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  1. I don't think anyone has mentioned this yet: Arya killing The Tickler. "Is there gold in the village?" She was so traumatized by having to watch his torture and this was both justice and an emotional release which really moved me. I wouldn't rate it as highly as the funeral pyre scene, but it's damn good.
  2. The question of who gets to rule, at least until very recently, was rarely a legal question, but always a military/political one. IMO, it doesn't matter what Jon's "legitimacy" status might be at law, it matters what the Northern Lords will accept. His "legitimacy" might have some indirect impact on how readily they accept him, but in times of crisis those issues tend to become secondary. I'm personally of the view that Jon is the legitimate son of R+L, but that probably doesn't matter for ruling the North anyway.
  3. The law of Westeros is unclear, but if we're looking for real-life examples, Henry VII descended from Edward III via John Beaufort, one of the subsequently legitimised "Beaufort Bastards".
  4. I agree that the tower probably refers to Winterfell. I'm still thinking about the rest, but very plausible. One small note: Apple Martini is a she.
  5. I see her as the Lady of the Lake. She'll retire to the God's Eye, where she'll eventually give Jon the sword he needs.
  6. And she named her wolf Nymeria.
  7. Not a seer, just one who understands people and what they're likely to do.
  8. I think the point of these comments is to contrast Ned's "predictions" with what actually happens. Ned's promises/predictions won't come true because he's poor at judging the future. It wouldn't surprise me at all if the exact opposite happened. In contrast, when Jon tells Arya that they'll find her frozen at the end of winter, we should take that very seriously indeed because Jon's the one with foresight.
  9. I agree with this. I've said for years that LS is Arya's metaphorical vengeance. I think, as you do, that Arya will forego the path of vengeance when she gives the gift of mercy to LS.
  10. If you believe the legends, the Wall was built long before Valyrian steel would have been available. Dragonglass, though, would be a good alternative.
  11. I predict Anguy kills one of the Dragons.
  12. One of the BwB. Anguy seems like a good choice. I agree with those above who suggested one of the wildlings.