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  1. The monkeys growing?

    Since people were told not to ask about TWoW at that event, then someone should've asked about ADoS instead just to troll.
  2. NBA Season 2015/16 - Currying Favor

    Championship should just be Golden State vs. San Antonio. Screw the Eastern conference.
  3. NFL 2016 Divisional: THE GREATEST GAME

    Aaron Rodgers is a synth.
  4. Bonehead move. Just cost your team a win most likely.
  5. Video Games: Excuse me Sir, the machine ate my quarter

    Well I just bought an Xbox One. First console I've had since the original Xbox. Not opening it until Christmas though.
  6. We (Memphis) looked much better tonight than we did all last season. Dedric Lawson is gonna be real good for us. And he's got 3 more brothers behind him, not including the one already on the team. I didn't think we stood a chance in that game, so I wouldn't have been upset with a loss, but when you're actually IN the game until the very end, losing really, really blows.
  7. Tennis V

    I feel like I'm watching 2 gods battle.
  8. On the Sand Snakes

    And Nymeria did fuck all this season. All she did was speak like 3 lines and that's it. At least Tyene showed her tits.
  9. Your Plans for TWOW

    If I have vacation days left when it's released I'm taking vacation to read.
  10. Hannibal Cancelled- Mads Mikkelsen to be Euron?

    So true it hurts :(
  11. Ranking the seasons

  12. I actually dislike the Ellaria change more than I do Sansa's show-only storyline.
  13. This is the first opportunity I have to watch live but I'm not.