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  1. Stannis's Decision to have Renly killed (long post).

    I have alot wrong with this. First Stannis didnt HAVE Renly killed, HE killed Renly and he knows it (kinslayer). Now Brienne a has a shitty story with or without the part from stannis and Renly. Loras has other stuff that you want to know more than anything to do with Renlys death. So maybe is not horrific but its still fucked, he cut his brothers neck and blood runs down his armour. Stan should have joined Renly and been had then he does all the work like he wants.
  2. Do You Like The Audio Books By Roy Dotrice?

    I really like the audio books, ive listened to all of them (and read all the books exept dance). People are right about 4 and 5 being not as good as the first 3, but I still like them. I dont really get why people are saying they have a hard time paying attention to them, you just have to treat it like your reading. Im going to guess your not trying to watch tv or read comments on here at the same time your reading, you just need to listen to it like your reading it. I also think it makes it helps me visualize whats going on when im listening more so than reading. Overall I really like what Roy has done with these in comparison to other things Ive listened to LOTR, HP, The Bourne books, some Michael Crichton stuff, and some Narnia when i was younger.
  3. Best warriors who are still alive

    1. Barristan Selmy 2. Garlan Tyrell 3. Great Jon Umber 4. Sandor (if alive) Clegan 5. Lyn Corbrey 6. Mance 7. Balon Swann 8. Tormund 9. Blackfish Tully 10. Yohn Royce 11. Areo Hotah 12. Bronn 13. Jorah Mormont 14. Victarion Greyjoy 15. Jon Connington 16. Richard Horpe 17. Brienne 18. Loras Tyrell 19. Thoros 20. Jon Snow 21. Harras Harlaw 22. Daven Lannister 23. Roland Storm 24. Daemon Sand 25. Iron Emmet 26. Jason Mallister 27. Lem Lemoncloak 28. Lyle Crakehall 29. The Tattered Prince 30. Brown Benn
  4. Best warriors who are still alive

    Not sure what others think but I wouldnt put Brienne, Horpe or Farring up so high. I think Horpe may be the best of those three, its tough pick with him or brienne.
  5. Best warriors who are still alive

    Caggo corpsekiller is another i will add to the list a captain of the windblown. Hes the one with the Valyrian steel Arakh.
  6. Best warriors who are still alive

    Think we got all of them on the first page so far... Anyone got any others to add who are not on the first list?
  7. Best warriors who are still alive

    Hmm Halleck... good call. Who are some of the other wildlings that are still alive? Leathers sounds like a tough fighter. I also think Dorne has more to offer than we know.
  8. Best warriors who are still alive

    As annoying as i think he his i think i forgot Daario Naharis in my first list
  9. Best warriors who are still alive

    the Garlan support comes from the battle of the blackwater when he has Renlys armor and is said to have cut through like 40 people(might be a bit high but he owned on the blackwater). Also he is training in the yard against 5 other guys at one point. And Loras says Garlan is better with a sword than he is.
  10. Best warriors who are still alive

    Anyone think Thoros belongs in the top level group?
  11. Best warriors who are still alive

    Lots of them must have made it i guess cuz they did go to KL and burn the kings wood as Stannis made his way to the city.
  12. Best warriors who are still alive

    does anyone know the mt clan guys who didnt die on the green fork i thought Shagga died, i think Timit lived he was bad ass...but i thought most of them got killed
  13. Best warriors who are still alive

    ya in my book i have them both top 5 warriors not just swordsmen left alive.
  14. Best warriors who are still alive

    top tear no order Blackfish Barristan Great Jon Bronze Yohn Garlan Tyrell Brienne Vic Greyjoy Bronn Hotah Mance Tormund Lyn Corbray ANY OTHERS?
  15. Best warriors who are still alive

    good adds monopoly i was trying to think of emmets name.