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  1. Heresy 185

    Haven't been around for a while but just saw the latest episode.
  2. The Heretic's Guide to Heresy

    I can't remember exactly which one off the top of my head, but I'm pretty sure that we had a thread around the 30s or 40s that was dedicated to the Winterfell crypts.
  3. Greatest Warriors of Westeros

    I wouldn't consider Tywin even close to being one of the greatest warriors. One of the greatest generals maybe but we have nothing to indicate that he was exceptionally skilled as a warrior. And what's the total lack of The Mance on all of these lists?
  4. Maybe to the readers, as far I can tell no one in universe has ever considered Jaime for that deed.
  5. Righteous doesn't mean good. Many of the worst acts in human history were committed by righteous men.