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  1. Ygritte's death actually being soft and melancholic instead of being a massive sexual gorefest ala Talisa's death. Mammoths! Ghost kicking ass. :) Sam and Gilly and their kiss- best canon couple on the show next to OberynxEllaria. :) My boy Jon kicking ass. Edd being Lord of the Wall.
  2. What's the point of Ulthos?

    Hasn't Martin said some time that he'd like to make other novels exploring the rest of Planetos, outside of ASOIAF series? Now if he ever finishes that is another story.
  3. Favorite female character?

    My absolute faves are Cat, Sansa, Arya and Mel. Book!Dany (aka when she's not erased from her flaws), Asha and Brienne in second/third place. Wyla Manderly and Alys Karstark too.
  4. Varys will be one of the last to die. Ramsay and Penny one of the earlier ones. Half of Dany's council at Meereen will bit the dust, therefore pushing her towards Westeros,
  5. This seems like some butthurt Joffrey fan, like now suddenly in places like tumblr they're crying that he wasn't so bad, he was so misunderstood, blah blah blah. :cool4:
  6. Best and Worst POV

    Best- Dunno. Worst- Sam (stop whining!), Brienne, Bran before BR. Jon before ADWD.
  7. What's the point of Ulthos?

    Maybe it's where the Last Targaryens TM are living? That's where Dany, Jon, Aegon, and all the Lannisters will go to once the Walkers invade Westeros. Or maybe it's just a stand in for America. Since Westeros is Europe and Essos is North Africa-Middle East-Rennasaince Italy and Asshai is Asia and Sothroyos is South Africa...
  8. I thought the first twenty minutes were terrible. So much forced and bland filler, it seemed at times they left the camera filming the actors adlibbing and that's it. Hated the Joffrey and Tywin scene.
  9. The "Bittersweet" Ending

    Characters will die, certain events will happen. Probably many houses will get utterly destroyed (my bet's on King's Landing and Dragonstone)...But then some good things will come out of it.
  10. Which TWOW storyline are you most excited about

    Honestly? Everything for sure. :lol: All the events at the North, the Vale, Dorne, Essos, the riverlands, Oldtown, King's Landing...This may be the book where shit happens, and we'll be shocked. It'll be ASOS all over again. :)
  11. The Most Annoying Phrase

    Winter is Coming used outside of the series. Where do whores go? Maybe they're inside your hole Tyrion.
  12. Who will be the final POV character?

    I always found Tyrion's quote quite dumb out of context. Where do whores brothels, naturally! Why didn't he search there first, mystery for the ages.
  13. Who will be the final POV character?

    Bran firstly, because of its nice ending. He starts the series, fitting for him to finish it. Maybe Rickon, his much anticipated pov. Maybe even a character not much focused on the story but knew all along the plot. Say Patchface or Varys.
  14. Brienne, Melisandre and Ygritte became favorites of mine after ASOS. Their appearances in ACOK didn't move me at all, but after they turned more relevant I started liking them alot. Character I disliked more...Dunno. I guess I didn't like how Dany thought of the freed people as her "children", but I think that's just a personal grip...Since the people themselves call her "mother" and all.