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  1. 2018: "Well, didn't make it last year. Maybe this year will finally be the year."
  2. I started watching something else once we went down 24 points. Turned the game back on to see how bad it was and we were only down 9 so I watched the rest.
  3. That 24 point comeback was glorious.
  4. Since people were told not to ask about TWoW at that event, then someone should've asked about ADoS instead just to troll.
  5. Championship should just be Golden State vs. San Antonio. Screw the Eastern conference.
  6. Aaron Rodgers is a synth.
  7. Bonehead move. Just cost your team a win most likely.
  8. I actually dislike the Ellaria change more than I do Sansa's show-only storyline.
  9. This is the first opportunity I have to watch live but I'm not.
  10. This broke ass website was down for so long I don't even remember what I was posting earlier when it went down.
  11. I have shitty Comcast so I can't do that. Oh well.
  12. I'll have to binge-watch quickly because Comcast is offering all of the premium channel programs for free on On Demand this week. This isn't the only show I was planning on watching, either.
  13. I just started watching this show. I'm 3 episodes in and I'm liking it so far.
  14. I finally watched the episode last night as I was kinda put off by the fact that the rest of the battle was pushed to episode 10. Still a very good episode. I wish I hadn't been spoiled on Pyp/Grenn's deaths though. Would've made it even better. It's like they decided to get rid of some of Jon's group since Stannis would be showing up very soon.