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  1. Have Lady Nym, Myrcella & 300 dornish men passed Stormlands on their way to KL before GC occupied it?
  2. D&D should have just left after season 3 or 4 and leave it to someone who cared... What a shitshow, the one episode that could do without comedic relief... I mean the season is a disaster, last 4 seasons are disasters but the episode in itself is a disaster also. F it.
  3. Ok but don't insist on it too much! or make sure he's dead when he goes down, my lord of sunspearland.
  4. Have you read what I wrote? Tywin is cruel yes, he has his mad dogs for his dirtiest works. I can't compare Tywin to Dany cos Tywin never burned people around him and just stared with pride. Maybe he's just as merciless as Dany. Hours ago I read a Tyrion chapter where it is said, something like "Tywin was never the same man after Joanna died, she took his best parts with her." But mercilessness =/= craziness, which you act like I claimed it is so.
  5. So you only read the thread's title? Maybe I ought to change it. To repeat myself: She's merciless to her enemies, too comfortable killing them by the score, she doesn't flinch at the sight of burning men and this side of her only helped with the route she took after the bells, this wasn't the reason for it. At least its what I think.
  6. She saw it as a deed for greater good, we won't see it that way, nor anyone else in Westeros. She probably thinks she'll rule better than anyone else once the IT is secured & won't be taken away from her soon as they'll fear her,
  7. Alright, I thought short and easy on this and I think Dany didn't snapped whilst the bells rang. If she snapped at all it was when Missandei got executed or in between the time till Jon's arrival, She contemplated alone in grief and arrived at two choices; ruling through fear(as she told Jon) and ruling with Jon as her consort. She only indulged herself one last attempt at Jon knowing the outcome. With all the losses and betrayals she suffered she thought of herself alone and she was determined that she won't be able to keep the IT when she got it so she decided for a show of force and to make an example of KL even before the battle. It would have been easier if they didn't surrender so the bells came as a shock, at that moment she could just accept their surrender and hoped for the best but she believed if there was any chance of her keeping the throne it would be through fear. And we saw her face when she made the decision...
  8. That's after she snapped. Tho she might already have made up her mind when she last spoke to Jon, I mean she did made up her mind about ruling through fear and after she went over the edge I guess she decided to make an example of kinglanders so in the future everyone will know their fate if they won't come to her side. And she had the stomach for doing the deed which she's shown through the seasons by mercilessly burning her enemies while staring blankly...without flinching. And no, she didn't become mad cos she mercilessly killed her enemies in the past, which only helped(or cursed?) her after she snapped. She became mad cos of this and this and that and that other thing(there are lists of things that happened to her in many threads atm) and her unhealthy fixation on IT. ps: I realized I'm still making up my mind about this as I go... I guess I settled on her being mad now. She's mad, yo.
  9. Melisandre & Kinvara are believers, they don't think what they are doing is evil in the service of their god. This also applies to Selyse, plus she is weak minded and follows Melisandre to that certain point. Stannis is extremely ruthless but he knows what he's doing and things being done for him are wrong but he's full of pride and without hope so he consents, in the end he realizes he was too far gone anyway. Maybe these characters are not that different from Dany; If you give an army and a dragon to Melisandre, maybe she would burn everyone who won't convert to the Red God, believing she's righteous, yet she doesn't have the means but Dany does.
  10. Sansa bent her knee as in accepted Dany as her queen. Tho for some reason no one knelt in front of their queen in this season so far.
  11. Well, there are characters who are killers, most every notable ones are actually but there are killers like Jon or supposedly Rhaegar who doesn't like it; The Hound, The Mountain, Jaime who are enjoying it and there is Dany who doesn't care about it, she is effectively half sociopath Who burns someone and doesn't even flinch at the sight of it? Yeah she has compassion and to a lesser extend empathy probably but only for the ones on her side. I never claimed she was mad all along, I'm still not sure if she is now as I already said. She was flawed in a certain way all along and when she has this much power that flaw and buncha other reasons combined to a devastating effect. Ofc we'll see more build-up phase in the books but the show tried very hard to convey her descend; maybe its rushed but it was not like "she goes nuts in 1s", she lost too much in too little time before she snapped.
  12. She only cares about people on her side and cares about the smallfolk also but also expects them to love her, cos that's what she's used to in the east and she can't handle the fact they don't even know her in Westeros. I mean she could have handled it but she was way too traumatized by her recent losses & betrayals at that point to think rationally. I don't believe she meant to kill smallfolk specifically, she just didn't care for them being collateral damage among enemy soldiers, then she prolly lost it completely in the process, didn't care who or what she burnt. Her own soldiers was in danger; she prolly killed some of them also.
  13. Cos the fighting also halted at that point for some time, until she pressed "resume" button.
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