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  1. Yep. First time in 36 years. Don't really care who wins but I'd like for it to be someone other than Venus.
  2. Not much outside of the dragon CGI. It was nice getting good looks at the other 2 dragons which we don't normally get.
  3. I think they're just reminding the viewers that Nymeria is still out there and will probably come back at some point in the season.
  4. It's been running better for me since Tuesday. When a new Game of Thrones episode airs, it's literally impossible sometimes to get on the forum for a couple of days.
  5. Maybe he's going silent on Not a Blog until he's done. Or we're just thinking way too much about these things.
  6. Thanks for having the word correctly spelled in the title this time. It bugged me last time.
  7. 2018: "Well, didn't make it last year. Maybe this year will finally be the year."
  8. I started watching something else once we went down 24 points. Turned the game back on to see how bad it was and we were only down 9 so I watched the rest.
  9. That 24 point comeback was glorious.
  10. Since people were told not to ask about TWoW at that event, then someone should've asked about ADoS instead just to troll.
  11. Championship should just be Golden State vs. San Antonio. Screw the Eastern conference.
  12. Aaron Rodgers is a synth.
  13. Bonehead move. Just cost your team a win most likely.
  14. I actually dislike the Ellaria change more than I do Sansa's show-only storyline.
  15. This is the first opportunity I have to watch live but I'm not.