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  1. A Roose Bolton Appreciation Thread

  2. The Best Episodes So Far?

    -The fantastic writing - I still regard it to be the best screenplay the show's had so far, and one that was Emmy-nomination worthy -The direction of the fight scenes -Wildfire explosion -The soundtrack -The parallels between Joffrey and Stannis - Joffrey retreats to his chambers, Stannis leads the charge himself -Sansa showing an inner strength and being more queen-like than Cersei -The Hound finally breaking and realising the Lannisters aren't worth dying for -Tyrion stepping up to the call of duty in his finest hour. I'm glad they didn't show him fighting in season 1. Him leading the sortie was that much sweeter for it. -Humanizing Cersei -Showing the horrors of war and how it affects the various characters -That chilling ending where Cersei nearly poisons Tommen on the Iron Throne Oh, and this. "Hundreds will die." "Thousands" #Mannis
  3. Stannis Baratheons next move.

    Stannis will be killed by his own men and his naked body will be dragged on a horse along the streets of King's Landing a la Richard III because it's been over a decade since Martin last tasted some fresh fan tears.
  4. Stannis Baratheons next move.

    I don't think it's simply to do with convenience to the plot. It's something which is very narratively plausible in regards to Stannis' arc. He's the king that's linked closest to magic, especially dark magic. He's also in the North right now, which not only seems to contain some otherworldly qualities, but will be the first place to be affected should the Others attack. Not only that, but he's the only king that's even seriously addressed the threat beyond the wall, and the only one that looks to fight and vanquish this threat. Not to mention the whole fire imagery that is continually present throughout his arc, and the parallels between Melisandre and the Night's Queen. Therefore, it's really not a stretch to assume that he'll be inextricably linked to the Others. What would Stannis winning KL really achieve from a literary perspective? It would advance the plot, but would it really reveal anything new or advance his character development? There's been a second Dance of the Dragons foreshadowed throughout the entire series, and it doesn't really need any involvement from Stannis. Daenerys vs Aegon is interesting enough as it is. I don't support the NK theory because I don't want Stannis to win(in fact, he's the only King that I'm rooting for). It's just that given the foreshadowing and style of Martin, I just consider it a definite possibility. Maybe not in the same way that the OP of that theory stated, but something similar. I always considered Stannis to be a bit of a Faustian figure, and him going over to the dark side definitely plays up on this. Besides, it would be a hell of a twist. He seems too old to be Coldhands. I'm thinking with all the speculation about his identity, the reveal could probably be pretty anti-climactic: he could simply just be a nameless NW member that's being controlled by Bloodraven. But that's a discussion for another thread.
  5. Stannis Baratheons next move.

    I get what you're saying, but I don't think it's a stretch to assume that the Northerners would contemplate the idea if they have the strength and the Stark to do so. After all, Wyman is just using Stannis as a means to an end, since there are no viable alternatives. The North wouldn't take too kindly to Stannis' religion, and might still remember that he refused to ally with Robb. Not saying it's a certainty, but it's possible. And as for fighting with the Others, the Stannis is the Night's King theory has me sold on the idea. The great thing with Stannis is that right now, he's poised for his arc to end either as a good guy or a bad guy, and still be satisfying. This doesn't have to mean that he willingly turns to the dark side, it could be forced upon him. But if anybody is going to turn into the NK reborn, Stannis is my top choice and the one that makes the most narrative sense. How fitting would it be that the man who Melisandre considered to be the champion of light turned out to be the exact antithesis of what she believed all along? :agree:
  6. Stannis Baratheons next move.

    I think he's going to become Ramsay's new pair of boots. If the GNC theory is true, and it's very likely it is, I suspect the northmen will turn on Stannis when Rickon is found and returned to the North. Otherwise, I think he'll have an integral part to play in the war with the Others, where he'll either die fighting for the Watch, or against it. I don't expect him to move anywhere near KL or the South now that Aegon and Euron are around. That's Targaryen territory for the rest of the series, sadly. Stannis's endgame will probably be linked to the North. TL;DR - My predictions: -Stannis will win at the Battle of Winterfell -Ramsay kills Roose and flees to the Dreadfort -Stannis hears about Jon's assassination -The Others make their move -Stannis marches back up to the Wall to deal with both issues -Engages in battle with the Others -Ends up missing -Is resurrected at the end of TWOW as the Night's King reborn
  7. The Best Episodes So Far?

    Dunno, Theon's castration scene was one of the few scenes that I would classify as "bad", so that's up there in the list of worst scenes from the show. Agree on most of your points for season 2, but I still regard it to be better than season 3. Season 1 was tighter, but Season 2 was more ambitious and had greater high points, what with Blackwater and Theon's arc for the entire season. I have a soft spot for season 2, and often find myself defending it more than other posters on this forum do. It had some mediocre moments, but it's highlights are arguably some of the series' finest moments(eg Theon seizing Winterfell, Battle of the Blackwater).
  8. For the love of god, why can't I change my profile pic???

  9. Who are your top four characters?

    Top 4 in what sense? In how well written they are? In that case, I would go with Tyrion, Jaime, Theon and Arya. And I wouldn't want to be any of them at all :D
  10. The Best Episodes So Far?

    Don't get the hate for season 2 as a season of TV, tbh. As an adaptation, yeah I totally understand the hate. But everything past the first 2 episodes excluding The Prince of Winterfell was great. The highs for season 2 were higher than that of season 1, and Blackwater is simply the best hour in the show's history, and of the best episodes of TV I've ever seen. Apart from the Jon and Daenerys arcs, everything else was generally very good, and some of the new one-on-one scenes were excellent, really. The writers showed much more confidence in these invented scenes than they did in season 1. I challenge anybody that dares to say that 'A Man Without Honor' wasn't a great episode of television :fencing:
  11. Drawing Blood From a Bolton

    Great post, really well written. BUT I think you're looking too much into some offhand comments like "King of the North". It could very well be a slip-up from Martin, given that Dustin only says it once. And maybe I'm too conventional, but I think if Bolton was linked to the Others and perhaps working for them, or something similar, the books would have focused on him a bit more. As for the Bolton matings ritual, there's really no evidence that suggests that necrophilia is the norm for the Boltons. Ramsay is the only one that possibly(POSSIBLY - the books are a bit vague) practices it. And hypothetically speaking, if Ramsay's mating rituals were just like that of the Night's King, shouldn't that reanimate the girl's corpse? Dunno about the leeches. I feel it works better as a way to show Bolton trying to rid himself of his sins and inner darkness, rather than some ritual to do with the Others. The thing with Roose is that he's such a great villain that we want him to have a bigger role and be more important to the story. But it's just as likely that he's just a really well-written side villain - no more, no less. If I'm wrong, I would enjoy the twist, and will be more than happy to admit my mistake. But I just don't see it happening, unless Bolton becomes somehow linked to the Night's Watch, which is possible.
  12. Your Top 10 aSoIaF Moments (Spoilers)

    Birth of the dragons Red Wedding Ned's death The reveal of LF starting the war and "Only Cat" Battle of the Blackwater STANNIS! STANNIS! STANNIS! Oberyn vs Gregor Harrenhal bath scene Tyrion killing Tywin Dracarys Runners up: Purple Wedding, KING IN THE NORTH, "My name is Theon, you have to know your name", Arya killing the Tickler, Battle for the Wall, anything related to the Others
  13. The Best Episodes So Far?

    Apart from GRRM's episodes, I think the three that he has written are arguably the most enjoyable from the perspective of a book reader, simply because his scripts not only have a lot of backstory and hints to the books, but Cogman, for the most part, manages to maintain the essence of the series' characters, despite their changes in the show.
  14. Should tipping be banned?

    Automatic tipping is ridiculous. I shouldn't have to pay extra for you to do your job properly. If you're not being paid adequately, that's your employer's fault. The customer shouldn't have to pay more to compensate for the employer's inability to pay. However, if a waiter/waitress provides exceptional service, I would be more than happy to tip.
  15. The Best Episodes So Far?

    I'm surprised that Baelor is so low. It's the most thematic episode the show has ever done, plus it has that unforgettable ending that pretty much cemented the show as something completely unique. But I'm glad that Blackwater is number one: given the resources they had, that episode was as close to perfection as you could possibly get. And I concur with the previous poster: what are your top ten, Ran?