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  1. I think the Crownlands must have a few good kights, Lothar Brune, also maybe some one from house Celtigar, Godry Farring.
  2. Addam Marbrand, Tormund Giantsbane, balon swann, Jon Connington, Richard Horpe, I'd include all of the Rainbow guard, Arys Oakheart, Randyll Tarly, maybe some pit fighters too.
  3. Michael Stark Thenextwolf

    Do You Like The Audio Books By Roy Dotrice?

    I really like the audio books, ive listened to all of them (and read all the books exept dance). People are right about 4 and 5 being not as good as the first 3, but I still like them. I dont really get why people are saying they have a hard time paying attention to them, you just have to treat it like your reading. Im going to guess your not trying to watch tv or read comments on here at the same time your reading, you just need to listen to it like your reading it. I also think it makes it helps me visualize whats going on when im listening more so than reading. Overall I really like what Roy has done with these in comparison to other things Ive listened to LOTR, HP, The Bourne books, some Michael Crichton stuff, and some Narnia when i was younger.
  4. Michael Stark Thenextwolf

    How would you rate episode 309?

    By far the best part of the episode was Rickon and Bran. I really like Rickon getting to say a bit, I always wanted a bit more Rickon in the books. "I know how to swing a sword"
  5. Michael Stark Thenextwolf

    How would you rate episode 309?

    About to watch it on demand just got home from work. Happy im watching alone cuz I might cry a bit....
  6. Michael Stark Thenextwolf

    How would you rate episode 308?

    Dany parts are the best of the series.... no