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  1. Angmar added a post in a topic Hated Fantasy Cliches   

    -The tomboys vs the girly girls. We have even a bit of that at the start of the series. It's usually a trope when two female characters (sisters, or friends) meet up and are so different in attitude and likes that they constantly clash because of it.

    -Turning original fairy tales into these "dark and edgy" retelling movies. I know fairy tales in general have dark origins, but these new movies ala Alice in Wonderland, Snow white and the Huntsman, Hansel and Gretel...It's just typical generic fantasy cliches all together, only instead of being fluffy and for kids it thinks with being dark it can attract to adults.

    -Manic Pixie Dream Girls/romances with them.

    -The couple who spends all their time bitching at one another and for some reason that must mean they're in love. Which is why I don't really like much Arya and Gendry or Brienne and Jaime.

    -Stories where characters leave their boring uninteresting lives and get sucked into magical fantasy worlds and have a life changing adventure, only for at the end of the story return back to their unhappy lives.
  2. Angmar added a post in a topic What is the silliest debate?   

    "Who is the best swordsman"

    "Sansa isn't a true Stark"

    "Bran is the Lorax"
  3. Angmar added a post in a topic Theories that are just ridiculous.   

    Lyanna gave birth to twins and both Jon and his sister are off hidden in the north. Rhaegar was reanimated into Robert Strong's body, and he'll take control of the Iron Throne once he kills Cersei.

    Littlefinger will marry Varys and then book will offer us a detailed sex scene between them.
  4. Angmar added a post in a topic Hated Fantasy Cliches   

    "It was all a dream" endings.

    Prophecies about "chosen ones". I don't mind if they're played around, or the story has no "chosen one" and the protagonist just does this big mission because he/she is the only one who will do it, nobody else will, and in this character's heart they feel something must be done.

    But movies where the prophecy follows through straight...Yawn.
  5. Angmar added a post in a topic [BOOK SPOILERS] What your non-reader friends/family thought and their predictions   

    "Oh Kahleesi, she's such a badass, when is she coming to Westeros?"
  6. Angmar added a post in a topic Kudos to Rory McCann (possible book spoilers)   

    Eh, if the show has it in themselves to change a bit the story and have it so that the Hound ends up resting in the Vale, and Jaqen takes the place of the Kindly Man for Arya's training...I wouldn't mind those changes. *le shrug*

    of course it creates a new problem with Hound with LF around...
  7. Angmar added a post in a topic [BOOK & TV SPOILERS] Shae in Tywin's bed   

    I don't even get why they cut Tysha out of the story. It's the biggest thing Tywin has done to Tyrion, and since they love so much Tyrion and daddy drama this would have been the perfect time to show it.

    Instead it turns the tragic scene of the books into the vapid love story of Shae and Tyrion in the show. I mean, what. And Shae's been written so inconsistently throughout the show...Are we supposed to feel bad for them, sad, relieved?

    It's the Jon-Ygritte drama all over again. I don't get how the writers can't manage to write "romance" on their lives.
  8. Angmar added a post in a topic Book and show spoilers: how could they do the finale w/o   

    It just doesn't work as well introducing her next season.

    It could have been a neat parallel- as Tywin dies Cat is resurrected, and would've made a nice contrast to the season opening- Tywin forging Ice, the victory of the Lannisters over the massacrated Starks, and the season ends with the Lannisters falling apart, while the Starks are gaining power.

    But no, for the Lannisters to fall apart we would've had Tysha, and god knows the show wants to keep Jaime and Tyrion as bros...
  9. Angmar added a post in a topic [BOOK SPOILERS] Nitpick Without Repercussion   

    -No Tysha. Boom. You change four characters' motivations and story with one stroke. We don't see the cruelty of Tywin, Shae's true nature, Jaime's lies and Tyrion's insanity.

    -Cersei scenes with Jaime and Tywin. They sucked big time.

    -No sad Ellaria departure.

    -Brienne vs Hound...Fight took too fucking long. Wasted minutes we could've spent on something else...(LS...)

    -While I liked the Hound's "death" I think the show has done a shit job portraying his relationship with Sansa...Mentions the fucking her bloody part without the context of him knowing she was married to Tyrion...And the guilt about not helping her when he was in the Kingsguard...Meh. Seems the only male relationship Sansa has the show likes to portray well is Tyrion's.

    -Brienne and Arya having "special snowflake tomboy" moments. "Oh we're cool girls because we aren't some dumb damsel in distress, har, and daddy opresses us!". Hum, Arya, remember how your dad didn't take Needle away and instead gave you your dear Syrio Forel classes? JFC...

    -No Lady Stoneheart. The worst aspect of the ep. for me. It seems the show hates Catelyn for some reason. I don't get how back in season 1 and 2 we got "OMGWTF" endings with dragons and white walkers, and in 3 and 4 when the big plot twist is basically asking to be adapted, they cut her out for more "safe" and happy endings. Freeing slaves, yay! Arya's on a boat, yay! Bah, it misses the element of surprise.
  10. Angmar added a post in a topic Kudos to Rory McCann (possible book spoilers)   

    Best thing of the episode, I especially liked Sansa's mention.

    I would've liked it more if he had known of her marriage to Tyrion though, and said that part of "i stood there in my pretty white cloak while the rest of the Kingsguard beat her"
  11. Angmar added a post in a topic How will the TV Audience feel about Tyrion? (Book 3 Spoiler)   

    I never liked the "love story" that the show presented between Tyrion and Shae. I liked how in the books it was just a raw, nasty business and all the "love" was a part of Tyrion's imagination. In the show it's presented way too much like those typical romantic comedies.
  12. Angmar added a post in a topic How will the TV Audience feel about Tyrion? (Book 3 Spoiler)   

    I'd be more surprised if the Tywin fanboys came out and cried about how Tyrion killed the "best dad in Westeros". Fuck, even the track "No Son of Mine" sounds sad about it.

    No sympathy for Tywin, man.

    But eh, if these Unsullied are the "typical" Unsullied (aka the ones who don't really care for the story and characters and are 24/7 "KAHLEESI!!! IMP!!!! ARYA!!!!" like the clown of Doug Walker) they will surely once again side with Tyrion.
  13. Angmar added a post in a topic (BOOK SPOILERS) Predictions   

    Brienne's storyline is also decomposing itself. No Brave Companions, no Quiet Isle depending on the Hound's outcome this ep, she has an idea where Sansa and Arya are (instead of vaguely wandering around without proper knowledge)...

    Cutting out LS would pretty much cut out all the storyline she has left.
  14. Angmar added a post in a topic (BOOK SPOILERS) Predictions   

    Maybe it's gonna be like the Asha scene last season in Mhysa. Nobody saw it coming by recaps or spoilers and yet it's declared one of the best scenes of the show.