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  1. A question from a non-native English speaker that read the books in English: Martin describes Sandor Clegane as a man with a 'heavy brow'. What does that mean? That he has thick eyebrows or a large forehead? Thanks for clarifying!
  2. One question that keeps popping up in my head is: Why is Roose Bolton so ''content'' with Ramsay? He even says that if Walda, his thick Frey wife, bears him many children, they will all lie by Ramsay's hand. That didn't seem to bother him though. In his private conversations with Ramsay and others, it is clear though that he is not exactly happy with Ramsay, either and often finds him short-tempered and acting stupid. Why is he accepting him as an heir then and lets him proceed without interfering more?
  3. Just a little onomastics: Sandor is the Hungarian form of the name Alexander which consists of the parts alexein= to help/defend and andros= man. It is subsequently translated as both, The helping man and the Defender of Mankind.
  4. Sandor never proclaimed the Queen Of Love and Beauty when he won the Hand's Tourny. Perhaps we'll see this happen later on (Don't mind me, just another SanSan Fan)
  5. This just came upon me while I was thinking through my plot for a fanfic.. What respectful words can be used to approach a person from the smallfolk? Lord and Sir/Ser aren't applicable, so what's left? Mister seems too modern...ugh, any ideas?
  6. This is an awesome thread, I thoroughly enjoyed reading all these great essays though it seems I'm a few years late. @Le Cygne I especially loved your elaboration of Sansa and Sandor and how GRRM embedded parallels to other romance literature. I missed at least 90% of the hidden treasures that you laid bare here, thank you so much! This passage of yours ..made me realize how much GRRM actually hid in history tales and songs as well. The song 'Off to Gulltown' fits SanSan perfectly as well: Off to Gulltown to see the fair maid,heigh-ho, heigh-ho.I'll steal a sweet kiss with the point of my blade,heigh-ho, heigh-ho.I'll make her my love and we'll rest in the shade,heigh-ho, heigh-ho. Sansa is a highborn Lady Stark of Winterfell, but Alayne is a simple maid of Gulltown. Dunk also mentions the song as he digs the grave, just as (presumably) Sandor may do while he's digging graves (gosh that sad atmosphere!). Noticeably though, the order of actions is messed up. First there is an UnKiss (that may become a real kiss later), now we have the Maid of Gulltown outside of Gulltown and a sad man digging graves (perhaps there's a line of the song missing/not revealed yet?). I may be completely reading into something that isn't there, but mayhaps we will get the song played out in proper order, including the sweet ending, in TWoW ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Another song that seemed to portray a certain relationship is the song My Featherbed in regards of Arya and Gendry. Again I may as well be wrong, but it is sung at Acorn Hall when Gendry first sees Arya dressed as a Lady and he comes to the realization that when war is done and they go back to their families, the old feudal structures will be enforced again, making it impossible for him and her to be an (at least official) couple. My featherbed is deep and soft,and there I'll lay you down,I'll dress you all in yellow silk,and on your head a crown.For you shall be my lady love,and I shall be your lord.I'll always keep you warm and safe,and guard you with my sword.And how she smiled and how she laughed,the maiden of the tree.She spun away and said to him,no featherbed for me.I'll wear a gown of golden leaves,and bind my hair with grass,But you can be my forest love,and me your forest lass. I saw this as a (future) declaration of love (from Gendry) towards Arya when he becomes aware of his Baratheon heritage. Note that The Baratheon flag shows a black stag on field of gold/yellow, so this may be a reference when the song peaks of 'yellow silk'. The way the POV speaks of taking care of his love, guarding her, being her Lord, treating her oh so nobly(!), it fully reminded me of Gendry's attitude. Especially that word expression Lady love totally rings the bells in my head. And the answer from his love is so very Arya-like: She's a free spirit, wild, not caring at all about Lords and Ladys, yet she loves him and wants to be with him outside the common system of marriage. And she makes sure she's considered a lass, not a Lady ~~~~~~~~~~~~ And one more thing which is sort of a spoiler from the excerpts of TWoW that GRRM released: In the second Arianne chapter it is said that the Golden Company has taken further Stormland castles and lands, including Tarth. Considering the fact that it was last said that Jaime and Brienne were on their way together and that Cersei points out that Jaime has been gone for weeks(!), this may be a hint that Jaime and Brienne are on their way to Tarth to perhaps rescue Brienne's father (after the whole Lady Stoneheart thing is done).
  7. What I noticed is that it was said that the GC took on minor castles and lands as well as Tarth, which reminded me of Brienne and Jaime being gone for weeks. This may be where they headed to, perhaps, free Brienne's father.
  8. If Rhaegar had been successful in dethroning Aerys due to his mental illness and become King himself, he would've later on most likely taken Dany as his second wife. Lyanna wouldve been married to Robert and no war would've taken place. Would Rhaegar's and Dany's child have a better claim to the throne than the offspring of Rhaegar and Elia due to being 'purer of Targaryen blood'? Also, I know this question is unimportant, but I wondered whom Cersei would've been betrothed to in this case? IIRC there were no other highborn bachelors of the right age available beside perhaps Oberyn Martell? Was Stannis married there already? Though that thought makes me laugh, I can only imagine how long it would take for Cersei to try and have Stannis murdered..
  9. On a different note, doesn't the Valyrian steel armor that is described as black resemble the armor Jon dreams about at one point? If I remember correctly the dream took place at the wall and Jon was wearing pitch black armor and wielding a red shining sword, striking down wights down the wall. If the dream is sort of a prophecy then it means that either, Jon receives the armor from Euron (or it gets stolen) or Euron dies before the Others become a big topic, degrading him to a low-level villain.
  10. I dont know if this is the right spot for it, but I remember in Mel's chapter she says she sees Jon's face, then daggers in the night and then Jon's face again. For me that was a clear foreshadowing that he will be revived.
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