better choice?
  5. martianmister

    Master thread on what the Show means for the book plot

    I'm pretty sure Bran is going to be the king in the south.
  6. martianmister

    Is it the End, or a new Cycle begins?

    New cycle. Targaryen progeny will rise in the north as the Kings beyond the Wall, Little Council with "little men" will eventually be a center of corruption, Drogon will return, etc.
  7. She could name Gendry or his progeny as her heir.
  8. martianmister

    Subversion of the Monomyth

  9. martianmister

    Slavoj Zizek on the ending

    So, that's why the books' 75 percent is all about politics and intrigue?
  10. martianmister

    So once again...the writers forgot about Gendry

    I think it's obvious that none of the lords had any respect for Edmure and Sansa was trying to stop her uncle from ashaming himself.
  11. martianmister

    No one really cares about KL massacre

    I've been thinking about it and now I'm sure they're just hypocrites.
  12. Truth is, whole King's Landing tragedy isn't a world-shattering event to our heroes as most viewers assumed. We already see Jon and Tyrion's faces, it was something bad for them but nothing world shattering. Tyrion was more interested in his siblings' well-being and only rebelled against her after finding his siblings' dead bodies. Jon and Davos proclaimed "we won, war is over," they wanted to look forward. Jon killed her to protect his siblings and himself, not to avenge fleabottom. Even Arya was not that affected by it.
  13. martianmister

    What about the Dothraki?

    What are you talking about? We see them living in what's left behind of King's Landing.
  14. martianmister

    Jon vs Ramsay

    I believe Jon did it better.